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Hi guys!
OMG I had a really cool dreamlast night.
Gives me an idea for a fic..

Right so it's a one-shot idea involving Frankie and Mikey as a pairing.
Frankie and Mikey are both at a party when Mikey starts coughing really badly,an ashtma attack.
Now I know Mikey's not asthmatic,but in my dream he was.
Anyway,Frankie saves him,and then like that old romantic thing happens like:

'I looked into his round,(blue/brown/any other colour) and I felt a warm tingle in my heart.
It was new to me,something I'd never felt before.
Could it be,love..??'

Yeah,that sorta thing.
Frankie and Mikey get that same feeling,and then they kiss,a small one.
They then kiss again,longer.
You then get the idea..

You like the idea?
Yeah I might write that up..

Right,time to write that one-shot,then write ANOTHER one-shot for Mia (fatherfuckingmeese),then write chapter 5 (is it number 5?) of Cirque Romantique,then I will start reading the dove keeper..

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