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Vampires don't ride the bus!

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A summary wouldn't do this chapter justice.

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"We can go to my parent's house," Andy suggested while they stood in front of the bus station. "I don't think they're home."

"Why do I have to ride the BUS? I'm Pete WENTZ. I'm not supposed to..."

"Because," Patrick replied heading over to the ticket counter. "Vampires never do anything on buses. It's too risky, too many witnesses," he turned to the ticket person. "Four please."

"We wouldn't have to ride the bus if SOMEONE," he glared at Joe, "didn't get my car stolen."

"Will you let it go?" Joe admitted. "The clandestine-mobile is, what, black with a huge bat-thing painted on the hood? I don't think it'll be too hard to find."

"Oh yeah! Did I ever tell you that you drive like an old lady?"

"Well... well, you smell funny!"

Pete growled and jumped on him.

"Hey!" Andy yelled and tried to pull them apart.

Patrick paid for their tickets, took them from the ticket person and rolled his eyes. Calmly, he took out a bottle of water, walked over to Pete and started to spray him. "Bad Pete! Get off of Joe!"

Pete hissed and quickly hid by crouching behind Andy's legs.

Patrick glared at Pete.

Pete sulked and crossed his arms. "Sorry I attacked you, Joe," he muttered.

Patrick glared at Joe.

Joe looked at the ground. "Sorry I said you smelled," he muttered.

"Okay," Patrick said, putting the spray bottle back into his backpack. "Our bus leaves in 5 minutes. PLEASE, try to behave. Hm?"

"You messed up my hair, Joe!" Pete spat, getting up.

Joe scowled and reached for the cross in his pocket.

Patrick quickly smacked Joe in the back of the head.

Joe held his head and gave Patrick a look.

Patrick wagged a finger at Pete. "Cool it."




"Zip it."

Pete crossed his arms and stomped away to their bus.

Joe shook his head and stood up, only to come face to face with Patrick.

Patrick narrowed his eyes at him. "Remember what the reverend said?"

"What harm is mine going to do? At least yours and Andy's are wood. My cross glows in the dark and says, 'Smile! Jesus loves you!' OoOo scary."

Patrick stuck a finger in Joe's face. "Reach for that thing just because Pete pisses you off again and I'll take it and shove it up your ass."

Joe hit Patrick's hand away and turned.

"Come on," Patrick demanded.

Joe put his fingers in his ears and Andy stared at Patrick with his mouth hanging open.

"Come on!" he repeated, his voice cracking slightly. He gritted his teeth and headed outside.

Meanwhile, Pete was acting prissy in front of their bus terminal. A little boy and his mom were waiting for the same bus and were staring at him. Pete gave them a look, then forced them a smile. As soon as the mom saw Pete's fangs, she grabbed her son and moved.

Patrick suddenly appeared beside him and started digging through his backpack. He found the bottle of "nail polish" and started to gulp it.

"Hey," Pete snapped, snatching the bottle from him. "We're supposed to be straight edge," he studied the bottle, "At least put it into a paper bag or something."

"You and Joe are driving me crazy," Patrick said. "Can you try not being an asshole until I figure out what's wrong with me?"

"Nothing's wrong with you," Pete reassured him. "You got bit, you're going to feel drained for a while, don't let it happen again. It's like giving blood."

"You're taking this lightly."

"You only have to worry if they kill you, or it they get you here," he showed Patrick two faint fang marks on his neck, then he frowned at him. "Jeez, Trick. I thought you knew that."

Patrick put his head in his hands. "I know, but I've been really stressed lately. I must've forgot." Their bus pulled up. "That's us. Joe! Andy!" he yelled.

"What, ex-best friend?" Joe snapped, coming anyway.

Andy ran out. "How important is this? I left a dollar in the pop machine."

"We're going to your parent's house," Patrick explained.

Andy frowned and boarded the bus with everyone else.
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