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Heero's not picky

by Amou 3 reviews

one night the gundam pilots find they have something is common.

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Who hasn't been fucked by Heero Who hasn't been fucked by Heero?

"So, what's going on tonight guy's?" Duo asks as he plopped down on the couch where 3 of the other 4 gundam pilots sat talking.

"Nothing, we're all pretty bored." Quatre stated, exhaling loudly, the others just nodded.

"Well, where's Heero?" Duo looked around, chewing on his lip.

"..." Trowa huffed a breath of air blowing his unique hair upward.

"I'm sorry?" Duo asks looking at Trowa queerly a hand up to his ear.

"He said he went out." Quatre smiled, cocking his head to the side cutely.

"How do you know?" Wufei questioned in a childish voice.

"He IS correct." Trowa said, causing Quatre to smile impossibly wide.

Just then...

"Hell-o, saw'll, how's are you's" A very inebriated Heero entered, or rather stumbled, into the room.

"Heero, your drunk, you should go back to your apartment and get some rest before you do something stupid," Quatre paused to consider, logically, "better yet stay here." Quatre looked quite frightened by Heero's intoxicated state, more curiously he looked a little like he was blushing.

"Naw, I compete in control's of me's self." He then proceeded to promptly fall on top of Duo "Hey". Where he passed out. Duo shoved him off onto the side of the couch.

"I hate it when he's drunk..." The others nodded, then he got a sly smile "Most of the time." Duo looked at the passed out man. Then out at the others, Quatre was defiantly blushing.

"He does not get drunk often, maybe once a month." Wufei stated a smug smile at knowing his comrades so well. "Duo gets drunk much more often." He finished

Duo stuck out his tongue, "Hey Q, why ya blushing," Duo teased, "Did ya get fucked Heero when he was drunk or something." He expected a 'hell no' or at least a 'Duo how could you say that' but not for Quatre to just bite his lip and look away from Trowa.

"My god." Wufei dropped his drink.

"I was distraught and it was like a year ago, when Trowaa broke up with me."

"... >
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