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Mysterious Notes

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Paul falls asleep after being rudely awoken by John, so John decides to "Improve" paul's face with a pen leading to funny results

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20 minutes later Paul wandered into the living room seemingly still half asleep, well he must have been considering he didn’t seem to notice I was sat on the sofa “Paul luv, just looking thorough these songs we are supposed to be giving to Brian later, there’s one that isn’t quite finished, you got any ideas?” he walked to the sofa where I was sat and plonked himself down next to me “let’s have a look Johnny” he said stifling a yawn and took the sheets of paper off me, Paul was always better at coming up with lines for love songs than me, he just seemed to know what worked. He sat reading through what we had already written whilst resting his head on my shoulder, “hmm... what about “if I gave my heart to you, I must be sure from the very start you’ll love me more than her”” how can Paul come up with a line so perfect? I had been trying to think of something that worked for ages “thank you Paulie” I said as I scribbled it down on the paper that he handed back to me.

I reached over and put the sheets of paper on the coffee table and went back to drawing the first things that came into my head, which this time happened to be a toaster on legs. Pauls head suddenly slipped off my shoulder onto my lap, “what the fuck are you do-” he had fallen asleep again, which made me feel slightly guilty for waking him up so early, but it wouldn’t stop me from having fun. I carefully reached over to the table where my pen was, trying not to wake sleeping beauty. I began to think what to draw on his face, 10 minutes later my work was done and surprisingly Paul was still asleep “and you say I'm the one that can sleep through anything” I muttered trying not to laugh at my ‘improvements’ to Paul’s face. “You can’t sleep forever paulie it may be a Saturday but we have things to do” Paul woke with a start “wha-... hm... yeah I'm awake I swear” I couldn’t help but laugh because I knew George and Ringo would be home soon and hopefully the improvements would go unnoticed ‘till then. “What’s so funny Lennon, it’s your fault I'm tired anyway! Why did you have to wake me up so fucking early? You git” Paul seemed more grouchy than usual “I'm sorry Paul I was just... lonely, I don’t like being the first up and George and Ringo had already gone out, they should be back soon though” I looked at the floor feeling genuinely bad for waking my best friend up so early “I'm sorry I snapped Johnny” I looked up and smiled.

As I looked up I saw George’s car pull into the drive, my grin widened “Geo and Rings are back, get the door would you, paulie I'm too tired” I joked whilst stretching out on the sofa and kicking Paul off it in the process “ouch, john you lazy sod” he shot a glare at me as he stood up to make for the door. When he had left I snook after him to see what George and Ringo’s reactions would be to Paul’s face. “hahaha Paul you seem te have something on ye face, is that... I don’t know what that is” Paul, still unsuspecting, walked over to the mirror “LENNON!!!! YOU UTTER TWAT!” oh shit that was my queue to run as fast as I could “calm down paulie, I think it’s an improvement” I said between bursts of laughter whilst running through the kitchen “AN IMPROVEMENT! John you have drawn all over my face!” I ducked out of the way as Paul tried to throw a glass of water at me “somebody’s a bit tetchy this morning” I teased and ran back into the living room before Paul tried to throw something else kitchen related at me, George and Ringo were stood in the doorway nearly collapsed on the floor in fits of laughter, I knew Paul wasn’t really that mad at me, after all he would have done the same to me. He chased after me and grabbed a pillow as he entered the room and hit me over the head with it “ooh pillow war” I giggled as I threw a cushion at Paul, “I’d watch it if I were you Johnny” Paul was never good at threatening me, mainly because he never meant it and always ended up trying not to laugh “what you gonna do paulie...ooh ouch” before I could do anything about it Paul had tackled me to the floor, we couldn’t help but burst out laughing “you alright down there boys?” George had recovered enough from laughing at us to string a coherent sentence together “couldn’t be better Georgie” we both said grinning at each other, Paul leaned over and whispered “you now I wouldn’t really be mad at you Johnny” I did know this whenever we disagreed on something we would always shout and throw things then collapse in laughter at how stupid we were being, that’s one of the many things I loved about Paul.

“ooh what’s this” I muttered reaching under the sofa, it seemed like a screwed up bit of paper it must be from writing songs the other day, Paul seemed to recognise the paper and made a grab for it “tha- thats mine John” I moved my hand out of reach of Paul’s and threatened to open it, what I wasn’t expecting was for Paul to launch himself at it and wind me in the process “agh gerrof McCartney, you can have your precious paper back if it means so much you loon” I said as I threw the scrunched up paper at his head, which was easier said than done considering the silly sod was still lying across me “are you going to get of me or not Paul? I don’t know if it occurred to you that this is more than a little uncomfortable for me” I said ruffling his hair.
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