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Target: The Inuzuka’s

by TheLemonSage

During his training trip, Naruto is given a scroll which holds the secrets in how to seduce and ensnare women. A scroll he uses at first on the women and kunoichi around him but soon on the Shinobi...

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Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine. Also this story is a lemon fic and therefore is intended for people of a legal age from wherever they come from. So if these type of stories offend then stop reading now. Thanks

Chapter 12: Target: The Inuzuka’s

Sakura backed out of the room promising to be right back leaving the irate patient to curse her and all shinobi for being overly destructive people. The man had hurt his back fixing up Training Ground S for what he claimed to be the six time that month. As the door shut, she sighed, having a good idea of who one of the so called hooligans were from the way he described how it appeared as if trees had simply exploded into kindling. Since it simply highlighted that she was being left out of something pretty grand, at least judging from the smiles that she had seen Tsunade sporting as of late. As she headed to the supply closet for some ointment for her patient she wondered just what was making Tsunade so happy. But in truth figured she already knew who was behind it, especially since Training Ground S was the one that she had seen Naruto at with her master as well as Hinata and Ino.

Thinking of the two younger kunoichi filled Sakura with quite a bit of jealousy. She had heard the rumors of the two girls having had dates with Naruto. Although they had also said that they simply appeared to be friendly dates despite the romantic settings. Sakura couldn’t get the image of a freshly showered Ino leaving Naruto’s apartment out of her mind. What also added to her doubts about the dates innocence was that she hadn’t heard anything about it from Ino herself.

She had confronted Ino about the matter. But, despite having met with Ino with the intention of getting to the truth of the situation, she had quickly found herself on the defensive due to one question Ino had asked. “Are you jealous?”

She could still feel the way her cheeks had heated up at the question but regardless had quickly denied that being her motive. Instead she had given some half hearted excuse that she couldn’t even really remember. Ino had just given her a knowing sad half smile before replying, “Then why does it matter?”

Unable to answer that without admitting that she was jealous Sakura had let the matter drop. But still a part of Sakura held out the hope that maybe Naruto would get around to asking her for a date. So she’d show up to his training with Kakashi and Yamato as he practiced adding his wind chakra to the Rasengan, however since even during his breaks he’d go sit under a tree after simply saying hi to her. She had begun to lose hope. Those hopes had been dashed when he had taken off running from her a little over two weeks previously.

She had gone straight to Ino in tears bursting into the blonde’s family shop saying, “He hates me doesn’t he?”

“Who?” Her friend had asked coming around the counter.


“He doesn’t hate you Sakura,” Ino said soothingly trying to calm her down. “He’s just…”

“Yes he does,” Sakura had said cutting Ino off. “He just took off running from me.”

Ino had looked surprised. But she closed her eyes for a moment and a look of concern appeared on her face. As if realizing that the teary eyed Sakura was staring at her strangely, she opened them saying as soothingly as possible, “Maybe something important came up or he probably remembered he left the stove on. You know how scatterbrained he can be at times.”

Sakura tried to smile but replied sadly, “I wish that were true. But he’s been avoiding me ever since…”

Ino suddenly pulled Sakura into a hug saying, “Sakura…Naruto doesn’t hate you, trust me. He…he just doesn’t know how to handle you. As far as he knows you’re still that thirteen year old girl that begged him to bring Sasuke back and truthfully I don’t think you know how to handle him.”

With her head on Ino’s shoulder as the blonde rubbed her hand up and down Sakura’s spine trying to be as calming as possible, Sakura asked, “What do you mean?” As she relaxed into Ino’s embrace she picked up a scent that was both familiar and reassuring.

Sighing Ino said, “Before he came back you’d talk constantly about how you couldn’t wait for him to return. But as soon as he did everything became all about Sasuke.”

“That’s because…”

“I know. It’s because you wanted to bring Team Seven back together. But Naruto sees it as a way to keep his promise to you and bring back the boy you claimed to love.”

“But Naruto sees Sasuke as a brother also,” Sakura said pulling her head away.

“True… but how do you see Sasuke?”


Ino smiled sadly as she trailed off and pulled back several steps before saying, “I don’t think I need to tell you how Naruto believes you see Sasuke.”

“But why avoid me? Was I acting so different from back then?”

Before Sakura’s eyes, Ino seemed to change from soothing to sultry and as she closed the distance between them walked with an overly exaggerated sway in her hips. Getting her face almost uncomfortably close, Ino ran a finger under Sakura’s jawline and forced the pink-haired girl to stare into her eyes when she tried to look away. In a husky voice she said, “If Naruto sees you as Sasuke’s then perhaps the distance he has created between you is to prevent him from giving into temptation.

“Temptation…” Sakura whispered as if under a spell as her heartbeat seemed to rise in volume drowning out the ambient noise.

Ino didn’t respond instead backing up just as sultrily as before but with the distance between them opening up the spell broke and Sakura began to blush quickly saying, “I… I should go.”

Sakura rushed past her friend trying to make head or tails of what had just happened but stopped when Ino said, “Sakura, I’ll talk to Naruto, but I doubt it’ll do much good. As I’m sure you know he can be pretty hardheaded when he’s made up his mind. Therefore, you need to be the one that has to decide with who you want to stand.”

Sakura left the store more confused than when she had entered. But as the door to the shop closed behind her, Sakura stopped finally placing the scent she had picked up on Ino’s clothes. It had been Naruto’s.

Sakura let the memory fade grabbing up a tube of the ointment she sought. She had stopped going to watch Naruto train after that hoping that maybe her disappearing from his life would make the blonde come to her. Instead, all she got for it was two weeks of loneliness as well as finding that another female had entered his life. Thinking of the green-haired jinchuriki really dropped her mood, not that it had been very positive as of late. It was impossible to dislike the girl in part to her friendly and open nature. Also due to the fact that people being nice to her was still so new that the novelty hadn’t worn off. But the way the girl always hung off of Naruto did raise her hackles at times, especially since it prevented her from talking to him due to embarrassment.

Dropping the ointment off with her patient she told him how to apply it before leaving. Making her way to the Nurse’s Station, she heard the sound of laughter. Rounding the corner she saw the blonde that had been occupying her thoughts as of late sitting on the desk with his arms crossed while the two nurses on duty laughed at something he had said.

Sakura frowned recognizing the nurses as Kaori and Otoha. She remembered Kaori as the nurse that had shown her around the hospital when she and Ino had wanted to visit Sasuke and Lee after the Chunin Exams. Otoha she didn’t know all that well, although from the few conversations they had, Sakura knew she was quite fond of the hot-springs that Konoha had to offer. Sakura again had to force down her jealousy as Naruto whispered something but from the way both nurses blushed believed he had begun flirting with them.

Getting control of her emotions she decided to use it as the opportunity that it was and began to head towards them to talk when a green-haired jinchuriki slammed into him full tilt knocking him back and over the desk.


Naruto didn’t know what hit him until Fu who was dressed in a hospital gown began saying, “Please hide me from her,” as she tried to hide by burying herself into his chest.

“Who,” Naruto asked confused trying to pull the girl off to defend her from whoever was after the girl.

“There you are,” cut in a third voice. Managing to get to his knees, Naruto peeked over the desk as Fu moved to hide behind him to see Shizune standing with her hands resting on her hips. Spotting the girl behind Naruto the dark haired first apprentice of Tsunade said, “Come along Fu. The exam is almost over. I just need to inoculate…

“Stab,” Fu countered from behind Naruto.

“Honestly, it’s only a shot,” Shizune said.

“I don’t need it,” Fu said, “I’ve never had one before and I’ve never been sick.”

“That may very well be,” Shizune replied, “But you still need to be inoculated from diseases to prevent you from giving them to others as well.”

“It’s okay Fu,” Naruto supplied, “Shizune’s very gentle.”

“Then you take it,” Fu quickly said her tone telling him that she didn’t believe them.

“That’s an excellent idea,” Shizune said her eyes lighting up; “You never did have your physical examination after returning from your training trip.”

“Well a lot happened,” Naruto said lamely not liking where the conversation was heading.

“Well today’s as good as any,” Shizune said. Turning she said over her shoulder, “Now come along,” her tone telling the two jinchuriki she expected them to follow. Sighing in defeat, Naruto got up, nodding to the two nurses who were clearly amused by his predicament followed behind Shizune, dragging a still protesting Fu behind him.

Entering into the room, Shizune grabbed a clipboard and some papers from a file. After filling in all the relevant information she turned to Fu saying, “I’m going to need you to step out for a while.”


“Well I’m going to have to ask Naruto to strip down as well.”

“I don’t mind,” the orange-eyed jinchuriki said mischievously.

“That might be but…”

“It’s okay Shizune,” Naruto said taking his jacket off and tossing it over a chair. He then quickly began stripping out of the rest of his clothes. When he was in only his boxers he asked, “Do you need me to lose these too?”

“Yes,” Fu said surprising Shizune, who appeared tempted to agree but shook her head no. “Aww,” Fu pouted again surprising Shizune especially when Naruto shot her a grin.

Commenting on it, Shizune said, “My I remember the first time I gave you an exam. It was almost impossible to get you to let me examine you..”

“Well I’ve grown up some since then.”

Shizune nodded before running her tests on him. As she was finishing up she gave him the shot in his arm and then did the same to Fu. Scribbling down some notes and telling them she was finished she was again surprised as Fu threw her gown over her head and began pulling her clothes on. Although she figured that Fu probably wasn’t ashamed since she hadn’t grown up with very much understanding of modesty she was surprised Naruto didn’t react.

Standing Shizune said, “Thanks Naruto, but I’m going to need you to come back.”


Slightly embarrassed she looked at the female jinchuriki before saying, “Well there’s one more part of the exam. I’m going to have to exam it.”

“It,” he asked confused but got the hint as Shizune eyed his groin and nodded towards it. “Do you want to do it now?”

Naruto smiled as he began to grab ahold of his boxers to pull them down but Shizune quickly said, “Um that should probably wait till a time when there wouldn’t be an audience.”

“Aw,” Fu whined realizing Shizune was referring to her. But Naruto let the now blushing woman off the hook nodding that he understood. Shizune left the room to file the paperwork and to schedule an appointment to finish Naruto’s exam.

As she left Naruto chuckled but noticed that Fu seemed rather flushed. Getting a bad feeling he asked, “Are you okay?”

The girl responded by sitting up on the examination table and rubbing her pussy through her shorts said, “Again Please.”

“Fu, we’re in the hospital,” Naruto said just finishing pulling his pants up wondering why ever since sleeping with the female jinchuriki she’d experience moments of extreme arousal. He tried to pull her down from the table but Fu lunged forward locking her lips to his. Losing himself to the kiss he felt her begin to rub her hand along his manhood over his jeans. His dick responded as expected and Naruto was about to pull Fu’s shorts down to expose her soaking cunt when a knock sounded from the door. He cursed but acted quickly as he Hiraishined them to his apartment, where Naruto took his time in enjoying Fu’s most recent outbreak of horniness.


Sakura frowned when she didn’t receive a response since she had run into a blushing Shizune who had directed her towards the room. Opening the door, she thought she saw a flash of red but blew it off as her mind playing tricks on her. Looking around she wondered where the two jinchuriki were at and feared that Naruto had again ditched her somehow knowing she was the one that had knocked. She was about to leave when she saw his jacket sitting over the back of a chair. Picking it up, she smiled at his forgetfulness and tucked it under her arm to give it to him later.


Kyuubi smiled as she once more channeled her chakra into Fu. Since the two hosts were currently entertaining each other Kyuubi doubted that Nanabi would notice her presence this time. Sure, enough Kyuubi was able to approach the seal that contained the Seven-tails without being noticed. Remaining in the dark that surrounded the insect cage she noticed golden chakra being admitted from the small holes her tampering with the seal had opened. Kyuubi’s grin grew even larger as she realized what Nanabi was doing. It was using it’s chakra to stimulate the young woman’s sexual desires in order to force its host to seek out Naruto.

Confident that the Bijuu understood it needed to keep a low profile since it had yet to stimulate Fu in a crowded environment, Kyuubi allowed her consciousness to leave. As even though Nanabi’s desire to experience more was a step in the positive direction, Kyuubi would wait until the Bijuu met her requests before taking things to the next level.


Naruto was walking through the halls of the Hokage Mansion. After taking his time with Fu to the point that she had lost consciousness, he had decided to go for a walk through the village. As he was redressing he realized that his jacket was missing. Figuring he must have forgotten it at the hospital he had headed there first. But, after checking the examination room had found no sign of it. He tried to find the two nurses he had been flirting with earlier to ask if he had been wearing it then but sadly their shift seemed to have ended.

He had asked Ino next since he had visited her just after training with Team Seven earlier in the day. Since his clothes had ended up on the floor of the back of her shop during his earlier visit he had guessed maybe he had left it there, but the blonde kunoichi assured him he had left wearing his jacket as he suspected. Next he had visited Hinata, who he had seen next as he had ended up once again stripping when he had enjoyed her own naked beauty.

Finally, he had visited Tsunade but had been looking for Shizune. This time however he had ended up needing to strip in order to please the Hokage on her desk. Although Tsunade hadn’t been able to point him in the direction of Shizune, she had told him that her first apprentice hadn’t made any mention of his jacket.

Bidding his lover farewell, he had decided to go looking for Shizune regardless, just in case. He smiled when he saw that he wasn’t alone wandering the halls as he saw Tsume walking towards him. His smile grew bigger as she saw him and he noticed the slight baring of her fangs at him. As they walked towards each other both walking in the middle of the hall his amusement grew as it appeared that Tsume was crossing into his path. As they neared each other he became aware that Tsume was testing him to see if he backed down by moving to the side. Refusing to do so they collided partially into each other but only enough that their shoulders hit.

Instead of either apologizing they each kept walking their separate ways and he knew it was just about time to make his move when he heard her growl under her breath. Thinking of an upcoming event that the Inuzuka were sponsoring, he licked his lips as he thought up a great prank that he was sure would really push the woman’s buttons making her seek him out.


Tsunade sat back in her chair staring out the window of her office. She squirmed a little due to feeling more of the seed that Naruto had left inside of her leak out of her freshly fucked pussy. She shook her head with a smile on her face thinking about how Naruto was scouring the village looking for his jacket. Considering the number of times he probably had to dress and undress throughout the day she figured it had almost certainly only been a matter of time before he left something lying somewhere. She supposed that it was a good thing it was something harmless like his jacket. She imagined he’d have a hard time explaining if his underwear turned up someplace it shouldn’t have been.

Drumming her fingers along her desk she felt her good mood slipping away due to the matter of dealing with Mikoto. However, in the end she decided to put that off for now since despite alerting her predecessor of the Uchiha’s revolt the fact of the matter was that when push came to shove she had sided with her family. It had only been luck that Itachi’s blade hadn’t taken her life despite his cutting her down. She wondered why Danzou had bothered to save her life, but sadly Koharu had no idea since she had been against it. She figured that he must have had plans to use her against either Sasuke or Itachi, but whether or not he had already put them in motion she couldn’t be sure.

Figuring the woman would keep for now, she felt her mood pick up as she turned to face her desk once more seeing the special folder lying on top of it. The folder contained a mission request however this mission wasn’t ranked in the same categories as the others. The mission it contained was a G-ranked one with the G standing for gratitude.

Gratitude missions were missions that came up from time to time that requested either specific shinobi or teams. As the name suggested they were missions that were generally so the client could show their gratitude to the shinobi or teams that had performed great or even simple tasks for them in the past. As such the prices that they brought into the village varied, but for the most part they were considered paid vacations for the person or persons requested. The mission sitting on her desk was sent by Princess Koyuki Kazahana. She was requesting the presence of Team Seven for the premier of her newest movies in the Land of Snow.

She still had some time to consider the matter, although she was positive that she’d send Team Kakashi since it was a personal invite by the Princess. But what really made her smile about the whole thing was that when she had looked through the back log of G-Ranked missions, most of them had been personal requests for Naruto to visit. At least two more were direct requests from rulers of their nations and since those rulers could also help Naruto’s ambition along she was quite sure he would be making stops in the Lands of Bird and Vegetable.


Sakura flopped on her bed glad the day was over. As she laid there with her eyes close she picked up the scent of grass and ramen that she associated with Naruto. Opening her eyes, she saw his jacket sitting at the edge of her bed. She pulled it towards her, having chickened out of giving it to her teammate at his home. Mostly since she figured Fu would be there. Staring at the jacket that laid next to her, she could almost imagine the blond it belonged to. She then pictured him flashing his big toothy grin towards her much as he did before everything began going wrong, at least for her.

She felt a stab of jealousy as she thought about the new recipient of that grin, Fu. Team Kakashi, had trained first thing that morning since Kakashi had put Naruto’s Rasengan training on hold for the day to get some teamwork drills in. As Kakashi had promised, things had seemed to get on track between her and Naruto, but it only seemed to last during training. When they talked afterwards, he was cordial and friendly, but not in the over top way he had been before.

After several hours Kakashi had called for a break needing to attend a meeting with his fellow jounin. During the break Naruto and Fu had taken off to eat at Ichiraku. He had invited her, but again it had seemed to be due to it being the polite thing to do. She had refused simply because she still wasn’t sure she wanted to have another run in with Ayame, especially with Naruto sitting right there. She had instead eaten her simple lunch by herself and returned to the training field early. The two jinchuriki had done so as well as she had seen them sitting against a tree with several empty ramen containers surrounding them.

They hadn’t noticed her arrival so she had caught them in an unguarded moment of Fu leaning her head against Naruto’s chest as the blonde gently stroked her hair. She had needed to leave feeling a mix of emotions not the least of which had been envy.

Lying on her side, she pulled the jacket closer to her face as she closed her eyes and imagined herself in the female jinchuriki’s place allowing the scent of the jacket to help her imagination along. She could almost feel the gentle strokes along the back of her head. She imagined herself leaning away from his chest to stare up into his cerulean eyes. He’d stare at her gently and with a warmth that seemed to fill her being, before breaking out into his bright smile that conveyed the pure joy of being alive.

For a moment she imagined him leaning down but the vision ended as she suddenly moaned out loud. Surprised she realized that during her daydream she had begun rubbing along her slit over her shorts. However instead of stopping though, she put the daydream on hold to continue her current actions. Now conscious of her arousal, she again pictured the blond except this time clad only in his boxers.

It was easy to picture due in part to Naruto would often strip down on a mission to catch fish in nearby streams when it was his turn to catch dinner if they were conserving supplies, just as he had done during the second part of the chunin exams. Seeing the tone and athletic body she imagined his current clothes hid she began to pick up the pace of her rubbing burying her face in the jacket. Spurred on by his scent washing over her, she stopped her rubbing long enough to bury her hand in her shorts. Flipping onto her back she spread her legs apart the heels of her feet pressing down in the mattress as she began rubbing her pussy directly.

She brought her free hand up to her breast and began groping it over her shirt. Finding her nipple, she began to tweak it as she moved the breast around in circles. Rubbing her clit she was forced to pull her hand from her breast to bite down on her knuckle to prevent from moaning out loud and alerting her mom to what she was doing. She began to imagine that it was Naruto who was responsible for the pleasant sensations racking her body. Although having never seen Naruto’s dick she imagined that it was quite large and that he was lining it up with her passage. When the phantom Naruto penetrated her she buried a finger inside her cunt working it in and out of her slick tunnel. As she did this she imagined Naruto telling her how good it felt to be inside her, and imagined herself telling him how good and right it felt for him to be there.

Raising her hips off the bed she really began working her finger inside her and imagined Naruto telling her he was close. Picturing herself clamping her legs around him the fantasy played out with Naruto cumming inside of her which in turn triggered her orgasm as a result of her self pleasure. Tensing, her release soaked her panties and shorts. Letting her hips fall back onto the mattress she gave her mound a few gentle rubs sending shivers of pleasure through her. Pulling her hand from her shorts she spread her fingers, blushing at the sight of the strand of her release that clung between them. Staring at them she had a flashback to the first time that she had come to realize that Naruto had become more than a teammate to her.

She had been talking with Ino shortly after Sasuke defected. At the time her friend had been taking the loss of her crush rather hard, much harder than her in fact. When she later had wondered why she received a flash of a bandaged Naruto promising to bring him back. But she hadn’t quite made the connection then so listened intently as her just turned fourteen year old friend complained about how unfair it was.

“Are you listening to me Sakura,” Ino had said getting the sense that Sakura was ignoring her.

“Yes Ino, I’ve heard ever word,” she had replied without looking up from her medical book, but really hadn’t since Ino had complained about the matter several times already and general said the same thing. Behind her book she silently said what she guessed Ino was going to say next.

Guessing correctly she silently said along with Ino, “Go ahead and play it cool then, at least you got to say good-bye.”

Sakura frowned behind her book since in truth she really hadn’t. No instead she had begged to go with him. Sakura stifled the sigh she felt not wanting to let Ino know how she really felt about the matter. As Ino had droned on she had begun to feel disgusted with herself. Had she really been willing to give up everything she had in Konoha simply to live with the person she believed she loved. Sadly, she wasn’t sure. But one moment really shown a light on just how selfish her plea to leave with Sasuke was. That was the moment Naruto gave her the thumbs up after telling her that he understood the pain she was going through and that he would bring Sasuke back to her.

As Ino continued to rant Sakura realized that at that moment something had changed in her as well. Even at that point at the gate her opinion of Naruto hadn’t been all that stellar; she cared for him as a teammate but had still regarded him as something of a buffoon. Thinking back she understood that she had never really had a good understanding of the blond. But that moment at the gate made her understand one thing, Naruto would put everything on the line for those he cared about. And that all the times she had viewed him as getting between her and Sasuke had been exactly what they appeared. Earnest and honest attempts to gain her heart.

As Sakura thought that behind her book she became aware that tears had begun leaking from her eyes with the understanding that the person that had caused Naruto to go through the pain she had been feeling at Sasuke’s leaving had been her. Luckily for her though Ino realized that her ranting had made her late to attend to her family’s shop. Therefore she had left unaware that her friend was crying as she half-heartedly waved good-bye back to the blonde.

Back in the present Sakura wiped her hand against her shorts before getting up from the bed to bathe. As she stripped she wondered if there was some way to undo the damage to her and Naruto’s relationship. But at the moment she couldn’t think of anything since there was one roadblock in her desire to recapture Naruto’s affection, Sasuke.

Wrapping a towel around herself she thought, “It’s true, karma is a bitch.” Moving to the bathroom she dropped her towel and started the water running. Her earlier thought was a result of the fact that the reason she had been so insistent to return Sasuke had to do with the fact that she was no longer sure she loved him as she had so often claimed when she was younger. Meanwhile, her feelings for Naruto had only grown stronger as a result of his absence, but she had still needed to return Sasuke for one reason. Unless Sasuke was in the village even if she came around to loving Naruto. She was sure there were many people, possibly including Naruto, who would believe her feelings were simply a result of Sasuke being no longer around to receive them. Therefore, she had needed to put her energies into doing just that. As while she still wasn’t sure just how developed her feelings for Naruto had become she was sure that the path to his heart would require bringing Sasuke home.

But no doubt as a result of her past treatment of the blond, it had all blown up in her face to the point that she seemed to no longer matter to him. And what was worse was as she expected, everyone was convinced that her misery was due to Naruto no longer seeming to care about returning Sasuke. Resting her forehead against the walls she wrapped her arms around herself as her tears mixed with the falling water as all she really wanted was Naruto to look at her with the same warmth that he had used too.


“Welcome to the Twelfth Annual Konoha Dog show. Please enjoy yourself,” the woman attending the stand that sold the day passes said as she handed Naruto his.

“Thanks, I intend too.” Walking past the gate, Naruto was surprised at just how big the event actually was. Although from his traveling through it the night before he supposed he shouldn’t have been. He stopped as a man walking his show dog stopped at a tree and the animal raised its leg to leave its mark behind. He smiled since it would have to get up into the tree to get his.

After his run in with Tsume the previous day, he had drunk close to fifty bottles of water in his attempt to mark every tree inside the grounds with his scent. If the fact that Naruto was marking territory she no doubt considered hers, due to the Inuzuka sponsoring the dog show, didn’t send her over the edge then he didn’t know what would. As he walked through the event he noticed that a few male Inuzuka’s were affected by the act as well as they barred their teeth ever so much when he moved close enough to them. Whether or not they were conscious of it though he couldn’t say, but he was beginning to feel disappointment creep into him after his third time traveling the throughout the grounds since it appeared that he had gone through a lot of effort and water but his target was a no show.

Still he decided to have a good time regardless and put off searching for Tsume in order to actually take in some of the events. But eventually after watching some them which featured snooty people and their prim and proper pets decided to move along. As he moved throughout the event he began to wonder why the Inuzuka would bother to sponsor something like it, as having seen some of their nin-dogs he was quite sure they’d eat the ones being shown for breakfast.

But making his way towards the back of the show grounds he noticed that it became less crowded with stands featuring rich civilians and their show dogs, but more salt of the earth type people. He saw one massive dog that he was positive the only award it would receive was meanest looking dog on earth. He reached out a hand to pet it as he had some of the others much to the owners’ objection, and almost lost a hand to it as it round on him. Jumping back he was chided by the civilian who the dog belonged to saying, “You’re not in that weaksauce competition anymore boy. The animals here are meant to be warriors.” Naruto cocked an eyebrow confused, but before he could ask the man to elaborate saw a woman that had often been in Tsume’s company when he had exposed the woman to his enhanced pheromones so made a beeline for her.


Hana resisted squirming as she examined the animal in front of her, quite aware of how the shorts of her chunin clothes were clinging to her. Marking off on her clipboard some notes about it, she moved on quickly to the next in a hurry to get her task finished due to how wet she was getting. While embarrassed she relaxed somewhat since most of the female Inuzuka she had come across had been exhibiting the same general horniness. Only they had no idea what was behind it other than the smell that seemed to coat the entire campground. But Hana did, since although it held the distinct smell of urine it was filled with the same pheromones she had been exposed to over the past two months.

“Did he simply piss a little on each tree,” Hana thought feeling hotter at the image since she felt he was marking his territory. She smiled a little though since she imagined when her mother arrived she’d flip out especially since Tsume had become convinced the boy was challenging her by eating at the many restaurants that existed in the Inuzuka’s territory.

She closed her eyes and frowned slightly since she was sure her mother was probably right, especially after the stunt he had just pulled. Why, she couldn’t say but if he was challenging her mother it meant he probably had no interest in her. She wasn’t sure why that bothered her, but she had fantasized about the young man when her exposure to his scent had caused her to need some release.

Standing in front of the next stand she dropped her clipboard down to hide her groin and was about to give her snatch a discreet rub, due to the fact that it seemed Naruto’s scent was getting stronger. Her eyes opened wide in shock as just before she gave into the temptation the blonde boy said from behind her, “Hey do you mind if I ask you a question?”

Turning towards him quickly, she wondered if he knew what she had been about to do. But guessed he didn’t due to the simple grin he was giving her. “N-no I don’t mind,” Hana replied cursing the weak sounding hitch in her voice, already hearing her mother bitching about her lack of assertiveness in the back of her mind.

“Well that guy there said these dogs were meant to be warriors, I was hoping you could explain that to me,” Naruto said jerking his thumb to the man that he had been talking too.

“Why didn’t you ask him to explain it?”

“Well you’re a lot cuter than him,” Naruto said causing the woman to blush. “Besides I’ve kept seeing you at some of the restaurants I’ve been eating at as of late and thought it was time I introduce myself. I’m Naruto.”

“I know,” Hana said noticing the small frown that appeared on his face. She briefly wondered if she had offended him since he could take it that she knew him because of what he carried. Hoping to prevent him from making that leap of logic she added, “My brother mentioned you quite a bit,” and under her breath finished with, “and my mom lately.”

“Yeah, he was probably pretty pissed when I kicked his ass in the chunin exams.”

“There was that true, but he also spoke very highly about how courageous you were during some of your joint missions.”

“Really, are we talking about the same Kiba,” Naruto said his tone making it known he was joking.

Hana laughed before turning towards the dog behind her and saying, “Well, to answer your question. These dogs are breed in hopes of being added to Inuzuka breeding program. That is the whole reason this event is sponsored by my clan.”

Naruto scratched his cheek in thought saying, “I can’t imagine any of those dogs at the front of the show joining it.”

Hana nodded saying her voice holding a tinge of distaste, “This use to be a real underground event. But eventually some dog breeders of those show dogs got wind of it and figured with the Inuzuka name attached to it would really legitimize what they do.”

“You preferred things when they were smaller?”

Shaking her head Hana replied, “No that’s not it. The people up there breed them just for show and inbreed to the point that it’s detrimental to their animals’ health. That’s why the Inuzuka began this event in the first place to prevent such a thing from happening. We carefully map out all of the animals lineage to prevent such things and add new blood, so to speak, every year. Akamaru was a result of such practices which is why he looks so different from most of the nin-dogs in our clan.”

“I didn’t know so much work was involved to breed a nin-dog,” Naruto said impressed, “But I assume most Inuzuka feel the same as you. So why tolerate such practices from others at an event held by you?”

“Well, it does generate money for the clan,” Hana replied trying to ignore Naruto’s presence behind her as she checked over the dog in front of her marking it down as too weak to be added to the clan’s program. “We after all have to pay some of these people for the rights to breed their dogs to ours. Depending on how bad we want them we can be talking about a lot of money. Besides what they do isn’t technically illegal, just doesn’t show that they care for anything but how an animal looks. ”

Naruto nodded, taking in her figure as she squatted down to look over the animal closer, he asked, “Do you mind if I tag along?”

Although a part of her wanted to get as far from him as possible before she lost control she found herself saying, “Not at all. But it’ll probably be pretty boring.”

“Oh I’m sure I’ll manage to find a way to stop from getting bored,” he said with a tongue in cheek bit of humor.

It turned out that Naruto didn’t have a problem with boredom since one thing the Inuzuka looked for was aggressiveness. Not the over the top that was found in underground dog fights, which were sadly found throughout the Shinobi world and that the Inuzuka shutdown with the same ferocity that most shinobi would illegal slave trading, but the aggressiveness not to back down even to enemies that technically overmatched them. Therefore he found himself constantly being growled and snapped at. But amazingly enough Hana had no problem approaching as even the most ill-tempered of dogs seemed to relax as she came near them.

When he had commented on it Hana had seemed ashamed rather than proud. When he asked why her reply had been, “My mom says it’s because I lack the traits necessary to be a good alpha.”

“What do you mean?”

Sighing she said, “Take a good look at me.”

“Believe me I have,” Naruto said honestly in a way that made the woman blush.

He smiled at her coloring face but then frowned in confusion when she asked, “What do you see?”

“A beautiful woman.”

“Buy not a beautiful Inuzuka woman,” Hana said moving on to the next stand.

Quickly catching up he asked, “Are you adopted?”

“No, it’s just unlike most in my family the traits of my clan didn’t seem to be passed on.” Taking a closer look Naruto did notice that unlike Kiba or Tsume. Hana lacked the slightly enlarged canines and the slitted eyes. Take away the fang like tattoos on her cheek and Hana could pass for a normal civilian. Before he could ask Hana seemed to sense his next question saying, “No my mother didn’t have an affair with a civilian.”

Although he was about to ask that he raised his hands defensively saying, “The words never passed my lips.” Despite herself and the subject matter, Hana smiled briefly.

“Still I have to wonder though what that has to do with being considered an Alpha. Sure, it might be important to be able to intimidate a rival into backing down. But if you ask me the ability to put them at ease and make a fight unnecessary seems to be a more impressive ability.”

Again Hana blushed and favored him with a smile but said, “Unfortunately, much like we exclude certain animals for lacking traits we feel are necessary for nin-dogs from the program. My lacking even the most basic of Inuzuka traits labeled me as something of an outcast. I doubt many Inuzuka suitors would consider me something to pursue for fear my defects will be passed along.” As she finished her sentence Hana had begun looking over another of the entries.

“Well then perhaps like you look outside Konoha for new dogs, you should consider looking outside your clan,” Naruto whispered into her ear coming up behind her. Hana whimpered slightly as his scent seemed to fill her nostrils as he rested a hand on her hip. She leaned into him ever so slightly surprised at herself.

But the moment was broken by a loud crash. “Get out of here,” one of the patrons of the dog show shouted running by the stand they were in. They heard the sound of growling and both ran out to see a large black dog almost double the size of Akamaru. It had a man trapped beneath its massive paw and it was clear that he was dead. It turned towards them and Hana cursed seeing foam all around it mouth.

“Shit,” she cursed as the animal lunged at them. Several of her clan members arrived with their canine partners to quell the disturbance but Hana shouted, “Keep back. There’s a good chance it’s rabid.” Glad her own partners weren’t present she had the clan members set up a perimeter to prevent it from escaping into the more populated areas of the show.

“What’s the plan,” Naruto said.

“Stay back,” Hana said.


“You’re still a genin,” Hana shouted over her shoulder as she charged the beast. Although it wasn’t a nindog it still sensed her attack and managed to avoid her as she attempted the fang over fang. Landing on all fours she cursed having lost sight of the animal as it had taken off around several of the stands. Giving pursuit she took off after it but the animal had quickly doubled back and bashed through one of the stands. The board landed on her with the animal using it to pin her down. It glared down at her and tried snapping at her face but she managed to push the board off of her. Nevertheless the creature landed on its feet and lunged at her again before she managed to get to her own.

Before it could tackle her to the ground something hit her from the side moving her out of the way as the dog smashed into a nearby stall. As the person who tackled her rose to his feet holding her in his arms he said, “I might be a genin, but I’m still Naruto Uzumaki. Now how gentle do I have to be.”

Examining the creature that was now heavily foaming she said, “We have to destroy it.”

“Alright,” Naruto said setting her down. Charging the rabid animal it leapt at him managing to slice his arm as Naruto narrowly avoid the attack. Before the animal could round on him though he held his hand out and a Rasengan formed which he easily slammed into the creature’s side sending it flying off into an empty booth.

Holding his bleeding arm he asked Hana, “Are you alright?”

Hana stared dumbfounded at the ease he handled the animal before saying, “Your arm!”

“I’ll be fine,” he said waving her concern off.

“Hana,” a member of her clan said running up.

“Please see what happened here. Start with the man it had killed. If my hunch is correct he’s probably the one that caused this mess. I’m going to attend to Naruto.”

The man nodded taking off to follow her orders. Despite his protests Hana managed to get Naruto moving to where she could examine his wound. As they walked he asked, “Why do you think that guy was behind this?”

“As I said being asked for your canine to join the breeding program involves quite a bit of money. Therefore, sometimes the breeders sabotage each other. Considering that canine was almost a shoe in to be asked I have little doubt the man injected him with some virulent form of rabies to make us have to destroy it.”

“What a waste.”

“Yes,” Hana said guiding him into the kitchen of her family’s home. “Now sit here. I have to make sure you aren’t infected.”

“It didn’t bite me,” Naruto said calmly.

“True, but better safe than sorry less you share its fate,” Hana said leaving the jinchuriki alone. She returned several minutes later holding a medical kit. Taking a sample of his blood she put it in a test-tube and then squirted some blue liquid in it before shaking the solution. The color remained blue so she said, “Well it appears the animal didn’t affect you. But I’m going to have to give you a shot just to be sure.”

“Great more shots,” Naruto said mirthlessly.

Smiling she said, “Be a big boy and I’ll give you a treat.”

“Hopefully a big boy one,” Naruto said with a smile as he began releasing some of his pheromones.

Hana flushed almost immediately, but remained silent trying to calm her suddenly overheated body. She quickly gave him the shot and moved to begin cleaning his rapidly closing wounds. “Amazing,” she said watching as the largest one finished closing.
Hana began to gather up her medical equipment saying, “I imagine you’ll be okay. You really should be more careful in the future.”

Standing and coming up behind her, Naruto said, “You should take your own advice. Did you really think taking on the dog by yourself was a good idea? Or, were you just hoping that defeating it would make you appear to be more alpha like?”

“D-don’t be ridiculous,” Hana said turning towards him, “Who would I be trying to impress? I’ve long since accepted my role in the clan.”

Placing his hands on the table behind her with her between them and after bringing his face close to hers, he said, “Well I can’t really answer that, only you can. But there’s one thing I can tell you about being an alpha.”

Feeling overpowered by his presence Hana asked, “W-what’s that?”

“He takes what he wants.” No sooner had he finished his sentence then Hana leaned forward locking her lips to his. The kiss quickly deepened and before she knew it Hana was laying on her family’s kitchen table. With the blonde pressed on top of her.

Naruto broke the kiss to stare into Hana’s eyes and smiled as she looked away. Whispering into the ear she presented to him, he said, “No, no, no, you were doing so well. You have nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“What about those other girls you’ve dated?”

“Well to be honest, I’ve been quite intimate with them.”

Hana turned her head and stared at him in surprise, but he simply smiled at her before saying, “I told you an Alpha always takes what he wants. But he also makes sure to care and provide for his pack as well. If you don’t want this push me away, and I’ll respect your wishes.”

Hana tensed and for a moment Naruto thought she’d do exactly that. But he was surprised when she suddenly pushed him back and up against a counter before saying, “What makes you so sure you’re the alpha here?” Before he could respond she slammed her lips to his greedily. As they kissed, they fought for position with whoever ended up pressed against the counter momentarily surrendering control of the kiss.

Naruto decided on a game changer and slid his hand into the shorts she was wearing. As he pushed his hand past her panties he could feel that Hana muff was quite hairy. Sliding a finger inside of her the woman seemed to surrender as she clung to his shoulders while he worked his magic. She suddenly stopped his hand saying, “W-wait not here.”

“Worried about someone catching us?”

“N-no,” she said instead of explaining pulled his hand from her shorts and then used it to guide him through her home. Naruto was surprised that instead of heading upstairs to where he assumed her room would be she opened a door underneath the stairwell that led downstairs.

As they reached the bottom Naruto was surprised to find a large platform carved out of the wall all the way across the room. Resting on the platform was a mat that was covered in many pillows. Along the walls were clawmarks but he could tell they were made by people as opposed to the dogs the clan was known for. Hana began stripping quickly saying, “There’s something you should know about Inuzuka women. When we have sex for the first time or have gone without for a while we tend to lose ourselves to our beastly instincts. It… also tends to establish our… roles in the relationship.”

Naruto guessed she was beginning to lose herself since her ability to think coherently was appearing to suffer. But confused asked, “What do you mean?”

Hana closed with him and dragged him to that mat as she did so she said, “W…when an Inuzuka takes a mate and senses she… may be stronger…she…she will….try and…” But upon reaching it, Hana let go of his hand and climbed on top of the mat on all fours. She looked at him hungrily as if taking stock of him for several moments but then shivered. She then turned from him giving him a glorious view of her dripping cunt. She dropped her head to the mat and kept her ass in the air. When he didn’t move she began to wag it back and forth. Getting the hint, he pulled his shirt over his head and began stripping out of his pants.

Climbing onto the platform Naruto squatted on his haunches behind her. Grabbing her hips he eased himself into the woman enjoying the way she moaned at his entry. Almost immediately he began stirring up her insides causing Hana to whimper which spurred him on finding the sound highly erotic. Reaching around Naruto began rubbing her clit causing Hana to raise her head from the mat to howl in pleasure. Almost immediately she returned her head to its previous position. Despite the highly pleasant feeling surrounding his cock he found it rather strange.

Hana began to tighten around him and Naruto considered staving off his own orgasm but found his ability hampered by the sound of feet running angrily down the steps. He caught site of who had caught them in the act just as he filled Hana’s womb with his seed.


Tsume was pissed as she headed home from the Dog Show. Not an unusual state of emotion for her lately do to the challenge she felt was being brought forth by the Nine-tail jinchuriki. But for most who knew her, felt her anger had been simmering beneath the surface ever since her husband had left her. Reaching her home her nin-dog partner took off into the woods behind the house where all the nin-dogs lived. Although welcome in the homes of the clan the animals tended to rather stay in nature.

Watching her partner run off, Tsume thought of the blond bastard as she was beginning to think of him. First he had begun eating at restaurants that she frequented and for whatever reason his scent quickly would arouse her. But then the bastard would takeoff almost immediately after her arrival, like a wolf that was slowly pushing into another’s territory to see how far he could get before being challenged. When he had seen him in the Hokage mansion she had tested him to see if he’d back down, and although impressed he didn’t. She had quickly grown angry getting the feeling that he had been testing her as well.

Then there had been the dog show. She still couldn’t get the scent from out of her nose. The bastard had actually marked the tree tops with his scent like he was calling her out. What was worse was she was tempted to go to the fairgrounds later that night and cover them up with her own. However she doubted the bastard would be able to tell.

As if that wasn’t enough, the disaster that had been averted today had been the result of foul play. Most likely the vial the man had injected the dog with had been provided by an enemy shinobi to deny the powerful beast’s material from joining the breeding program. Furthermore she had heard Naruto was the one that had brought it down.

Entering her home she thought her nose was playing tricks on her as she could smell Naruto’s scent in the house. Growling, she was about to go in search of him to beat the shit out of the boy since marking her home was a challenge she couldn’t ignore. However, she heard a howl from the room specifically made for times when her Inuzuka’s lusts took over. But since it only happened in the presence of a mate during the first time or long dry spells, Tsume hadn’t needed to use it in years.

Her eyes opened wide in understanding though since her clansmen had told her that Hana had taken Naruto to be examined. The elder Inuzuka hadn’t failed to notice how Hana had been attracted to the blond, as she was forced to admit if she didn’t see him as a challenge to her status would have probably as well. Growling in anger, she threw open the door bounding down the steps just as the jinchuriki and her daughter both shared an orgasm together.

Almost immediately Tsume knew who the alpha in the coupling was as Naruto fell back his seed leaking from her daughter’s snatch. Tsume growled taking a step forward, fighting her bestial instincts trying to take over due to the lust she was feeling. It proved difficult as Naruto looked over towards her and instead of displaying fear as she imagined most would in such a situation, appeared rather satisfied.

Taking another step forward she growled, “You bastard…get out!” However, before he could respond Tsume took a step back in surprise when her daughter rounded on her growling. Being challenged by Naruto was bad enough; however she wouldn’t take it from her daughter and as a result of the new challenge felt her bestial instincts begin to take over. Especially since her daughter was challenging her right to mate with the stud, and as Alpha she had first call.

Losing her sense of reason she managed to growl, “Know…your place bitch,” before leaping at her. Hana was all too ready to meet her in order to defend her right to Naruto.

Naruto for the most part wasn’t sure what to do as he never meant to cause mother and daughter to break out into a fight over him. Although it was actually more of a wrestling match then actual fight and watching the two women soon had an affect on his dick which grew hard. Hana ended up pinned on her back by Tsume and when the younger Inuzuka tried to get up the elder slammed her down hard causing her daughter to whimper. Tsume let Hana go who moved off to a corner of the platform watching sadly as Tsume crawled towards him on all fours.

The woman managed to get her pants off as she closed the distance between them, but left her flak-jacket on. Naruto could see that unlike Hana’s full bush which had been trimmed, Tsume’s was wild and untamed. When she was right in front of him the older woman pounced quickly lining her cunt with his cock. When she was about to bury his dick in her, Hana whimpered. Realizing that if Tsume was the one to control things she’d view herself as the Alpha in the relationship, he managed to shove her off. She growled at him before jumping at him again but Naruto caught her and slammed her into the mat. Quickly getting behind her and grabbing her by the hips, he got ahold of her hair forcing her face down into the mat. Holding her like that, he began rubbing his cock along her hairy slit eliciting a whimpered moan from her.

When she began matching his movements, he pulled back pulling an even louder one from her and then slammed forward burying himself deep inside her. Tsume howled in pleasure and came immediately. He then began pistoning his tool in and out of her soaking cunt. Naruto let go of her hair, but when she tried to raise her head immediately forced her face back into the mat. He would repeat the process several times and eventually Tsume kept her head down much as Hana had.

Looking towards the younger Inuzuka, he saw she watched on sadly obliviously upset at losing her mate. “Hana come,” Naruto said, causing a look of hope to appear in the woman’s eyes. She began crawling towards them, but Tsume growled deeply causing Hana to stop. Naruto responded by bringing his hand down on Tsume’s ass pulling a yelp from her throat. Hana began to move again and Tsume growled although slightly softer. However, Naruto spanked the elder Inuzuka just as hard but twice this time. It repeated three more times with the number of spankings doubling each time, leaving Tsume’s butt rather red but after receiving her final spanking Tsume surprised him when her cunt tightened around his shaft. Riding out her orgasm Tsume’s moans became less forceful as she began to lose her grip on consciousness.

When Hana was right by him, she rose up and began licking his neck and chest. He then positioned her on all fours next to her mother where he began to finger her snatch while he continued to pound her mother’s pussy. Tsume tightened around him again, but this time Naruto allowed himself the pleasure of filling her cunt with his cum. When he pulled out Tsume didn’t move but her ass slowly sunk towards the mat.
Hana turned and began licking his cock much as he imagined a dog would. Due to his sensitivity the sensation was quite pleasurable and he immediately began to harden again. However, he pulled her off saying, “Hana, do you have some shaving cream?”

She stared at him in confusion, but eventually her humanity began to reassert itself as she nodded. She ran upstairs the sound of her feet echoing through the house. She returned moments later with several more items then he requested obviously knowing what he was planning. He smiled as he saw that she had also lathered her own bush with the cream he had asked for. Taking the towel she had brought he laid her down on it, before taking the razor. He had her sit back on the mat and she spread her legs. Gently he began shaving away the hair, leaving a small stripe that pleased his new lover as he wiped away the excess cream. Moving on to her mother, Naruto repeated the process although this time he left her mound completely bald.

When he was finished he turned to Hana motioning her towards him. He maneuvered her off the platform and set her between his legs. Getting the hint, Hana began to once more lick his cock as Naruto leaned his head back and moaned. As she licked him, Naruto noticed that Hana seemed to once more give into her animal side. He heard movement behind him and looking over his shoulder saw Tsume waking up. She ran her hand over her shaven mound and when she locked eyes with him actually blushed. Hearing the content noises Hana was making, she crawled towards him and looking over the edge of the platform saw her daughter licking his cock.

Moving around him, she joined her daughter on the floor and taking up a position next to her began joining in the pleasing of his dick. Naruto groaned in pleasure as the two women got into a steady rhythm moving their tongues up and down his shaft on opposite sides. Feeling his balls tighten he said, “Cumming,” but both women kept licking and as his dick erupted it coated their faces in his seed. The two women sat there a moment as he panted, but then Tsume leaned forward and licked her daughter’s face. When she pulled back Hana moved forward to do the same to her mother. Watching the two Inuzuka taking turns licking his seed from each other he could only think of one thing to say, “Good Girls.”

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