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Chapter 4. Blueberries

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Frank P.O.V

"These pants are fucking long, he must have been taller than you, Ray." I declare as I roll cuffs on the black skinny jeans Lillie lent me.

"The hell do you expect, Frankie? You're shorter than the girl." Damn you Ray.

"Am fucking not. I'm taller by at least an inch. I'm to hungry for this shit." Running off into the kitchen I smell muffins and raspberry hibiscus tea. I'm not big on tea, but Gee's ex used to like it. Sarah, the sleazy bitch. The counter seems somewhat comfortable so I hop on top.

"Muuuffiiiinnss. What kinds are they?" She turns around looking a bit spooked

"Chocolate, blueberry, and poppy seed. There's tea on too if you want some." I like her voice. Hard to explain, but its soft and firm and a bit rough. Ya know? Long brown hair with tips dyed red, golden brown eyes and pale ass skin.

"Cool, I like your boots by the way. You can call me Frankie, most people call me Fun Ghoul but I like Frankie better." I'm pretty sure she's the one who wants to be part of the group, so either way it's good to get to know her.

"Okay," Nice smile too. "I'm Lillie."

"So you're the one that wants to join our ranks? I thought so. Nice to meet you miss Lillie," I sooo knew it.

"Excuse me, muffins."

"You can call me that too. I'm cool with it." I joke. No harm in it, she's cute and shorter than me.

"Sorry, their hot. And I was actually talking about these."

"It's okay, and I know but still." Of course I knew. I give her a smirk which she just returns with a smile and a simple,"Mmkay then." She turns away to take care of the tea and put the muffins back on the counter. I cant help but check her out. Thin-not barbie thin though-and the ass of a ballet dancer. I'll have to ask her about that later.

"How much sugar do you want?"

"Huh?" I think she just called me sugar.

"Sugar. How much?" I was confused for a second, I didn't really know what she meant by how much. And then I realized.

"A lot. About this much" I answered, stretching my arms to my sides. She smiled(she seems to does that a lot) and put some sugar in a tall cup.

"Is the food done yet?" Mikey.


Lillie's P.O.V
Their here their here their here their here their here, a constant chant in my mind as I sat by the oven in anticipation. They are a million times hotter than I ever imagined I mean DID YOU SEE JET STAR'S FRO IT'S MAJESTIC.[A/N it truly is I wanna touch it so bad I don't know] And oh my gods I thought Fun Ghoul would be shorter than me but no it's all just so uGH. Then there was Kobra Kid, even all that damned walking and his hair waS STILL PERFECT. How? Does hairspray even exist anymore? I wouldn't know, my sister was the only one who used it. Then Party Poison, how could anyone be able to forget him just yes I had heard rumors that he was an artist but that oh-so tight paint-splattered shirt confirmed it. This is. The. Best day. Ever. Fuck me sideways with a tree I don't care today is just great. I check the muffins again, only a bit to go. I made blueberry and poppy seed, along with chocolate. I stand up to get some sugar for the tea and nearly jump out of my fucking skin from seeing a body on the counter in the corner of my eyes.

"Muuuffiiiinnss," the being says, or Fun Ghoul, whichever. "What kinds are they?"

"Chocolate, blueberry, and poppy seed. There's tea on too if you want some." I answer. The former amazement of before worn away by my gushing.

"Cool, I like your boots by the way." Nice reason for checking me out there. "You can call me Frankie, most people call me Fun Ghoul but I like Frankie better." This is good, very good. I think. Maybe. I wanna join them so I'll have to let them get to know me better I guess. I'm not good at that but

"Okay'" I say with a smile. "I'm Lillie."

"So you're the one that wants to join our ranks? I thought so. Nice to meet you miss Lillie," Sliding off the counter to shake my cold hand. He doesn't seem to notice the temperature but I do, and I want to shove them in the oven along with those sweet little puffs of awesome. Which I should take out now.

"Excuse me, muffins."

"You can call me that too. I'm cool with it." Frank informs me as I turn and bend to save the noms from Mordor. Instinctively, I slap Frank's hand away as I set them on the counter.

"Sorry, their hot. And I was actually talking about these."

"It's okay, and I know but still." He adds smirking. I wouldn't be me if I let this faze me. Might be a test or something for me joining them. So I do the dumbest thing I've ever done. Ever. I smile and say ,"Mmkay then." NOT EVEN FLIRTING WHO AM I?? Is it just me or is that disappointment in his eyes.It's probably me. I hate myself. Silence has surrounded us. It's presence is awkward to me, it's never quiet in this house even If I'm here, so while I bask in the presence i set the tea to steep and check out Frankie in the corner of my eyes. Gods bless bangs. He was wearing the clothes I set out for him. My brother had amazing taste when he was my age. Black skinnies, white tank-top, and a tattered leather jacket. My brother was also taller than Frankie and I, so the jacket hung a bit lower than his hips, and he had to fold the bottoms of his jeans. It. Was. Adorable. I can't believe I didn't flirt back. As I reach for the sugar jar I notice he's been staring at me too. Can't blame him though, I'm fucking hot.

"How much sugar do you want?" I ask, distracting him from my ass.

"Huh?" [Wonder what he was concentrating so hard on. Gutters everywhere I CAN'T ESCAPE]

"Sugar. How much?" Guys are cute when they're confused, in my opinion. Yeaahh

"A lot. About this much" He answered, stretching his arms out. I just smiled and put around 3 tablespoons in his cup, which was the normal type. Roman, being the little shit he is, broke my motherfucking teacups. THEY WERE BROWN TOILS I LOVED THEM. You would not believe the shit I put him through for it.

"Is the food done yet?" I hear an annoyed, bored little voice from the door. Looking up I see Michael Way standing in my doorway with wet hair and an uninterested expression plastered on his face. Donned in black jeans(my brother's, not folded) and a Bring Me the Horizon tee, he struts over to the counter to give me a judgmental look.

"You have eyes, why don't you search about?" A bit snappy so I put on a bit of a smile. Or a smirk. Whatever. "Are the others done?"

"Yeah," a bit less attitude there. "Ray is messing with his mane and Gee is helping him. So. Muffins." His brown eyes looked at them warily, as if he wasn't supposed to have them.

"Eat. It. Put it in your face and digest it." I growl slowly, in as low a voice I can muster, staring at him intently. He just gives me a weird look so I push the tin towards him a couple times, trying to be completely serious. "EAT IT BEFORE IT EATS YOU!"

"FINE JUST SHUT UP." He screams back at me, grabbing a blueberry from the pan just as Gerard and Ray walk in,[I've decided to just say their usual names by the way, saves thinking space.] snatching up puffs for themselves.

"The fuck is happening in here?" Gerard asks. "Gerard by the way, you can call me Gee. And you're freezing" He adds shaking my hand.

"I know, and I don't know." Honestly though. So I just smile and shove half a muffin in my face, earning shocked expressions from all others in the room. "What?" I ask, after swallowing of course.

"Nothing, just.. You must be really hungry?" Ray speaks for the first time forming it as a question.

"Ehh. Food. So ehh."[All hail cavespeak]" I'm going over to a friend's in a bit, y'all wanna come with?"

"We wouldn't want to be intruding..." Ray seems like a proper character. And his hair. 'Nuff said.

"They can shove it if they mind, which they won't." I still haven't stopped smiling. "So all in favor say yay." Greeted with a chorus of words, including "Fuck yeah" and "The fuck do you think?", I turn on heel and walk towards the door, muffins in hand and men in tow.
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