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My life story..

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This is a serious update. I shall tell you every last detail of my life. (Well,what I mostly remember anyway..)

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The following text you are about to read is true.
This is my life story.
Sad at times,but life has misery in it sometimes,doesn't it?

I,Sadie Jeanne Hobbs,was born in Portsmouth,UK.I was born in St.Mary's hospital.I can't remember the time I was born.
I was born with a very bad heart disease,called Bronculitus.
I had a two centimeter hole in my heart for 8 years.
I was very poorly.

For part of my life,I had asthma.
I hated my asthma pump,it was huge.

I can't remember the age I started walking and talking,but I was potty trained at about 5 years old (I think,honestly I can't remember).

Every weekend,I would stay at my dad's house.
I had so much fun there,playing with his dog,Molly.
I took a dislike to his girlfriend,Lucy.
I still hate her.

I started junior school at 8 years old.
Year 3 was a good year.
I had the hole in my heart stiched up,had 6 weeks off from school.
That's when I developed my fear of needles.
I entered the school talent show in year 3,I sang a High School Musical song.
I got to second place.

Year 4 was alright.
I had a few friends.
I remember when it snowed when I was in year 4.
I enjoyed playing in the snow,being happy.

I hated year 5.
I had my first boyfriend in year 5,ruined the relationship though.
I got two more boyfriends after that,I became desperate.

Year 6 was the second worst year of my life.
I got bullied most days.
Pushed against walls,pushed over,name calling,you name it.
I dated the same guy in year 6 as I did in year 5.
I thought it'd get better in Secondary School,I was wrong.

I started my secondary school,Priory,at 11 years old.
I was born in December,so I wasn't the normal age for a year 7.
I remember when the real bullying started.

It was in art.
We were doing sculptures with cardboard.
I looked at my artwork,and at everyone else's.
They were all so good,compared to mine.
I had blunt scissors in my hands,and I heard a small voice.
Telling me to slice,to take the pain away.
That once it was done,I wouldn't feel any pain anymore.
So,I cut for the first time.
Well,it wasn't cutting,I just made most of my hand go red.
A few weeks later,word spread that I was emo.

The summer holidays went fine.
That's when I discovered MCR.
The summer of 2012,August 25th.
My first song was Teenagers,heard it off Saints Row 2.
I then became a big fan.

I tried to commit suicide again,during the summer.
But,I couldn't do it.
My nieces,both 7 and 6 at the time,were in the bathroom when I tried to drown myself.
I just,couldn't kill myself,the last thing I'd want them to see is my lifeless body,with my face forced into the sink filled with cold water.
So,I cut again.
That's when my family found out about what I'd done.

I started year 8.
I never talked to anyone,I still don't now.

New year's eve,I tried to kill myself again.
I don't know why,I just did.
No,I remember.
I thought that my mum and stepdad were taking away my laptop,taking away a part of me.
I tried to drown myself again,but I couldn't.
So,I ran back into my room in tears.
I then remembered MCR,and how they had saved my life two times before.
So,I grabbed my headphones and plugged them into my phone and played Famous Last Words as loud as I could.

As the song played,I looked at my Black Parade poster,at all the faces.
As the chorus came on,I could feel the words.
I could see Gerard singing those words.
I could hear him singing them,to me.
My tears dryed up as the chords faded,and they saved my life again.

I know that everyone says 'MCR saved my life' but,I actually mean it.
I'm not making this up.
If it wasn't for the four greatest guys in the world,I wouldn't be here.
They are the reason that I'm living.

Gerard once said that when you die,your life flashes behind your eyes,and make sure it is worth watching.

And,I plan to do just that.

I am who I am,and I'll never let anybody take that away from me.

--Stay Beautiful,Keep It Ugly--
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