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Care to Give A Bit of Help With My Artwork?

by BoomBoomJude 3 reviews

I need some critiquing!

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Okay well anyways I have an art portfolio that I have to submit to this publishing company so I can have it registered in a Young Artists thing or whatever i dont really care for titles but

nobody has been able to help me with little helpful hints or anything on how i might make my work better and i really do believe something could be improved

youre all creative people please help sobs

okay this one is a no.2 pencil drawn skull and i'll have it transferred onto a blank sheet of white paper soon here

i'll be submitting the painting only, not the sketch. if any of you know this is the album artwork from pencey preps album heartbreak in stereo

and then i have quite a large amount of abstract art but it's already been filed into plastic sleeves so cant really fix that (((lol)))

okay please and thamk
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