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Target Hinata

by TheLemonSage

During his training trip, Naruto is given a scroll which holds the secrets in how to seduce and ensnare women. A scroll he uses at first on the women and kunoichi around him but soon on the Shinob...

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Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine. Also this story is a lemon fiction therefore is intended for people of a legal age from wherever they come from. So if these type of stories offend then stop reading now. Thanks.

Chapter 2: Target Hinata

The sun shining in her eyes was what woke Ino from the deep sleep she had been in. Sitting up in the bed she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and looking about her realized she wasn’t in her own room. “It wasn’t a dream,” she said more to herself not expecting a reply.

“Were you hoping it would be one?”

Turning to the voice, she saw a shirtless Naruto wearing only his orange pants as he leaned against the wall of his small apartment while looking out the window. He turned towards her waiting on her answer taking in her still nude form. Despite her lack of dress Ino didn’t reach for the covers, as she felt no embarrassment, something she found rather strange. Realizing that Naruto was waiting on her answer she said, “No, it was probably the most pleasurable experience of my life.”

She did blush in embarrassment when her stomach growled causing Naruto to chuckle as he said, “I’ll make you something to eat.”

As he walked to the kitchen area of his apartment, Ino watched him from the bed with a thoughtful face. Noticing it the male blond asked, “What is it?”

“Well, I thought that I was kind of your love slave or something. Shouldn’t you be ordering me around?”

“I said the jutsu bound us,” Naruto corrected as he began searching his icebox for his eggs. “As far as I can tell it means you’re more submissive, and it may make you more prone to my suggestions. However I’m still more than capable of making breakfast.”

Ino gave him a smile figuring that if she was some sort of love slave then she had probably hit the jackpot as far as masters went. Wondering what his next move would be, she asked, “Now what?”

“That’s an interesting question,” Naruto said, “How would you like your eggs?”

“Hopefully unfertilized,” Ino said remembering to use the morning after jutsu since in her rush to get to Naruto’s the night before she hadn’t taken the proper precautions. “But for breakfast, scrambled.”

“Scrambled it is,” Naruto said as he watched Ino run the jutsu on herself while preparing her breakfast.

Finishing her meal, he scooped it onto a plate and moved it to his modest table. Seeing her meal was ready Ino stepped out of the bed not bothering to cover her nudity. Looking about the apartment she couldn’t find what she was looking so asked, “Where’s my dress?”

“It was rather wrinkled so I sent a clone to the cleaners with it,” Naruto said enjoying the sight before him. “It should be ready in a few hours.”

Ino shrugged sitting at the table to begin eating. Naruto had been about to offer her some clothes but seeing that Ino apparently didn’t care about her state of dress, decided not to ruin a good thing. Sitting across from her at the table he watched her eat.

Ino finished her meal quickly due to how hungry she was. Pushing the empty plate away from her she said, “You didn’t answer my question, what is it you intend to do now? You obviously plan to use that jutsu again.”

Standing the blond walked towards his window to look out over Konoha. Finally, after thinking for several minutes he said, “During my travels with Pervy Sage, he told me that he dreamed of ending the hatred that was spreading throughout the Shinobi World, I suppose that’s what I plan to do.”

Ino stared at him for a moment before she started laughing. Naruto turned towards the laughing kunoichi, but he wasn’t bothered by it knowing how insane he sounded. After she caught her breath she wiped a tear from her eye prompting the jinchuriki to ask, “Done yet?”

Ino noticed that Naruto’s face was completely serious, which made her slightly nervous at laughing at him, a man that she was now bound to. He could see that she was suddenly pensive, but he gave her a disarming smile to let her know that he wasn’t offended. “I know how it sounds Ino,” he said moving to a brown leather chair.

Seeing Naruto sitting in the chair where he had given her so much pleasure the night before made Ino shiver slightly as a result of the images that flashed before her. However when he spoke she found her focus completely on him. “You’ve heard the saying behind every great man is a great woman, haven’t you?”

Ino nodded, so Naruto continued saying, “Well imagine all that I could do using this jutsu.”

“Come on Naruto, you can’t honestly expect to unite all the shinobi’s villages simply by sleeping your way to the top.”

“Not at all Ino,” Naruto said, “I intend to use the various women as agents to bring the villages together. For instance, even though I wasn’t thinking of this at the time, in a few years you’ll be the head of the Yamanaka clan.”

Ino began to see where Naruto was going so jumped in saying, “So you plan to be the power behind the scenes.”

“Exactly,” Naruto said, “I’ll start here in Konoha and once our powerbase is secure, we’ll begin working on neighboring countries.”

“Our?” Ino said surprised.

“Of course,” Naruto replied, “Ino, I’m going to need your support as well as your input if I’m going to pull this off. Just as I will need the support and input of all the women that I manage to charm.”

Ino was touched that he would value her opinion especially since he may not even need to ask her to get her to do anything. Getting up from the table she saw a notepad on one of his counters. Grabbing it along with a pen she crossed the room towards him and sat in his lap.

Feeling the skin of her back as she leaned back into his chest he asked, “What…”

Giggling she said, “I’m going to take some dictation.”

“I think I’d rather you take some dick,” Naruto said placing his hands on her hips and grinding her nude bottom along his increasingly hard erection.

“Now, now, now,” Ino said with a chiding tone although she was finding it increasingly difficult not to give in, “Let’s first plan out your first steps before we get carried.”

“Fine,” Naruto said with a pout, “First, I think we should learn just how complete my influence is over you.”

Ino nodded in agreement saying, “Order me to do something that you don’t think I would normally do.”

“Okay,” Naruto said thinking for a moment, “Go pick up the dry cleaning.”

“I don’t have a problem doing that,” Ino began to say.

“Naked,” Naruto added causing Ino to frown. She sat there for a moment, so Naruto added a little more of a command to his voice saying, “Now.”

Ino looked like she was fighting to not get up before finally saying, “Please don’t make me.”

“Okay Ino, you don’t have to.”

She relaxed leaning back into him. Finally he said, “Was it difficult to fight?”

“Not at first,” Ino said, “but when you insisted it became harder. But I still think I could have resisted, at least for a while.”

“Good,” Naruto said which surprised the blonde. He could see the look of confusion on her face so explained his reasoning saying, “I don’t want mindless drones Ino. I need people that can think for themselves or stand up to me when they think I’m wrong. But, we’ll test my control more later. Next, I think we should pick some targets that will help push Konoha towards uniting with the other villages.”

“Basically you mean clan heads,” Ino said writing down ‘needs,’ on the notepad.

Seeing that Naruto looked at Ino funny saying, “Needs.”

“Yep,” said giving her dazzling smile something Naruto was truly beginning to notice about her, “the other category is going to be, wants.”

“I don’t get it,” Naruto said.

Looking pointedly at him Ino said, “Naruto, you may be a sweet boy, who upon unlocking probably one of the most perverted jutsu in existence is trying to put it to good use. But, you are still a man, and are undoubtedly going to use it on women that will not help advance your plan.”

Hearing Ino thoughts on the matter he easily pictured several women that fit the bill, so was forced to acknowledge her point. Ino smiled again turning her attention to the pad and wrote, ‘wants.’ Putting the end of the pen in her mouth she said, “Okay to start off, a women you’ll definitely need is Hinata and she should be easy for you to seduce.”

“You sound pretty sure of that,” Naruto said his tone conveying his doubts. When Ino looked at him like he was clueless, he defended himself saying, “What’s with the look? I couldn’t form a complete sentence around her when we were younger without her turning red and passing out.”

Ino shook her head saying teasingly, “It’s a good thing you’re good looking and strong, because Kami only knows how you would make it in this world if you needed to rely on your brains.” The look Naruto gave her in return made her laugh, but she calmed enough to say, “She did that because she liked you. In case you didn’t notice she didn’t have any problem talking to other boys.”

“I did notice,” Naruto said but thinking a moment added, “Although now that I think about it, that would explain why she gave me that ointment after my match with Kiba during the chunin exams.”

Ino nodded, she then said, “You know if you are going to be successful in this plan of yours, you are going to need to be more aware of the small signs women give that signal attraction.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” Ino said stretching the word out as she organized her thoughts, “For me, you tricked me into allowing you to use your jutsu. Now with Hinata chances are if you show you are interested in her. She’ll probably allow you to at least get close enough to use it against her. But what about Tsume Inuzuka…”

“Who?” Naruto asked causing Ino to sigh at having her train of thought stopped.

“Tsume Inuzuka, is the Clan head of the Inuzuka and is Kiba’s mom and according to my dad probably one of the toughest females in the village. There’s no way she’d fall for the same trick I did and I doubt you can just invite her to a sparring match where she’ll allow you to work your magic on her.”

“Still what does being more observant of the signs women give off get me?” Naruto asked. “If this Tsume is such a tough nut to crack, she’ll probably be impossible for me to get close too.”

“Don’t be so sure,” Ino said, “Let me ask you a question. Have you ever imagined Lady Tsunade naked?” Ino felt Naruto’s dick twitch against her backside causing her to giggle as she said, “I’ll take that for a yes. Well women do the same thing. There’s a chance that if you get close to her she may give a small sign that she finds you attractive. Heck, she may even find you extremely ugly, but get wet around you because of how strong you are. But she won’t act on those feeling without a little push from you, so you’ll need to be aware.”

“Okay, guess we can work on that after Hinata then,” Naruto said, “So besides Tsume who else do you think should be on the ‘Needs’ list.”

“Tsunade definitely,” Ino said without hesitation. Feeling Naruto’s lower half respond to her words, she again laughed lightly saying, “Oh somebody likes that idea.”

“Can you blame me?”

Ino really couldn’t since even though she was in her fifties she still appeared to be one of the most beautiful women the kunoichi had ever seen. Picking up where she left off, the young Yamanaka said, “Well after Tsume the only other current female clan head is Yakumo, although she may not be around long term.”

Remembering the girl Naruto asked, “Why?”

“Well you remember that debacle with her Id right?” When Naruto nodded Ino explained, “Well apparently the Id was the only thing keeping her illness in check. Without it, or her powers she’s been getting worse.”

Naruto wasn’t really sure if he should try and go for her but Ino said, “She may not help you long term, but if you do decide to seduce her… she’ll probably appreciate it.”


“Because everyone treats her like she’s glass,” Ino said sadly, “and after last night. Well let me put it this way; even if I knew it would kill me, there are worse ways to go.”

Naruto chuckled, but said, “I’ll consider it.”

“Good,” Ino said before continuing, “the only other need I can think of would be Saku…”

“No,” Naruto responded quickly cutting the kunoichi off.

Wondering if it was because of his feelings for the girl he said, “Naruto… I can understand you not wanting to use your jutsu on her because of your feelings for her. But she is going to be the next head of the medical department, a powerful position…”

“You misunderstand Ino,” Naruto said explaining his position, “Yes it’s because of how I feel about her, but we’re just going to have to hope that she’ll go along with it when the time comes.”

“You don’t hate her now do you?” Ino asked worried since she was sure Sakura would take such news hard. While Naruto was gone she had begun to suspect that her friend had feelings for the blonde, based on how she talked about him. After a while Sakura would begin to wonder more and more about when Naruto was coming back. In truth Ino had been rather surprised that Sakura had become so focused on Sasuke upon her other teammates return. But before she had been able to give the matter any thought, her own situation with her fellow blond had changed.

Ino was torn between telling Naruto some of the kind things Sakura said about him while he was gone or not. However, in the end she decided not to since they had been told to her in trust that it was just between them. Instead she settled for saying, “Naruto, she’s just confused about her…”

“Look Ino its fine,” Naruto said ending with a sigh. He sat in silence for a while and she was just about to pry when he said, “My feelings for her haven’t really changed. However it is because of them that I will not use this jutsu on her.”

“What do you mean?”

“What do you know about the day Sasuke defected?”

“Not much,” Ino admitted, “Tsunade was rather quiet about what happened between you and Sasuke.”

“Not Sasuke and me,” Naruto jumped in, “Between Sakura and I.”

Ino thought for a moment before remembering something Shikamaru told her. Positive that was what he was talking about she said, “You’re talking about how she begged you to return Sasuke back to the village.”

Naruto nodded looking sadly at a wall as if replaying the memory, “Yeah… she laid it all on the line as she asked me to return Sasuke. I could do nothing but agree to bring him back. True, I would have any way, but it took on a different meaning then. In a sense I would be bringing Sakura’s happiness back.” Naruto paused and looked at her, “That’s why I can’t use the jutsu on her. Let’s just say that if things had been different and I had cared for you like I did for her that she would be sitting naked in my lap now instead of you.”

Ino’s eyes went wide at what Naruto was admitting. Basically he had said he still cared deeply for Sakura but was standing aside so she could pursue Sasuke. But the rest of what he said sunk in and she felt hurt, jealous, betrayed, and angry, but almost as soon as the emotions began warring around in her she felt them dampen.

However it still reached her face causing Naruto to say, “That bothers you, doesn’t it?”

“That you chose me to clear away a rival for Sakura and in a sense took away my choice to choose. Hell yes it bothers me,” Ino snapped. But then added more calmly, “I even think this stupid jutsu is muting just how angry I am.” She sagged a little into him, as the anger faded and said, “But truthfully, I’m also jealous and a little relieved.”

“Relieved?” Naruto asked surprised.

“Yeah, you didn’t have to tell me that. You could simply have said because I said so.” Ino turned her head towards him placing a light kiss on the closest thing she could reach which was his cheek. She blushed slightly at the small sign of affection which surprised her since she was sitting naked in his lap but guessing at her reason said, “Also, I’m really glad that you did choose me. I chased Sasuke for years, and probably would still be chasing him if not for what you did to me. But I don’t mind because you probably have shown more affection for me, and not just in a sexual way, but in all the ways that matter in a relationship. Even one as crazy as ours seems like it’s going to be.”

“Thanks Ino.”

“No thank you Naruto,” Ino replied focusing on his face. She then looked into his eyes adding, “But as one Sasuke obsessed girl talking about another, please consider Sakura.”

“I’ll let her make the choice,” Naruto said after thinking for a moment.

Ino kissed his cheek again as thanks for considering her opinion before saying, “Now onto ‘Wants.’”

Naruto thought for a moment, but then realized that he had a beautiful naked woman sitting in his lap and decided to have some fun. He placed his hand on her thigh and began rubbing it up and down. He then said, “Well first I think a good candidate would be, Ayame.”

“The ramen stand waitress,” Ino said surprised, and trying not to be distracted by the hand moving up and down her leg in greater sweeps, thereby moving closer to her responding womanhood, “Why her?”

“Because, if I’m going to be honest with myself, she was one of my first sexual fantasies, when you grow up lonely like I did and there’s only one woman that treats you like you matter you tend to believe it’s because she wants you.”

Ino nodded sadly as she wrote the name down but then shivered and sighed as Naruto’s hand reached her lower lips. The hand began rubbing along the outside. Trying to keep on target she said, “Whose next?”

“Hmm,” Naruto said enjoying the feel of Ino’s cunt as it responded to his ministrations. Deciding to give the blonde more, he slid his middle finger into her folds and began to work it back and forth inside her. Then as if he was discussing what he wanted for dinner said, “I was thinking about Kurenai-sensei.”

“No-no…” Ino said surprising Naruto who began to withdraw his finger from her. Ino quickly stopped him putting her hand on his to keep him there and once he began moving it again, said, “She’s… she’s … mmmm… she’s involved with someone…”

“Really who,” Naruto said beginning to work his finger faster.

“I…I…shouldn’t say…they’re…oh s-s-so mmmm…they’re trying to be discrete,” Ino said, but knew if he pressed she would tell. The reason she knew of Asuma’s relationship with Kurenai was because the jounin kept buying flowers for her from her family’s shop. She had learned the truth when he had ordered some red carnations, but had asked that they be uncut. After he bought them Ino saw the flowers again in a flower box outside Kurenai’s apartment.

“Okay Ino,” Naruto said not wanting to be a home wrecker. “Tell me is Ayame seeing anyone?”

“I…more…more please…” Ino said getting off track.

Naruto smiled adding a second finger, “Now my question.”

“Yes…I think so…oh Kami…”

Naruto smiled as he guessed that meant Kurenai was seeing Asuma since the Yamanaka writhing in his lap obviously didn’t care if he wrecked Ayame’s relationship. “Take Ayame off then as well,” Naruto said disappointed, but laughed as Ino tried to scratch the name off while enjoying his efforts.

When she succeeded he said, “How about that crazy proctor from the second exam?”

“A-anko Mitarashi…she’s single…” Ino said trying to ignore the pleasure she was feeling as he worked his magic long enough to add her name. Having a suggestion of her own she said, “How…h-h-ow about Tenten… she asked…fuck Naruto right there…,” Naruto began rubbing the spot he had just touched inside her harder causing the kunoichi to spread her legs more placing her feet on his knees and began humping the palm of his hand which was resting on her pelvis as his fingers moved inside her. Trying to pick up where she left off she said, “She…she asked…Neji out a few months ago…oh yes…he…he turned her…down though….claims relationships are bad among teammates…”

“Add her then,” Naruto said smiling as the young woman tried. She got as far as writing ‘Ten,” rather shakily when he pressed his palm against her engorged clit.

She practically threw the pad away from her as she came soaking his hand and pants in her release as she shouted, “Oh gods!!!!!!”

As she tried to catch her breath Naruto lifted her up in his arms and carried her towards his bed. Placing her down, he stood up as she watched glassy eyed as he released his cock and freed himself of his pants and underwear.

Looking down at the girl, he asked, “Do you have anywhere you need to be?”

Ino couldn’t reply, so weakly shook her head no. “Good,” he said getting into the bed and climbing between her legs, “because I don’t think you’ll be leaving this bed today.” He then spent the rest of the day delighting in the blonde goddess that was Ino.


Naruto had a hard time keeping the smile off of his face as he walked through the village. Ino had left late the previous night after they had explored each other thoroughly. He had missed her warmth as he slept that night, but she had needed to get home since her parents may begin to worry. He had stopped by the flowershop to make sure everything was alright and that her parents weren’t upset. Luckily, the life of a shinobi meant they could often be called away and without time to let loved ones know. So therefore her parents hadn’t been too worried. The smile was a result of the blowjob that Ino had given him before he left the store.

But a thought that did cause the smile to falter was the question of why him. As in why did Kanji give the Temptation Touch jutsu to him? He hadn’t thought too much about the man’s motives at first, but it had become more prevalent lately in his mind, especially since having only had the jutsu for a few days Naruto was dreaming so ambitiously while the other man was simply using it to charm rich women. He wondered what the man’s ulterior motives were. He supposed a part of the reason that he had begun to worry about it was the man didn’t seem to have a problem with destroying bonds between people. Such as the governor and his wife, at first he had assumed that the governor may have deserved it, but now wasn't too sure.

Before he could come to a conclusion he saw the girl he was searching for, so put it out of his mind. Ino had been rather positive that Hinata would easily fall prey to his jutsu. However, it quickly became apparent that Ino didn’t take one thing into account.

“Hey Hinata,” Naruto shouted causing the Hyuuga Heiress to spin quickly a hand moving up to her chest in surprise.

“N-na-Naruto,” she said her face changing from the pale white to red as he jogged closer. “How-how-how…” was as far as she got in welcoming him back before she fainted. Luckily for her, Naruto caught her half expecting such an outcome. He smiled down at the now sleeping girl since he now knew that she was like this because of the strength of the feelings that she possessed for him.

He was half tempted to use the jutsu on her while she slept, but felt that would cross a line. Being only a step away from molesting her as she slept, therefore he began to carry her towards the Hyuuga compound. He was almost to the gate when he heard, “What are you doing with the Lady Hinata?”

Turning towards the voice, he said, “Trying to get her home safely Neji.”

“I’ll take it from here,” Neji said, prompting Naruto to shrug and hand over the out cold Hyuuga princess.

“Welcome back,” Neji said welcoming, “I’m sure it’s a sentiment that Hinata would wish to convey as well were she obviously capable of it. Thanks for watching out for her. I should see her home.”

Naruto nodded thinking, “I wonder if you would thank me if you knew what I want to do with her. But I doubt it.”

Taking off with a wave he returned to his apartment. Entering it he walked to his chair but stopped seeing the pad that Ino was working on day before. Under the “Need,’ category he added a line of question marks. He was still staring at it when Ino came in after closing up her family’s shop.


The Kyuubi was plotting behind the bars of its cage, all the day before the sensations had returned and it began seeing images. Flashes to go along with what it was feeling and they all seemed to center around its current container. Generally its life within the seal was void of anything leaving it trapped with its own endless rage, which was why it could influence the boy when he was angry. But these sensations were strange and foreign to the might chakra beast. The only thing it had ever experienced like it was generally the pain of being attacked by a powerful jutsu. Yet the sensations it had experienced seemed to be the complete opposite of pain.

Wanting to experience more, it focused on some of the images it had seen, and briefly wondered why it was seeing its container as the Kyuubi figured if the sensations were tied to what the boy was doing it would be seeing things from his perspective. But instead it was seeing the boy minus his clothes as it moved almost like it was atop whatever was staring at him. But the sensations it felt, the Kyuubi was almost positive were due to what the boy was doing.

Tired of its sensationless existence, the Kyuubi decided to wait and see if it happened again before acting. It needed more information before it could judge what was happening and before trying to make it so that it happened again.

Ino returned to Naruto’s apartment, seeing him alone in his chair and staring at the pad, she was rather surprised. Commenting on it she said, “I half expected you to be inches deep into Hinata when I came over.”

Naruto looked up and smiled at her comment but said, “Unfortunately, she is still prone to fainting around me.”

“That’s why you bring her here so when she wakes up…”

“And have the Hyuuga begin searching frantically for her when she doesn’t turn up where she is supposed to,” Naruto said, “No thanks, I don’t think I want that kind of attention.”

Ino climbed into his lap after shrugging at his comment. Looking at the pad of names she asked, “What do those question marks mean?”

“I was thinking that I’m going to need an agent to move about outside the village to gather information for me,” Naruto said, “Somebody that can identify possible targets of interest for me.”

“Yeah, so I take it the problem is you don’t know who would fit the bill huh?”

“Precisely, it needs to be a kunoichi naturally, but one that nobody would miss as she could be at it for years and I don’t want missions she needs to perform distracting her from my goals. Got anyone in mind?”

Ino thought for a moment but said, “Sorry, the only women that fit that bill are missing-nin and I’m not familiar with too many of those.”

“Unfortunately neither am I and the few I did meet tend to be scum or have hearts of gold but end up dead. Any way keep your eyes and ears open for me will you?”

“You know I will,” Ino said giving him a deep kiss, but before it got to far she moved his hands off of her saying, “Sorry, I have hours at the hospital.”

Indicating his erection he said, “You’re just going to leave me like this?”

“Consider it your punishment for failing to seduce Hinata,” Ino said flashing her smile, before heading towards the door.

Left alone Naruto said, “Well that certainly sucks,” but was twice as determined to succeed in his quest the next day.

Naruto was determined not to fail today, and he had hit upon the perfect plan. He quickly found his target leaving the training field. It appeared to him that Kurenai was feeling a little under the weather so called off their training. He wondered if it was due to her relationship with Asuma, but didn’t linger on the thought since his target was walking away by herself.

Watching Hinata, he noticed that her head was down and she was rather down in the dumps as well. He guessed that it may be related to him, since he could easily imagine that she was kicking herself for what she thought was a blown opportunity to talk to him.

Getting ahead of her, he ducked into an alley and put his plan in motion. When Hinata passed the alley he called out in Kiba’s voice, “Hey Hinata.” The Hyuuga turned towards the sound, but unlike when he called out to her the day before it was more relaxed as was here response, “Hello Kiba, where’s Akamaru.”

“Oh…he’s at the vet’s, needs his shots and all that,” Naruto said henged as Kiba.

“Don’t you usually stay with him?” Hinata asked tilting her head a little.

“Um…he needs to stay overnight…” Naruto said his excuse sounding rather lame to his ears. Before she could inquiry more he changed the subject saying, “By the way, why do you seem so down? It’s not because of Kurenai-sensei calling training off is it?”

“No…” Hinata said, “I-I ran into Naruto yesterday.”

“Really that’s cool, I bet he’s gotten way stronger,” Naruto said not above tooting his own horn.

Hinata seemed to get even more depressed before saying, “I wouldn’t know…I didn’t even really get to say hello before I fainted on him. He probably thinks I’m weird.”

Naruto wanted to refute what she said, but considering that was exactly what he thought till Ino told him the reason behind her fainting and blushing didn’t think he could deny it convincingly so kept quiet. “Well there’s always tomorrow right,” Naruto said.

“I suppose,” Hinata said while wondering why Kiba was being so supportive today, “but I’ll probably make a fool of myself next time as well.”

“Hey now, if you spend so much time worrying about it like that it might become a self-fulfilling prophesy,” Naruto said.

Grabbing her hand he began pulling her down the street prompting the girl to ask, “Where are you taking me?”

“We’re going to have fun and make you forget all about your troubles,” Naruto said pulling her towards the market district.

That’s exactly what they did as well doing various activities that Hinata could easily see herself doing with Naruto. At times she felt rather bad that she would impose the blond onto the Inuzuka every now and then. Like when they left the latest Princess Gale movie, Kiba had linked his arm with hers. She had allowed it and even rested her head on his shoulder and pretended it was Naruto. It was rather easy to do since Kiba wasn’t acting like himself, but instead almost like a watered down version of Naruto.

They were walking the village and it was getting dark when she said, “Thank you for today Kiba.”

“You’re welcome, Hinata,” Naruto said having enjoyed his day with the Hyuuga, “So why do you get all flustered around Naruto?”

“I-I guess it’s because he means so much to me,” Hinata said beginning to get embarrassed. But believing it would do her some good to get it out in the open and since Kiba had proved to be so supportive she said, “I nearly…I nearly went the wrong way. I believed I was worthless, but Naruto…he had it so much worse but kept smiling. His… his smile it saved me, helped move me in the right direction and because of that I… I think I lov...”

“Thank you,” Naruto said, stopping her not wanting to hear her love confession while henged as Kiba.

As Kiba stepped in front of her, she noticed they were in Naruto’s neighborhood, “What are we doing here Kiba? And why are you thanking me?”

“What you said, means a lot to me Hinata. I’m glad you think so highly of me. I admit I found you kind of timid and weird, but I meant what I said about liking people like you,” Naruto said, seeing Hinata’s look of recognition at what he told her by the three posts before his match with Neji, he dropped the henge. Hinata almost immediately turned red and began to stutter out an apology as she began to lose consciousness.

Naruto pulled her close and said, “I’m glad I mean so much to you, but you don’t need to fret about being close to me. We spent all day together Hinata.”

Hearing that Hinata did begin to calm, realizing he was right. She began to sink into his chest and so Naruto asked, “Would you like to come up to my apartment?”

She managed to nod not quite up to speaking just yet, so with a smile he linked his arm with hers and led her towards it. Stepping into the small apartment Naruto asked, “Would you like me to take your jacket?”

Hinata frowned since she used it to hide her rather large chest since she felt embarrassed by it. When she shook her head no Naruto said sounding disappointed, “Yeah, I guess you probably don’t want to stay long.”

“No that’s not it Naruto,” she said quickly, but when Naruto looked at her to explain why she couldn’t, and felt mortified. In the end, she unzipped the jacket handing it to him. As her skin tight mesh shirt appeared Naruto had to swallow the sudden lump in his throat.

Taking the jacket from her, he hung it up asking, “Would you like something to drink?”

“Some tea please,” Hinata said.

“Coming right up,” Naruto said pulling the kettle out.

When it was ready he handed her a cup sitting next to her on his modest couch. Hinata stared into the tea for a while and Naruto gave her the time to think. Finally she asked, “Why… why did you pretend to be Kiba?”

“Because I like you and wanted to get closer to you,” Naruto responded, “and since you seem more at ease with your teammates figured that would help you be yourself around me. I could have picked Shino, but to be honest, he kind of creeps me out.”

Hinata giggled saying, “If he heard you say that he’d sulk Naruto.”

“Well then let’s just keep it between us okay Hinata,” Naruto said leaning closer to her.

Hinata’s eyes went wide at how close he had gotten but stuttered out an, “O-o-okay Naruto.”

“Do you mind if I ask you a question now?” Hinata shook her head no so he asked, “Why would you hide behind such unflattering clothes?”

Hinata went beet red as she tried to stutter a response but stopped saying, “It seems such a shame for a beautiful women like you to hide like that.”

“I’m…I’m not beautiful,” Hinata said

“Of course you…”

“Stop it,” she snapped surprising the blonde, “stop saying things you don’t mean.”

“I mean it Hinata. Why would I lie?”

“Because you want to make me feel good about myself. It’s just the way you are.” Hinata said standing abruptly, “I have to go.”

Naruto stopped her before she got to the door, and wrapped her in a hug from behind. She tried to push free, but he held on and he marched her to the mirror in the bathroom. She refused to look at it so he said, “Hinata look at your reflection.” She refused so he said, “Please Hinata.”

She opened her eyes to stare at her reflection. After a moment her eyes sought out Naruto’s in the mirror. “Know what I see,” Naruto asked as he moved his hand towards her stomach and began to channel chakra into her as he rubbed small circles above her shirt, “I see a beautiful woman that needs to wake up and realize there are a lot of women that would kill to see what you see every day in the mirror.”

Hinata began to feel a tightness in her stomach, that had nothing to do with nerves, as she responded to Naruto’s touch and words. “That’s not true,” Hinata responded.

“Have I ever lied to you?”

“But you like Sakura, my…my body looks nothing like hers,” Hinata said having always hated how her breast kept growing figuring Naruto liked the more athletic form of Sakura.

“You’re right of course, but to me girls are like ramen,” Naruto said sounding silly even to himself, but going with added, “Each flavor has its own distinct reasons for me to enjoy it. Just as I find you attractive for different reasons then I would Sakura.”

Hinata giggled guessing only Naruto would use Ramen to make a girl feel better about her body. But then she sucked in a deep breath as the hand rubbing her stomach moved under her shirt to rub her skin directly. Almost as soon as Naruto’s hand touched her skin the warmth she had been feeling intensified.

Naruto smiled into the mirror as Hinata began to respond to the jutsu as he channeled more of his chakra into her. Her eyes began to grow hooded, guessing that she wouldn’t freak out too much he said, “But I get the feeling you still doubt me somewhat, but let me prove it.”

With his free hand he grabbed her right hand and moved it to his crotch. Placing her hand against his erection, he saw her eyes go wide in surprise and for a moment she looked confused and scared, but then her hand began to rub over his pants. Leaning towards her ear he said, “You did that to me Hinata.”

“I-I did?”

“That’s right,” he said lifting her shirt ever so slowly. He wanted to give her ample opportunity to stop him even though he knew from the way her hand was rubbing his dick over his jeans that she was lost to the lust his jutsu rose within her. When her breasts were uncovered, he was surprised she wasn’t wearing a bra, yet didn’t let that slow him down as he bunched her shirt and let it go, her breasts preventing it from falling back down. Hinata simply stared at her reflection, but moaned as Naruto used both hands to grab her exposed treasures. “How could my body not respond like that being around such a hot and sexy woman such as you, Hinata?”

As he massaged her breasts, she moaned and she began to move the hand rubbing him faster. Naruto was so caught up in exploring the wonders that were Hinata’s tits that he failed to notice she stopped rubbing him. However, the sound of his fly being pulled down did catch his attention as did the Hyuuga’s hand fishing out his cock as she began to stroke it.

“Mmmm, that’s very good Hinata, your hand is making me feel great,” he said moving one of his own hands down to the hem of her pants. Sliding his hand down the waist band of them he was surprised to find that she was as clean shaven as Ino. But he wasn’t surprised to find that the insides of her panties were flooded as a result of her arousal.

He pulled that hand out guessing she was wet enough for him to easily penetrate her so loosened her pants and allowed them to fall to the bathroom floor. Pushing her forward slightly so that her hands gripped the counter of the sink, he stopped her from stroking him and lining his cock up with her entrance barely controlled himself from plunging into her depths. But wanting to give her the same chance he had Ino to pull back said, “Hinata…do you want this…want me.”

“Yes..yes so very much,” Hinata said breathlessly as she began to try and lean into the cock poking her.

“Wait, wait Hinata, if we do this you’ll be bound to me and…”

Hearing that Hinata didn’t care what other stipulations there were and managed to surprise Naruto with her sudden determined push back towards him, using the sink to give her the leverage she needed. Naruto sunk into the Hyuuga fully. He caught a wince from Hinata and was surprised that almost as soon as he bottomed out she pulled away to slam back into him.

“Hinata…damn I was trying to tell you…there were going to be others…”

Hinata didn’t care about that though; all she cared about was that Naruto was inside of her. Surprising herself, almost as much as him, she reached back grabbing the back of his neck and pulled him forward. She kissed him hard and when it ended said, “I don’t care… all I ever wanted was to be close to you… to be by your side and if I have to share you to do that then so be it… Now shut up and fuck me!”

Hearing the usually soft spoken Hyuuga demanding to be fucked Naruto smiled saying, “As you wish,” and grabbing her hips began pounding into her as hard and as fast as he could.

“Ohhhhh, so fucking good Naruto…it’s better than I ever dreamed….keep fucking me….never stop.” Naruto had no intention of stopping, but decided he wanted a better view so picked up the moaning Hyuuga and lifted her into the air allowing her to rest her feet on the counter of the sink as he began drilling into her again.

Hinata watched mesmerized as Naruto’s dick moved in and out of her in the mirror. Her back pressed against his chest, she reached one of her hands around to pull Naruto’s face to hers in order to kiss him again. Her free hand began to tweak her own aching nipple, and was soon joined by Naruto’s.

Hinata could feel something building within her, having never masturbated due to her embarrassment with the issue, although she often indulged in fantasies of that nature , she wasn’t sure what to expect. Pulling away from the kiss she said, “Naruto…I… I’m going to cum…please, please cum with me.”

“Alright Hinata…I’m almost there, hold on for me,” Naruto grunted feeling his own orgasm approaching.

“Together Naruto….I’m I’m…”

“Cumming,” Naruto said releasing his load deep inside Hinata.

Feeling his spunk painting her deepest part sent Hinata over the edge as she screamed, “Naruto’s cumming inside me…it’s so warm…” She then sagged into him.

Naruto felt a little weak himself as he lowered Hinata back to the ground. She immediately used the sink to support herself, but seemed to bounce back rather quickly which surprised Naruto. Yet, not nearly as much as her grabbing him by the dick and stroking it back to full hardness. She then let go and looking at her hand which was covered in their combined release then looked directly into his eyes as she licked it clean. If Naruto hadn’t been ready to go again the sight of the Hyuuga liking her fingers clean would easily have provided him with all the inspiration he needed.

Hinata leaned back against the sink, picking herself up and sat on it with one foot on the edge as she spread her legs. With a crooked, finger beckoned him forward for more. As Naruto moved to follow the silent command, he remembered something that Jiraiya had said and although at the time didn’t understand what he meant believed he did now which was, “It’s always the quiet ones that get revved up the most.”

The Kyuubi felt a slight pull of chakra and since it had felt it the first time the sensation started expected to feel them again soon. It wasn’t disappointed as the pleasure began to course through it, and the visions started. Once again the blond boy that served as its container figured prominently in the vision. However this time it could see a Hyuuga in front of the boy as he rutted away at her. Strangely the Kyuubi had the feeling that it was seeing what was happening like it was staring in some sort of reflective surface.

When Naruto came inside the Hyuuga the feeling grew even stronger, and the vision became sort of blurry like it was going to fade. But then the world spun and the Kyuubi was staring straight into Naruto’s eyes, it saw the demure hand of the woman reach for the phallus that had been responsible for giving so much pleasure. But then the mighty chakra beast realized that it was experiencing the joy of mating from the woman’s perspective, not its containers. It didn’t know how that was possible but truly didn’t care. Instead, it delighted in the pleasures of sex as the Hyuuga’s actions caused Naruto to once again bury himself into Hinata and start the act all over again.
Naruto was lying on his back as Hinata bounced on top of him. After leaving the bathroom, they had moved to the bed where Hinata after experiencing two more orgasms had pushed him on his back and was quickly riding him to a third. She leaned forward dangling her breasts in front of him and he sucked one of her nipples into his mouth.

She was chanting, “It’s so good, it’s so good,” over and over again as she began to increase her tempo. Naruto grabbed her hips and increased his as well trying to reach the finish at the same time. Although he didn’t, her inner muscles clenching around him as she came provided the extra stimuli he needed to reach nirvana as well. She collapsed into his chest panting heavily and covered in sweat. Moving a stray strand of hair from her face he asked, “Do you need to get home?”

Hinata shook her head saying, “I am home.”

Stroking her hair he said, “Yes you are,” but when she didn’t respond smiled as he saw that she had fallen asleep atop of him. Pulling the covers over them as best he could he let sleep claim him as well figuring that telling Hinata what it was she had become a part of could wait until morning.

Next Target: Tsunade
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