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Personalized One-shots! :D

by atomickilljoy 21 Reviews

Exactly what the title says :)

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  • Personalized One-shots! :D

    (#) AshIsNotOnFire 2012-12-14 04:01:38 AM

    Okay, can you do one Jalex for me? I ADORE JALEX. OTP. HELLO.

    Jalex one: Alex is pretty damn depressed. He can't stop cutting, he doesn't want to stop. But then Jack finds out, by reading Alex's diary.


    Band: Black Veil Brides.

    Pairing: Andy/OC

    Name: Jacqueline Annabelle James

    Nickname: Jack. Call her anything else and be gutted.

    Age: 24


    Hair- Black, with sea green bangs and neon blue streaks throughout. Goes to her waist, usually tied into a ponytail.

    Eyes- Dark, emerald green, with a sapphire blue ring around the pupil. Thick, black lashes. Sometimes, she puts violet contacts in.

    Skin- Pale. Has a few freckles across her nose.

    Piercings- Has her nose done (left nostril), lip (right side, bottom lip) and her tongue.

    Tattoos- Has "a beautiful reflection in firework eyes" tattooed round her bicep, has "they say that love is forever" above it, has a yin-yang symbol on top of her right hand. Has a bird on her inner thigh, a peace sign on her left wrist, a Cheshire Cat eyes and grin on her neck, a rose vine down her spine, and the words "si longtemps et bonne nuit" on her collarbone.

    Plot: Jack is Ashley's bass tech. Andy has had a massive crush on her for a while. He makes it quite obvious. She, on the other hand, has a rather large crush on Mr. Purdy. Andy has tried to convince her that Ashley is a manwhore and will use her. She doesn't believe him, and begins dating Ash. One night, she catches Ash kissing another girl, groping her and shit like that. Heartbroken, she runs to Andy, who comforts her, and confesses his feelings. THEN THEY KISS LIKE WOW.

    Anything Else:

    Author's response

    You're exactly why I put ATL and put up personalized stories! XD
    I'll try!
    I hope I do you justice?
  • Personalized One-shots! :D

    (#) AshIsNotOnFire 2012-12-14 04:11:08 AM

    I adore you so much, I can't even.
    Brendon, shut up!
  • Personalized One-shots! :D

    (#) Obsessive-Fangirl 2012-12-14 04:19:17 AM

    Band: Panic!

    Pairing: Ryan/OC, some Brendon/OC

    Name: Elizabeth Grace Diamond

    Nickname: Liz (most if not all people refer to her as this)

    Age: 16


    Hair-Jet black with three large bright white streaks. Waist length, usually left out or tied in a ponytail. Naturally wavy, but she straightens it like there's no tomorrow.

    Eyes-Bright hazel with gold flecks. They appear dark brown when extremely happy, emerald green when extremely sad, and bright gold when angry.

    Skin-Light natural tan, due to Latin heritage.

    Plot: Liz has been dating Brendon for a while. Ryan has a massive crush on her and will do anything to make her his. He spreads a rumour that Brendon is cheating on Liz with someone else, but she doesn't believe it. It turns out Ryan was actually right; Brendon was cheating on Liz. Liz finds out, she becomes extremely depressed and attempts suicide. Her mother finds her, and she wakes up a week later in hospital with Ryan by her side. Ryan confesses his love for her and it's a happy-ish ending.

    Anything Else: Not really, but I have two (sort of) unrelated questions:
    1. Would me and Axel dating count as incest, since we're both your adopted children?
    2. If not, would you do a oneshot with us as the pairing? :D

    xxxxx Liz
  • Personalized One-shots! :D

    (#) Sam41 2012-12-14 04:56:26 AM

    AJ PROMISE ME YOULL WRITE ME ONE (well 2) PLEASE CAUSE ITS 5:55 (HOLY CRAP REAL COOL TIME) and I need to get to sleep for yeah I'll describe the stuff later

    Author's response

  • Personalized One-shots! :D

    (#) fatherfuckingmeese 2012-12-14 05:06:37 AM

    AJ!! MAMA!! I can't currently put my info up now but I will later! So please . . . uhm write me one?
  • Personalized One-shots! :D

    (#) Mcrroxursox45 2012-12-14 05:35:49 AM

    I'm using this for my end of our fic exchange :) I'll email you shortly for yours, doll baby.

  • Personalized One-shots! :D

    (#) Mcrroxursox45 2012-12-14 05:43:09 AM

    Holy shit, I typed all of that for nothing?!
    Band: MCR

    Name: Tiara

    Age: 16


    Plot: Tiara makes a bet with her friedns: Get both Way brothers to confess their love for her without the other knowing their dating. She succeeds. However, shortly after, they find out. They don't get angry with her and fight with each other. Tiara comes the the realization that she does love both of them, but ultimately picks Gee.

    Anything else:
    -Danger Days Gee
    -when Gee says ILY they are swimming at a pool that's closed for the day at midnight.
    -When Mikey does, they are snuggling in his bed
    -Random info, I enjoy baking, the color pink, glitter, the Vampire Diaries, and shopping. Oh, and if you could make up a sweet epilogue, that'd be great.
  • Personalized One-shots! :D

    (#) xxMikeyxx 2012-12-14 06:34:36 AM

    Band: MCR

    Name: Amy! (Yeah I'm not using Callie, she's me in the future)

    Age: 15

    Looks: Long brown hair that goes to chest, with a blue streak that is braided, pale, green eyes

    Plot: Amy has to do a school project to make a mini movie, she asks Mikey and her best friend Lizzy (She's made up) to help her oh yeah and the rest of MCR to help. And Frank decides that Mikey and Lizzy should make out. Amy is not happy. So when filming the scene she can't bare to watch and leaves. That night Mikey comes over and takes her to the park and they admit their feelings and they live happily ever after awwwwwww. Hope that was enough to work with =)

    Anything else: I'm british and awesome =)
  • Personalized One-shots! :D

    (#) KristyKillings 2012-12-14 06:38:27 AM

    Hey I love your stories btw :)
    Do you mind doing me one that's band member/band member??

    Band: BVB

    Pairing: Andy/Ashley

    Age: Young Andy and Ash?? Like, last year of highschool?

    Plot: Andy and Ashley are fucking supernovas. They're bright, shiny, amazing. They're also burning out. Romeo and Juliet - these two are so wrapped up in each other they're dying. Andy and Ashley could go so far, do so much, change the world, but they're going to go out in a ball of fire if they keep up their destructive ways.

    Other: Andy and Ash do drugs together, are emo (think set the world on fire looks-wise), do crazy batshit stuff like play with fire, knives, guns etc whatever crazy stuff you wanna make them do to each other :)

    Author's response

    I don't mind!
    I just can't guarantee I'll do them justice.
    I can guarantee that I'll try!

    Literal dying or dying in trying.
  • Personalized One-shots! :D

    (#) Cookie_monster 2012-12-14 06:40:16 AM

    Band: My Chemical Romance please :D

    Pairing: Gozzie :3

    Name: Hollie (Hozzie) Nicole Iero

    Nickname: Hozzie - kinda already put that ;)

    Age: 21


    Hair- waist-length, black, straight but curly at the bottom

    Eyes- bright blue

    Skin- pale white

    Plot: Hozzie is Frank's younger sister and he's really protective over her. Gerard has a crush on her and she admits she feels the same way. When Frank finds out he freaks out but eventually realises Gerard isn't so bad and actually really likes her :3

    Anything Else: scared of the dark :)

    Hope this was okay! :) loved all the stuff you wrote for me in the past :D

    Love Hozzie

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