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Our Hunger Games

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The 50th Hunger Games before Katniss Everdeen. There is a girl, to save the life of someone she loves she volunteer's for the games, however her situation isn't exactly in the rules, and her partne...

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Chapter 1

I look out of my window solemnly, the reaping’s are today. I sigh and let my fingers trace my most recent letter from Greyson, I knew he would be there at the reaping today, and I would have to watch as his name was possibly pulled from that fish bowl. I squeezed my eyes shut hoping to eradicate any tears that wanted to intrude. It was no use. They streamed down my face, I didn’t sob, I just let them silently land on my lap.
There was a knock at the door.
“Kia? Kia darling its time to get dressed to go to the reaping” my mother said poking her bleach blond head through the opened door.
“Yes mother, I will be there shortly” I said softly, she nodded and left, closing the door behind her.
I sighed and got up, no use denying the inevitable. I slowly walked over to my cupboard, I stood there for a moment before grabbing an outfit.

“Come on Kia, were going to be late!” my mother exclaimed. I didn’t care, I didn’t want to go at all.
I stepped into the car.
“Ready?” she asked, I nodded silently.
We drove in silence, I had nothing to say to her, she ruined my life, and now I had to watch all of my friends go through the reaping for the 50th annual Hunger Games.
We got out of the car when we reached the bullet train.
“Smile darling, frowning will give you premature wrinkles” she said cheerfully.
“I have nothing to smile about today” I replied icily. She continued to smile and busied herself making sure the rooms were ready for the tributes.
I sighed and looked out the window, flashes of trees and houses passing by. We were almost there.
the train came to a stop and my mother stepped out gracefully with her bright pink umbrella.
“My my its sunny today” she said happily, I didn’t even look at her. She walked up to the stairs leading to the justice building.
“Show time” she said. I nodded and slipped around the side so I could watch in peace.
she clomped up the stairs onto the stage and smiled.
“Hello and welcome to the 50th reaping for our annual hunger games!” she sounded ecstatic, I hated that, that she could be so joyful when some innocent kids were being exploited to a death match in which there was very little chance they would survive.
“Now before we begin we have a little something to show you” she smiled motioning towards the giant screen.
“All the way from capital” she smiled again. The screen lit and began playing the short film they played each year.
“War terrible war” I mouthed with the film.
I looked around the side of the building, I searched for Greyson. I couldn’t see him.
then out of the corner of my eye I spotted something.
May, Greysons little sister. My heart stopped, she was only 11, why was she here?
the film ended and my mothers voice boomed over the speakers.
“Now, for the selection of the tributes!” she sung.
“as usual, ladies first” she took off her glove and stuck her hand in the fish bowl.
Why in the world was May here?! She wasn’t old enough to participate! Unless!
My mother walked to the microphone name in hand.
Oh no! she had lied about her age to get terress! Calm down! I thought to myself, there was no way she would get picked, her name would only be in there once at the most.
“May Tritchot!” my heart stopped. I looked over to May, she was shocked also, there were tears escaping her eyes as she began to walk down the aisle.
I regained my senses and jumped out from my hiding place and into the aisle.
“I VOLUNTEER!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.
“Kia?!” my mother said in disbelief.
“I volunteer as tribute” I said again.
May ran to me.
“Kia!” she said in disbelief.
“Go find your mum, or Greyson, just get out of here” I said frantically hugging her.
“no, No, NO! KIA!” she screamed as the peace keepers dragged her away.
I walked up the aisle, my life was over. At least it was for a good cause.
My mother didn’t reject my voluntary action, and kept preforming. She made me sick.
“Ladies and Gentleman, Kia Randles, the first girl ever from capital to volunteer as a tribute” she said still shocked.
the entire crowd fell silent. They all put there three middle fingers to their lips and raised there arms to put them in the air. A symbol of thanks.
“Now for the boys” my mother said. She walked over to the fish bowl and picked the first name at the top.
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