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Gotta Move And Go Fast Gotta Go Fast So Fast Please Make Me Fast Gotta Go Fast

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She loved it fast. Well, not sex. Well, maybe. Possibly. But that's not what this is about. This is about drugs, bandit Way, and a tad bit of Miles Iero.

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See, she liked it fast. Not fast like fast, fast but fast. Sometimes she even liked it slow but right now she needed fast. She needed that thing that made everything so fast she couldn’t think straight and would be sucked into the vortex of amazingness.

Bandit jittered as she ran down the stairs. She tripped over her own feet because she went too fast and went tumbling down. People rushed to her but she rolled away and got back up. There was no time for comforting. No time for checking for energy.

“I’m good,” She said and rushed off. She grabbed her backpack and jacket and ran quickly out the house. Gerard called after her but she was gone.

She ran quickly to the corner. Her blood pounded harder and she was scraping her skin off with her too stubby finger nails. When she felt the sharp pain in her middle finger she didn’t care, and stepped out from the street light and hid by the fence. She heard footsteps approach and someone’s presence by her.

She never acknowledged him, and he never acknowledged her. Not one look at him. Her head was to the right, and his was down. He ran his hand up her side and fondled her personal parts for a moment, then slid his hand into her pocket. He pulled the hundred dollar bill that she swiped from her fathers wallet, and slid in a plastic bottle. She swallowed, and walked away through the light but never looked back.

“Bandit, where were you?” Gerard asked as she whizzed past him running upstairs. “Listen to me, Bandit Lee!”

“I can’t,” She croaked, tears brimming her eyes because the itch on her skin was getting worse. The light hurt her eyes and she had this pounding sound in her ears. Each breathe caused a worse migraine and she turned, running all the way out.

When she walked into her room, Miles Iero was sitting there, chewing on his fingernails looking away. She was jealous his fingers weren’t in pain.

“Get out,” She snarled at him. Not by jealousy, but because he was in her room without asking. HE nodded and stood, but when they crossed paths he yanked the bottle out and sprinted down the hall. She followed shouting back at him to give her stuff up, but when she got to the banister to look for him she saw her father, and her mother, and not to mention all the Iero’s standing there staring at her. Miles handed the bottle to Frank, who handed it to Gerard, who put it down on the table.

“Come sit,” He said quietly, knowing from experience how much pain she was in. She stared at all of them and threw a vase down at them. It crashed on Franks head as she yelled at them for taking her stuff. She was leaning too far over the banister, and a little to hung over.

She fell quickly. No one had time to react. All they saw was the blur of her black shirt as she did.

Her head slammed against the hardwood floor and Miles winced from it. Gerard and Lyn-z rushed to her, as the Iero’s stood back. She was sobbing and mumbling about something about not being able to move.

Thankfully, the drugs did that. They made her body go into shock and her neck wasn’t broken. gerard emitted her into rehab and saw her every other day even though it ended up a screaming match and he was asked to leave.

Bandit never trusted Miles again. Not even any of her family. Frank had to get stitches on his forehead from the vase. Not much came of Bandit’s life except tabloids and people who dug at her to get to her mother, or father of course.
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