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Username: BabiesBakedInCakes. the name came from me trying to see if I could get frozen on neopets. I got frozen on neopets.

Real name: Victoria. Bow/Courtesy for my royal name, Peasant.

Gender: I got boobies and a vagina but sometimes think about having a penis but I have been told this is normal.

Age: 14.

City: Not anywhere important.

Religion: I have no idea.

Relationship Status: Well, let’s see....Still single.

Picture of Yourself:

Favorite Musicians/Bands: No particular Order.
My Chemical Romance
Panic! At The Disco
Neon Trees
Foster The People-I listen to that one song religiously.
Sum 41.
Linkln Park.
Transmit Now
Fall Out Boy
Farewell Fighters

Favorite Movies: I don’t watch movies.
Favorite TV Shows: The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Doctor Who.

Favorite Books: I can’t choose. Right now I am reading My Father’s Son, though. It’s about a guy who beats these women up like, a lot, so his kid is like NOOOO he’s innocent but we all know he’s not and it’s kinda sad really.

Heroes: Frank Iero, Johnny Depp, Eminem, Patrick and Pete Wentz. (Ha.)

Bandoms you write for(and anything else. I added the anything else.): MCR, FOB, PANIC, Supernatural. Doctor Who. Friends. OC’s

Pairings you ship: Frikey, Frerard, FrankxBandit....Don’t judge. I have weird kinks just SHUSH.

In your opinion, what is the best story on Ficwad you feel you've ever written?: I’m just getting started.

Your Favorite Authors on here: Poppana. Link:

Ficwad authors you think have cool personalities (optional): Poppana

Recording of yourself reading part of a fic (optinal): Yeah no. >_<

Sample of your writing: A dark horse galloped through the woods avoiding trees and low branched. It was running to save it’s love, the queen of all the horses, Delilah the dark goven.

I don’t know I just wrote outta my ass. Felt ok. Ass kinda hurts. What the fuck is a goven?
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