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My bad..

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yeah. i was wrong. i'll explain everything..

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Hey guys.
So uhh..
I didn't have to give up my laptop!
(your reactions inserted here)
My parents just said I'd have to cut back a bit when i get back to school.
I can do that.
So,i made myself a timetable for the week.
I intend to stick with it!
My parents said I can still go on it for this week.
Just not for 23 hours and 40 mins each day.
Also,my stepdad looked at my laptop home screen of Gee!
I started to giggle as he looked at it like this
and he said
'Is that Edward Scissorhands?'
(I was still giggleing and could'nt answer,btw)
then my stepdad said:
'Oh I know that's something with MCR'
then he left the front room,where I am currently posistioned in.
So,all in all..
And,yes i will update cruise control..
Love you guys!
Best friends 4 EVER!
xxx Sadie xxx
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