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Awesome Imagines I Just Came Up With!

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Best MCR imagines I just came up with!

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Hey Guys,how's you?!

I just read Amy's blog,HMV IS CLOSING!

(begins major freak out sesh..)

. . .

I came up with some 'Imagine if..'s today.
I'll read them out to you!

1)Imagine if (insert MCR member here) cuddled you during the night,keeping you warm during the cold weather.

I want that.
Please,someone buy me a band member.
I want Revenge Gerard Way please.

Gee:You've already got me though..

Gerard,you're in my head.

2)Imagine if (insert MCR member here) picked you up from school.

I also want that.
It'd go like this.

Me:(walks out of school with headphones in blasting MCR)
Gerard:(slouches against the wall swinging car keys on his finger like a sexy motherfucker)
Me:(Headphones fall out my ear and I die from complete happiness)

Yeah,can that happen please?
I'll be good,I promise!

3)Imagine if (Insert MCR member here) went to your school,looking just like they do now,just your age.

I'd die if that happened.
Each day,I'd be like:

Gerard:(sits at lunch table)
Me:(stares at him while spilling food down myself)

4)Imagine if you were dating (insert mcr member here)

I'd be fangirling every day.
No lie.
I would.

Person:Who are you dating then,Sadie?
Me:Gerard Way.
Person:You're lying.
Gerard:No,she's not.
Person:Okay then (leaves)

I need that to happen.

Yeah,that's all I can come up with.

Right,I'll update later.


I'm still waiting on that one-shot.

She's probably in America so it's most likely 5am or something there.

My bad.
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