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Stupid Me

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  • I have a late XMas gift for EVERYONE

    (#) MrsWayBeckett 2013-01-21 03:19:50 PM

    Your Username: MrsWayBeckett
    Do you write?: Yes!
    Your Link to Your Profile:

    Favorite Authors: Oh My God!
    Let's see...
    I don't think I can remember allnof them.

    XxPerfectTomorrowxX- Does she have a non amazing story? She's fucking fantastic! I am in love with every single one of her stories. Very talented and just aksnakxnl.

    MCRArmyWife- Where the fuck is this girl? Her stories are seriously the best I've ever read in my life. She hasn't been on in years but her completed stories are amazing.

    Kaleidoscope_Eyes- Really? Come on. She's brilliant!

    electricviolence- AMAZING writer. She also has great humor and she's really down to earth. I really like her. 

    SmashAuthority2- Also hasn't written in like a year or so but still amazing! She was the one who got me into fanfiction.

    3RR0R- Also hasn't been on in years. Amazing writer.

    Sam41- Sam, I loves you. xD I'm sure everyone else does too! She's funny and nice and she's a very talented writer. She's the reason I made a ficwad account. 

    Atomickilljoy- MOMMA AJ! She's seriously amazing. Her stories are great and she's fun to talk to even if it's just in comments.

    CosmicZombie- Her Frerards are the shit! Be My Detonator is the best! 

    ColorfulShadow- Very talented. Her writing really motivates me. She can really set an athmosphere.

    Theescapist99- I like her stories a lot. The way she includes torture, it's great. Very talented.

    lalatherapist- Brilliant writer. I get all happy when she updates.

    unitedsuck007- FOTGTD Nuff said

    If I forgot anyone

    Why Those Are your Favorite Authors: Already did that xD

    Links to your favorite storys: I'm missing like a thousand because I have those bookmarked.

    A short statement about how you like stories: I like humorous ones but also suspence ones. Oh and I loooove long stories!

    Ships: Frerard, Ryden, Phan, Jalex, Joncer, but I rather read OC stories.

    Dislikes in Story: When they rate them X and the smut isn't really supposed to be X you know? Or really good stories that are cut off short.

    Do you do art or podcast by request?: nope

    Do you know people who did?: Sam41 draws OC's as well as a couple other people and I think Colorblind does podcasts. 

    Your Tumblr URL if you have one: I don't use it often, just reblog xD
  • I have a late XMas gift for EVERYONE

    (#) Sam41 2013-01-21 04:31:11 PM


    HatedEyes- Ash, I fucking love you; she's an amazing writer, been there when I needed her and she's just plain amazing (and the fact that I'm dating her comes into play)

    atomickilljoy- AJ, one of my first actual friends on here, we fangirl over Pewdiepie together, we got FW married; she's amazing and has an amazing personality

    RyanCyanideKiller- Just a plain out amazing guy, fuck he's one of the nicest, amazing-est guys on here (guys on FW are a rare species)

    Mizaral- Miranda is fucking amazing, kind as anything, great writer, she's also one of the first people I seriously began talking to

    MrsWayBeckett- We fangirl over Marianas Trench together, she never quits making me smile, and I love her for that (plus she's a great writer)

    LaurentheHuman- Adventure time username, she's just great to talk to and kid around with

    electricviolence- Elli, a great person, very classie and sexie; a great writer and very fun to talk to
  • I have a late XMas gift for EVERYONE

    (#) CyanideSuicide 2013-01-21 06:52:12 PM

    unitedsuck007- she is an amazing writer even better than some published authors

    Tmbfucks- Great writer she has great dialogue plus we are friends and swoon over Doctor Who together

    Ravan-Vanslaughter- She has really good story ideas and adds great twists.

    -Ever_After-- I love Ben and Nate.

    Hozzie- Great writer and she has a wonderful personality.

    atomickilljoy- Ive read her first story all the way up to now and she is a great writer.
  • I have a late XMas gift for EVERYONE

    (#) XKilljoyParadeX 2013-01-22 12:17:57 PM

    Unitedsuck007: Wow. I can't even describe her.. like, she just is a literary GOD. She will make you feel things you never knew you could feel. Oh and FOTGTD. Genius.

    Fabulous Revenge: Because she's my best friend and an awesome writer even though she barely comes on here anymore.. her one shots are fucking brilliant by the way.

    Cosmic Zombie: Her stories are so intense, so emotional, I swear I've never read a chapter written by her without crying.. in a good way of course.

    XxlovefrankieroxX: Because Long Live The Queen is one of the most beautiful, inspiring, tragically beautiful one-shots i've ever read.. and obv she's an awesome writer.

    Catscanflyy: I really like the way she writes about murder and um, cannibalism.. it's like you're not sure you want to read it, but you just can't not ;)

    BulletproofNinja: Nobody's perfect, so stop trying: amazing, one of my favourite fics ever. It's so real and Gerard's struggles are so raw and emotional.

    xXxILoveFrankIeroxXx (think thats how you spell it..): because she gives me lovely reviews all the time and inspires me to keep writing (along with others who review but obv can't name them all) :3

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