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Hi :)

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Hi guys :)
I'm still buzzing with excitement over when Gerard answered me yesterday..


Anyway,I took my My Chem hoodie to school today.
No-body noticed it.
But,when I was untangleing my headphones today,someone asked me where I got the hoodie.
I said I didn't know,I actually dunno where it was from.
It was printed for me,that's all I know.

Also,my geography teacher said those two cursed words during the lesson.
One Direction.
That isn't the only way to describe migration sir!
You could've said:

'We all go in one way'

I just said Way.

(thinks of gerard answering me again)

So,you've all read Cirque Romantique I see.
There's another fic you guys should read,it's based off Cirque Du Freak too!
It's called Freak Like Me,look for it in my fave storys!
Give it a nice review too,I got a part in there as The Vampire..


So,I'll update tomorrow ok?
Wait,I have a singing lesson..
I could skip it for a week can't I?
I'll just practice at home..

Lurve you guys so much,you are just the bestest friends and Ficwaddle family I could ever have!

XxXxOoOo Sadie!
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