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Happy Birthday, Richie Faulkner

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The three beautiful vampires with unconventional dietic taste continue their hunt.

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Obviously all the events and actions in this fanfic happened only in our dirty and vivid imagination and shouldn't be taken realistically. We’d much like it to be otherwise, alas, we don’t have the means to make our lustful fantasies come true. Girls can dream, can’t they?

Additional disclaimer to Richie's girlfriend (if she ever reads this fanfic): your boyfriend is a good boy, none of the things below ever happened, so don't be hard on him. He's a rocker, girls are supposed to lust after him.

Selena’s story

This night was unfolding really deliciously for us, feasting to our hearts’ delight on Glenn, until he finally couldn’t take it anymore and really begged us for mercy, just as Andrea had told him he would. It was still dark when we left him to let him sleep and went to have our dessert with Rob who turned to be a little uncooperative... However, as vampires we have our means of dealing with unwilling (for whatever reasons), grumpy but tasty prey, and it didn’t take us much time to convince him that being a good boy with us will only bring him some unimaginable pleasure.
Having eaten as much as he could give us as well we leave him when it’s already dawning. While walking in the hotel corridor trying to sense which room our breakfast is sleeping in we talk and joke exchanging remarks about the men we have had this night. It’s an early morning, the sun is just beginning to rise so we behave and not laugh too loud, trying to be tactful and not wake up the other hotel guests. Nevertheless our search on this floor proves fruitless, young Richie, who’s going to be our breakfast snack is not sleeping here. We have to take the lift and check the other floors. A few minutes later, we’re getting already impatient, where could they have put him? There are only two floors that remained unsearched by us, do I need to say that we’re unlucky enough to find him only on the last level? We finally approach his door wondering what he will be like. Suddenly we hear some sounds through the still closed door.
“Oh, it seems he’s not sleeping anymore,” Andrea remarks, “but what is he doing?”
We hear some voices and music, after we listen more carefully Sandra frowns.
“I think he’s watching some kind of film...”
While I listen I seem to recognize some lines.
“I think I know what it is. Let’s go in and surprise him.”
“Shall we knock this time?” Andrea asks smiling mischievously,
“We can, but if he doesn’t open, we go in our regular way,” I wink and knock.
I hear some commotion from inside the room. After a moment Richie’s voice asks.
“Is this you? Are you already back?”
We exchange startled glances, who is he talking about? But before we answer anything the door opens and a very appetizing young man in t-shirt and shorts appears in front of our eyes. He looks at us in surprise.
“Who are you? I thought it was... She went jogging...”
Andrea decides to handle him without gloves and doesn’t waste time, she just wraps him with a seduction spell to stifle any protests or moral doubts. We, as vampires are not too concerned about them or bound by human morality in any way but obviously he’s staying here with his girlfriend so as every man he wouldn’t like to be surprised while in bed with us. I and Sandra smile at him charmingly.
“We’re kind of room service. Will you let us in?”
The spell is working, but I think we wouldn’t have too much trouble even without it. Our conventional weapons are really powerful and he’s already looking at our boobs that show themselves really tantalizingly from our low cut dresses. So tantalizingly that even I would like to touch and lick them, mine and my girlfriends’... He moves away from the door gesturing us in and we also now see what film he’s been watching. It’s Star Wars... It looks like it gives Sandra some ideas cause she says.
“It’s the Force that has sent us.”
“Oh, yeah, we’d like to get to know your light saber,” Andrea ‘s not the one to beat around the bush, she agrees and reaches for him. She’s really insatiable.
He’s still stunned with our immediate attack but after a moment he says.
“I think I remember you two, you were backstage yesterday night.”
“We were,” Sandra purrs then makes introductions. “I’m Sandra, the one with her hands on you is Andrea and the one who is looking at you as if she wanted to eat you alive is Selena.”
“You ARE going to be eaten alive, dear mister. So get yourself ready for a nice romp. You’ll certainly enjoy it, we can guarantee it.” I announce and close the door behind us. I want to put my hands on our prey as well, before Andrea and Selena annex him for themselves completely. We get busy ridding him of his t-shirt and shorts, which takes just a few moments In no time at all we have him naked and pull him to bed. The spell is working so he doesn’t really protest and even through the shorts, before we took them off, the tenting up is visible. He looks delicious, especially considering the fact that his dick is already hard and standing up proud. It seems that this time we won’t have to deal with a shy or unwilling man, he really looks eager. How fantastic... I just lick my lips lustily starting to undress...
But before we begin I give a moment’s thought to the “she” he was just talking about. If she went out to jog, it would mean we don’t have really that much time for our breakfast... Or... Some more really naughty and elaborate ideas start to appear in my head, after all we could invite her to share the feast with us... He’s young, he can handle the attack of four girls, even if the 3 of them are vampires... However, Sandra must have sensed what I’ve just been thinking about ‘cause she nudges me with a thought.
“Be nice, we don’t want competition. She can have him later on,” she winks at me.
“But she could join us...” I answer her the same way. “And we could play with her too, and let him watch while he’s tied to bed.”
“You have a perverted mind,” she chuckles aloud, then sends another thought. “ I’ll think about it. We may do it if she really shows up here too early.”
“A perverted mind?” Richie asks, “Come on, tell me about it.”
“I don’t think we’ll tell you just yet. We’ll keep it as a surprise,” Sandra answers joining Andrea who’s already purring and licking his dick. Then she climbs back up to kiss him and whispers some hot words into his ear. I glance at both of them and decide to take care of their pussies. I get on my fours to have an easier access to them and also stick my butt at Richie, he could do some work too... He understands the hint and his fingers start to slide over my pussy, rubbing my clit and darting in and out of my slit.
“You’re so wet,” he sighs.
I purr, I really like what his fingers are doing. Glenn was also that skillful with his... Does it perhaps have to do with them playing guitar? I rock my hips in expectation of more as I start to lick Sandra’s clit.

Sandra’s story:

Our night has been absolutely triumphal: we have relished in the most delicious humans we´ve ever tasted. They are like a collection of refined wines, each of them with a definite bouquet, and just like wine, they improve with time. Now it’s the turn to taste young wine, our Beaujolais nouveau, we lick our lips impishly when we first see him. We can sense his male essence easily and he has awaken our most lustful appetites. During our short but very efficient conversation we got him intrigued by our mind games and puzzles, and it clearly affects his hard, promising dick in a positive way.
“A perverted mind is just one part of this puzzle,” I croon into his ear while I feel the wet tongue of Selena tickling my swollen clit, and start to moan softly. This sweet ministration of Selena and occasional kisses we share with Andrea are working their magic for Richie: we can feel his dick’s girth swelling, pulsing vividly. Our mouths roam over his skin, discovering the delicious shape of his waist, belly, and chest. A nipple is bitten by my gluttonous mouth and I pull it slowly while I hear him grunting. His hands are taking care of our boobs and arses as far as he can reach them. He turns from one of us to the other relentlessly, exciting us more and more. I feel Selena’s tongue and fingers going deeper in my holes and I yell at the verge of my first orgasm. Richie grabs his dick and tries to make me swallow it all while Andrea attacks his nuts. Selena knows my body really well and she artfully brings me higher and higher.
The heat that is building in my insides bursts suddenly, contracting my pussy and arse in a frantic way that makes me bite Richie’s chest and fawn my pussy over Selena’s tongue. My juices squirt over her soft lips as she growls in passion. She is busy playing with one finger in my arse and the other caressing my pussy entrance., although her licks have not stopped yet. I hear her moans and sighs, she’s probably pleasing herself, and just a mere thought of it makes me want to eat her pussy, too. My perverse mind creates the perfect, naughty scene and I hurry to act it out. I sit over Richie’s cock, just rubbing against it my slippery holes but without impaling myself on it yet, while I bend forward and let him have a good view of my already wet arse and pussy. Andrea goes up and kisses Richie over the chest , licking him like a tasty ice cream. I moan
“Come on, Selena, I want your juicy pussy! “
Selena, who has been pleasing herself, licks her fingers where the our scents mix together. She gives me a sensual look of approval and without delay, leans her back over the bed foot rest piece and spreads her legs for me.
“Wow,” Richie whispers. ”Are you going to do it for real?”
His emotions are showing brightly on his face, he’s getting more and more excited and I know he will want to fuck us soon. Now Andrea has taken my place and is fawning her pussy against his waist, her legs entangled around him as if she were a spider who has just caught a beautiful male butterfly. Her greedy look announces that her usual selfishness has reached her top.
“Don´t monopolize him too much, we have rights to share him with you,” is my telepathic message to her. She frowns a little and continues stroking his body while Richie fingers her pussy, making her tremble.
I pounce like a tigresses over Selena’s warm and fragrant slit, teasing her with one finger then I draw her lips apart and see how swollen her clit is. After that, my tongue tips her entrance, and my finger returns to its task of flicking around her hole. She is dripping wet and sticky, I dart one finger inside her pussy and feel how it contracts around it avidly. I tease deeper and deeper, she moves her hips up, inviting me to go even deeper while she pinches one of her boobs and moans aloud. I stick my tongue out to let her see what is coming, but I do not really lap her clit yet. She keeps on moving, trying to get more pleasure from my finger.
I feel another wet tongue over my crack and two fingers parting my back door. I turn around and see Andrea diving between my legs. Richie is sitting at our back, enjoying all the show while stroking his penis.
I sigh when Andrea fingers my wet holes at a soft leisurely pace, then licks my pussy lips. But then I smell Selena’s strong female scent flooding the air and my head goes back to her swollen, pink clit, which vibrates under my anxious tongue. Lapping her is always delicious, this time she’s so hot that she comes with my first ministration. Her warm squirting hole tries to suck my tongue as she frantically rubs her pussy against my face, howling and moaning.
I cannot refrain from moving my pussy against Andrea’s face. Her tongue gets deeper inside my arse now, and her fingers are doing my pussy wonderfully. I feel my contractions growing stronger while Selena’s pussy is grinding my finger and tongue. We are floating in a world of unique saphic pleasures, empowered to the infinity and all of this under in full view of our meek victim.
“Oh, God,” murmurs Richie. ”You, girls, are too good to be true. What did these people put in beer?”
We giggle and continue our pleasurable tasks with each other. Andrea moans, she is longing to be pleased, too. So I decided to put the two girls on all fours and start to investigate their longing holes. Richie helps with them, stroking their boobs and giving them his dick to quench their sex thirst. After that, he goes back to me to see the show once again. I make my best to please the girls and get Richie hotter than hell and I get both things done. My tongue slides over the crack and slit of Selena and then I switch to do the same with Andrea. I touch their loins and waists, penetrate their pussies with my fingers from behind, then make them turn around and suck her clits in turns. They waste no time and start kissing and exchanging caresses. At this moment I feel Richie’s fingers are seriously interested in preparing my arse for fucking.
“Just one more minute of foreplay more, dear,” I swish like a serpent.,, and make a new figure. The three of us lay upon one side, making a triangle: my head is between Selena’s legs, Selena is propping her head between Andrea’s legs and Andrea, finally, takes her place between my legs. We enjoy the soft, wet skin of our friends’ legs, their persistent scent and the juicy stream of fluid that fires our appetites, then we lick our pussies at rhythmic pace till we take each other to another powerful orgasm.

Selena’s story

Our little, or perhaps not so little foreplay has been very satisfying. Each of us has already climaxed twice, due to one another and Richie’s attentions. None of us can really complain about his skill in using his fingers and tongue. They are nimble indeed and they have only sharpened our appetites for more. Now we want to feel his dick inside us, our pussies and arseholes are wet and slippery, glistening with our juices. We’re ready, more than ready for hard fucking and this is what we want from him. The three of us are gathered around him, looking at him with hunger in our eyes, licking our lips and smiling lustily. He notices and comments.
‘You’re all looking at me if I were a piece of beef and you were hungry cats.”
“You are, young Padawan,” Sandra’s keeping the Star Wars mood. “And the other comparison is also quite appropriate...”
Our hands keep on stroking, caressing his skin, to keep him hot while she banters with him for a few moments more but I’m too impatient for talking now. I interrupt them.
“Enough of this chit-chat. I wanna fuck, and I want to be first.” Sandra and Andrea chuckle at my abruptness but I just decide to have my way with him. He’s still lying on his back so I just straddle him and impale my pussy on his hard, throbbing shaft. Oh, my...! I love it, and I love it even more that when I start to ride him, he begins to rock his hips to meet my motion. This way each thrust feels more powerful, bringing more pleasure. I moan and squeal as my ecstasy is growing at a really fast pace.
My two fellow vampires don’t stay idle just watching me frolic with Richie, Sandra starts petting my boobs, squeezing and pulling my nipples, occasionally kissing them, then switching to kiss my lips and flickering her tongue in my mouth. Andrea entertains herself kissing Richie’s mouth, I see their tongues playing together as they kiss, her hands wandering over his body, reaching down to his dick, also touching and rubbing my pussy. Soon the fucking and their caresses lead me to my second orgasm of this morning. I feel my pussy squeeze Richie’s dick tightly in several consecutive powerful spasms that are enough to send my flying.
I almost topple off him as my legs are weak but he’s not given any moment of respite. Sandra wants him, and she wants him really badly. She just takes my place over his lap eagerly inserting his hard rod into herself. Soon her squeals of pleasure fill the air.
I’m left to my own devices while she fucks him but I don’t want just spend the time watching them fuck, no matter how exciting it is. I glance at Andrea and she returns the look. She seems really randy now but she still has to wait for her turn so I decide to make her waiting more enjoyable and at the same time make a nice show for our morsel. To make his blood flow even faster. I crawl to her and croon.
“Get on your fours, Andrea. Show this nice arse of yours to Richie.”
She licks her lips and kisses me softly then obeys. In a moment she’s kneeling and sticking out her butt for him. I open her ass cheeks and see how wet her intimate area is. And not only her pussy and arse, even her inner thighs are glistening with her juices. I slowly slide in my finger inside her pussy, then take it out. Afterwards I do the same with her arsehole, then add another fingers. Her arsehole is so tight and slippery, pulsing around my fingers in excitement and anticipation. She moans and rocks her hips wanting more, so I slide in a third finger. Andrea’s squeals and moans mix now with Sandra’s. Both of them are really loud. I make sure Richie sees what I’m doing and tell him.
“See, all of this is waiting for you, she really needs you, Richie. So don’t you dare to come just yet.”

Sandra’s story:

I think that I can hardly bear such a starvation for any more time however finally my time for straddling Richie has come. His dick slides easily inside my drenched pussy, and I begin to move slowly and wisely to tickle each sensitive point inside my pussy.
“Oh,'' I moan, ''I'd never believe you are such a sex savvy guy!”
I'm riding him for some few minutes more, letting his slippery dick dart in and out of my slit, getting excited by the knowledge that my friend’s juices are lubricating him, too, and feeling his hands kneading my butts. He can hardly guess who we are and what we have in mind, but he realises that what is happening goes outside the 'normal' standard for any guy. He vigorously moves his hips upwards and tries to create a deep bumping but at the same time he wants to see what is happening with my friends. Selena and Andrea are staging are really tantalizing show for him. It works for my senses as well.
“Something super natural is going here,” he pants. “ But I don´t care. I ...I...just want to see what the girls are doing”
He manages to put me on all fours and now he is kneeling at my back, pounding me wildly while his hands pull back my hair. His balls are bounce against my pussy lips, creating a soft, delicious rimming sensation.
We indulge in a wave of steaming movements, he goes deeper and stronger, searching for the most pleasurable angle in my pussy for both of us, and then he goes out, rubbing his dick against my slit, making me crave for him. But what follows this naughty action is even more stirring, his nimble fingers start their work in my arse, before he gets the tip of his cock inside it.
“I want more...I want you to screw my arsehole!” I exclaim at the edge of collapse. I rub my clit over the pillows and he bends over me to bite my neck and pinches my boobs. The concert of my fellow vampires ignites his desire and I try to control myself enough to extend another spell that will prevent him from coming too soon. But I cannot remember too well how to do it, and hope that my own passion will provide him with a more supernatural male power. Some humans may get influenced, as you would call that, by us and without need of spell, their sex power increases naturally. I feel dizzy while he plugs his throbbing dick into my backdoor. The following minutes are exceptionally hot: he binds my eyes with his hands while he kisses me over the shoulders and fucks harder, making me whimper even louder, till my arse starts to contract frantically and he decides to get out, obviously he wants more pleasure.

Selena’s story:

Sandra’s come, I see the absolute bliss on her face when she collapses on the bed sheets, she looks like a content cat that just wants to roll over and over again fawning against everything. Now it’s Andrea’s turn to fuck and thanks to Sandra’s quick mind she can still have it. All this stimulation we have provided him would normally make a man come, and he was really close to that. But a timely though a bit clumsily cast spell has prevented anything that we might consider premature... And if we wanted we could keep him in such a state, just on the edge of orgasm, for a really long time. However, we don’t have this luxury. It seems that Sandra is not really to willing to invite his girlfriend to join our frolics, and it wouldn’t be really difficult...
Anyway, just when Andrea wants topple Richie down to take the place on his lap and take a ride, he decides he wants to be the active side a bit more. He’s bigger than her so getting his way with her is not a real problem for him, and he still wants a doggie style fuck. Andrea’s not the one to refuse, she likes this position very much as well. She sticks her butt our for him and reaches back, opens her butt cheeks for him showing how wet and slippery her holes are, then I see her dart her finger into her arsehole.
“Fuck my arse, Richie,” she demands.
He’s quick to obey her, I see how hot we have got him. His breathing is fast and agitated, pearls of sweat glisten on his chest and forehead. And above all the scent of our sex is permeating the air, making the atmosphere steamy and lusty. I caress Andrea’s skin, sliding my hands over my hips as I watch him slowly slide inside her back door. She moans and sighs feeling him breach her, she rocks her hips than gasps. His dick is bigger than our fingers but I see she quickly adapts to his girth and length inside her cause now she almost pushes back at him, wanting him even deeper. I hear Richie grunt.
“Your arse is so tight...” then he groans and shudders, “Oh, God,” after that he just starts screwing her. In a moment her loud exclamation fill the air, Dracula’s teeth, she’s really loud, even louder than us. It must be really ecstatic for her. While I continue to caress and pet Andrea’s skin I send my thought to Sandra who has just moved to join us and is now licking Richie’s skin, working her way up slowly.
“We could stay longer, I haven’t had his dick inside my arse...”
“I have. Mrrrr.... It was really.... heaven.” she purrs.
“Sounds really tantalizing, I heard your moans, and now I see how Andrea is taking it. I want it too.”
“His girlfriend may come back any moment... I don’t know if I want to share him like this... The three of us is already quite a crowd even though we did it like this quite often and I’m used to it...”
I look gluttonously at his dick. Soon we’ll have our breakfast... Or perhaps I could make him last longer and have an arse fuck as well. I move to join Sandra and start to kiss and lick Richie’s skin too. His groans and grunts are really loud and his movements are getting faster and jerkier. Does he already want to come? I decide to prevent it. Sandra notices.
“What are you doing? We may have to leave soon.”
“I want an arse fuck, too. Don’t worry, baby. I’ll convince her that she’s hungry after the morning workout and that she wants to take breakfast first, before coming here.” And I immediately start to weave a spell to accomplish this task. We both keep on licking and kissing, Richie continues to fuck Andrea’s arse grunting and groaning while she wildly rocks her hips towards him. When she comes the spell is ready and planted at the entrance to the hotel room. I’ve also made sure that it contains additional silencing charm, to prevent her from hearing anything that is going on inside here. ‘Cause if she did hear us, I’m afraid the spell wouldn’t be enough, curiosity and lust would drag her in.
When I see Andrea has almost collapsed I croon to Richie.
“I want the same, come here,” I take his hand and pull him behind me. I decide to position myself with my hips on the edge of the bed and my knees on the floor. Richie kneels behind me. In this position it will be easier to withstand these forceful thrusts of his. Sandra moves as well, she gives us two pillows, one for me and one for Richie. I know what she means. The floor is a hard and the carpeting in the room doesn’t really cushion the hardness too much. I put the pillow under my knees and I feel Richie do the same. Then, in no time at all I feel his dick pressing on my arsehole demanding entry.

Sandra's Story

I see Selena has got very, very horny watching me and Andrea being fucked in the arse, she wants it badly as well, badly enough to cast 2 more charms, one to prolong our hero's stamina and another to divert his girlfriend. On one hand I'm not really surprised by this, I more than enjoyed the arse-fuck from him and I saw that Andrea was flying high with his dick in her backdoor either. On the other hand I'm not too enthusiastic about Selena's idea about inviting Richie's girlfriend, and the other naughty ideas of hers. Am I getting jealous and getting possessive of our delicious breakfast morsel? Perhaps I am... He's a really an appetizing specimen, his actions so far have proven that comparing him to young wine may have been premature... He's definitely better that this... I just can't wait to taste him.
Anyway, Selena is kneeling on the floor with her tummy on the bed sticking her arse at him, opening her butt cheeks, showing him how ready and willing she is, almost rocking her hips in expectation. He's behind her, teasing her crack with the tip of his dick, making her moan.
"Fuck me, Richie," she demands, "fuck my arse. Now!"
The view is really mesmerizing, I can't take my eyes off his cock touching the entrance of her arse. Her skin is glistening with the moisture and I can easily see how slippery she is, she wants him and she wants him to the point of distraction. Her passion fuels mine, I start touching myself, trailing the lines on my breasts, pinching and pulling my nipples while watching how Richie plays my vampire friend skillfully making her more and more desperate with each rub of the tip against her wet skin. Soon he has her begging for it.
"Richie, please, fuck my arse. Oh, please, please, please..."
He has her do it several more times before she eagerly opens her arsehole for him, sliding her fingers inside, trying to entice him to go in. But I want to see it too, I want to enjoy the show and Andrea wants it either, she rubs against him biting his ear. She croons there.
"Fuck her, baby. I wanna watch it."
I support her claim.
"Yes, Richie, we want to watch this. Fuck her, don't make her wait like this." And I slide my hand down to my pussy and start rubbing my clit, watching them almost licking my lips in excitement. I notice that Andrea has the same plans, her hand is between her pussy lips too and her finger is already at work there. I glance at Richie and see that he noticed what we want to do, I think it makes him even hotter, he’s not able to resist anymore Selena’s pleas and he finally relents. He slowly pushes inside the arse of our girlfriend. I observe how his dick goes into her smoothly as if he was putting a knife into a piece of butter. Her arse is embracing him like a glove, swallowing it greedily. She gasps and moans, then scratches the bedsheets under her. Richie sighs.
"Oh, God. All 3 of you are equally tight."
He stays immobile as if he were savouring the tightness of Selena’s arsehole, his whole dick is inside her, balls deep, her backdoor stretched widely for him, closing up on his shaft like a second skin, making him sigh and groan again. “Oh, God.” Then he starts pumping. In and out his shaft goes, screwing her at a steady pace, sliding in deep with every thrust. Making Selena go wild, her noisy ecstatic exclamations and moans fill the room, though thanks to her charm, nothing can be heard outside. She bucks her hips against his, she wants him deeper, she wants him to pump harder. She keeps on opening her butt cheeks for him, then in turns when the pleasure gets too strong for her to bear she nails and scratches the bed sheet whimpering loudly. Richie’s grunting and groaning while he continues to fuck her. My pleasure is growing as well, my fingers don’t stay idle, I keep on swirling them over my clit, tapping and rubbing it, until climactic vibes start to shake me. I moan and squeal feeling my pussy contract under my fingers. Andrea moans and whimpers in her orgasm as well. Selena’s at the edge, a few more thrusts from Richie push her into her climax. I can see how she trembles, her arsehole trying to grind his cock, he still pumps inside her, I think he wants to come as well.
We won’t prevent him this time, he certainly did a very good job and he deserves his reward, but we still want our breakfast. So I and Andrea move fast and take over his dick removing it from our convulsing friend’s arse. And just in time, he’s ready and we can’t stop it anymore. Just a few seconds afterwards he shudders, groans loudly and explodes on our faces. We lick his dick, trying to lap of everything, every drop of his semen while orgasmic vibes still shake him. But Selena wants her share too, though I see she’s still a bit soft legged and dazed she turns and moves to us to have a few licks as well. While we relish on the taste and bouquet of the seed I feel that the charm set by Selena gets activated. Somebody has just walked to the rooms door and before opening it has changed her mind. I sense that the girl is moving away now, walking to the lift purposefully. I sigh, perhaps it would be nice to act out Selena’s perverse ideas, but maybe not this time...
We finish our meal and Richie collapses on bed breathing fast, trying to unwind. Selena and Andrea are almost purring in satisfaction, I can’t help a wide smile either. Richie certainly proved to be a good fuck, and also a very tasty breakfast. Selena climbs the bed next to him, purring like a kitten and I follow her. Andrea takes our lead. It looks as if we still have a few minutes for a nice talk. Richie is looking at us in stunned way.
“Girls, that was awesome. Who are you?”
“I told you, we’re kind of a room service and that the Force has sent us...” I wink.
Selena smiles showing her fangs, so does Andrea. He starts.
“Who are you?”
“Someones who have just made you feel exceptionally fantastic,” I smile, “though someone has already called us ‘nightprowlers’.”
But he still keeps on staring at our fangs. Andrea chuckles.
“Don’t be afraid. We won’t suck you... Well, at least not of what you may think of now...”
“Oh, yes, our diet got modified. We prefer the white liquid over the red one that flows in your veins... Perhaps, we could have another swig...” Selena stretches langourously while casting a suggestion.
“Selena, we already talked of this.” I protest. “His girlfriend will be back soon.”
The mention of his girlfriend suddenly reminds Richie of what he has just done, he starts looking around as if he wanted to hide. We have created quite a mess, the pillows and the quilt have landed on the floor, the bed sheet is somewhat wet and the room smells of sex. Selena continues her naughty suggestion with an impish smile.
“Don’t worry, Richie. Even if she comes here when we’re still present, there will be no problems for you. We can take care of that, and of her pussy too. While you watch...”
Andrea smiles wickedly and asks him.
“How would you like to watch how we lick your girlfriend’s body while you’re tied to bed?”
Richie has his eyes really open wide, I don’t know yet if he really likes the idea or is just too shocked to say anything sensible.
“I wonder if we could make her squeal louder than you do,” Selena adds naughtily but the flow of their perverse ideas gets interrupted by a phone call. Richie picks up the receiver and it turns out to be the girlfriend in person. After a brief conversation he tells us a bit woefully.
“Your ideas seem to be very stimulating but I’ll have to go down to my breakfast... But first...” He looks around again.
“Oh yes,” Andrea agrees, “you sure have to air the room.”
“As for the other things...” Selena snaps her fingers and casts another spell to dry the bed sheets. Then she looks at the pillows and the quilts, “well, just pick them up,” she shrugs.
We get up and start dressing while Richie goes to the bathroom for a few moments. We can hear the shower running but we don’t leave just yet. We want to stay a few minutes more to say goodbye. During this time we inspect the contents of the little mini bar, however nothing there is really to our taste. It looks like somebody drank all the wine and champagne from there which are the only other liquids that we accept to drink.
When Richie goes out he’s already dressed and ready to leave the room. We hug and kiss him playfully not hesitating to frolic a bit more with his tongue, then we promise him.
“We’ll probably show up again. Tell your band mates they can expect us as well... Perhaps already in your next city... What is it by the way?” Selena remarks innocently but her eyes are sparkling naughtily. Richie’s jaw drop open.
“You want to say that you did them all this night?”
All three of us cast a very satisfied look at him and Andrea answers him naughtily.
“Yep, we had Scott for our appetizer, Glenn for our main dish, Rob was our dessert...”
“What about Ian?” he asks. “Did you get him too?”
“You saw yesterday night, this nice blond girl got him first and we decided not to interfere...” Andrea answers.
“And me?” he asks.
“You were our breakfast.” I smile then cock my head and ask him. “Would you like to be our main dish next time?”
“I’d love to but...” he looks furtively at the door.
“Don’t worry about this,” Andrea winks, “we told you we’d take care of this. She won’t protest, just like you didn’t, baby,” she tickles his chin and her tongue slides towards his ear.
“Yes, we could make you do anything we wanted you to, you couldn’t really prevent it” Selena soothes his apparently guilty conscience, then she pets his cheek, “and if I say anything... then it really means anything.”
I kiss his lips saying.
“See you in Germany in a few days.”
“Yes.... Perhaps in Germany we could make it a... kind of buffet... All of you guys together... And us...” Selena winks. “It sure has some naughty possibilities...”
He just stares at us disbelievingly and just to show him that our capabilities can really make them all do what we want them to we decide to make a grand exit. A quick spell makes us disappear from the room and reappear back in the lift chuckling.
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