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EDITED Smut, Frerard Oneshot. Gerard likes the look of the new boy, he likes him a lot. Please rate and review :)

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I decided to edit my stories and this is what came next, If you enjoyed it maybe let me know? Anyway...ENJOY THE SMUT!

Vikki xoxo

I studied the new boy sitting across the room from me, watching as his eyes darted about the place and how his head ducked when he heard the assholes sneering behind him. He was just like me, he was a freak.

I continued to watch him throughout the day as he scuttled from one class to another, fear radiating from his small hunched up frame. This is how I decided whether people could be my friend, I would watch them and judge them based on their mannerisms and behavior, I wouldn't want to find out later that my friends were dicks now, would I? I had already made up my mind that I wanted this boy to be my new friend, not yet though, I was enjoying studying him and gathering information on him by the way he behaved.

The first thing I noticed was his shyness, not once had he spoken to anybody even when they spoke to him first. I found this rather intriguing, it didn't seem due to shyness or ignorance. More because he was uncertain about them. Next I figured out his sexuality, he was clearly gay as I am because he never looked at any of the girls in the halls or class which, even I had to admit, were quite beautiful but he did glance at a few boys. I was glad to figure this out because I didn't want a friend who was disgusted by me. Lastly I noticed his hands, they were calloused in a way only years of playing guitar could make and this fact also pleased me as music was a passion of mine. Yes he was quite perfect.

Now I don't make a habit of this but I also couldn't help noticing his outer shell. He was rather beautiful himself, his hair styled in a sort of deflated Mohawk covering his left eye and the shaven sides bleached. His mouth was nice to look at too as his lips were almost pouting but on the rare occasions I saw him smile, it was quite mischievous and damn sexy with a cheeky silver hoop through it. They were kissable and I really wanted to feel them working against mine.

My favorite feature though was his eyes , they mesmerized me. They were colored a mixture of olive and honey, the colors swirling together in the most enchanting way. They were heavily lidded in an almost sleepy manner with dark spiky lashes and rimmed with blood red eyeliner, he was stunning.

I made a plan to approach him the following day as, while I had been observing him, I caught him looking at me and smiling so I had a feeling he would be comfortable enough to speak with me. I wandered along the hallways to my locker so I could gather my books to take home when I heard a loud clatter and the oh so familiar jeers of the jocks. Usually I would turn away and wait until it was over but something inside me told my legs to keep walking toward the noise. When I reached the source my hands balled into fists as an unfamiliar fury filled my chest.

There he was, the new boy, laid on the floor surrounded by assholes kicking at him and spitting down onto his tiny frame. Something inside of me exploded and suddenly I was blinded for a moment but when my head cleared they were running away shouting abuse and wiping blood from there noses

"Way you crazy bastard, your gonna pay for that..."

"Fucking faggots! Freaks always stick together" were the last things I heard them say before they disappeared out of the entrance doors.

I turned around to see Frank, as I had learned his name was, struggling to his feet before stumbling forward. I quickly grabbed his arms and steadied him before he fell to the floor again. He looked up into my eyes and smiled one of those delicious mischievous smirks before nibbling his lip and hissing when his teeth grazed the cut on it. I leaned down and picked up his bag, slinging it over my shoulder and guiding him towards the main entrance doors and out onto the parking lot, my books could wait until tomorrow.

I unlocked my car and ushered for him to get inside, it amused me how we hadn't even spoken to each other yet but he felt comfortable enough to get in to my car for a ride home. I turned on the ignition and backed out of my space, taking a left and heading toward the main road. I pulled out a cigarette and offered one to Frank who gratefully accepted and lit up, I took a long draw from it before clearing my throat "So Frank, where do you live?"

He looked toward me and puffed on his own cigarette "Uh..Gerard right? I can't go home yet, I forgot my key so you could just drop me anywhere? I'll hang around a while and make my own way back..."

"You could come hang at my place? I...I mean, like, if you wanted to..." I nibbled at my lip in the way I always did when I was nervous and looked at him, he was grinning rather widely at me and nodding

"Sounds awesome! Thanks man..." I began grinning too as the car fell silent apart from the hum of the engine "Hey Gerard?..." I looked at Frank briefly before looking back at the road trying desperately to ignore the butterflies with pick axes in my stomach

"Where did you learn to fight like that? I mean it was like some crazy Chuck Norris shit man, It was pretty fucking impressive dude" I burst out laughing which startled Frank a little, I really didn't know how to answer that

"I...uh...I literally never had a fight in my whole life"

"No fucking way! You were like a fucking ninja dude are you serious?"

"Yeah..." I giggled nervously at him then decided to change the subject as I pulled into the parking lot of my apartment complex "Uh I kinda um live...alone..."


We made our way inside and dumped our shoes in the small hallway before wandering through to my little kitchen. I couldn't help wondering why Frank hadn't asked me why I didn't live at home so I decided to ask him straight out, wouldn't you be a little curious as to why a high school kid had his own apartment? He jumped up onto the kitchen counter and thought for a moment before smiling at me

"You're gay right? Had a disagreement with mom and dad so you had to get your own place? Yeah, it wasn't all that hard to work out"

"How did you know?"

"I like to read people, I watch them all the time just like you have been watching me..." A fellow observer, how didn't I realize? "I have a cool idea Gerard, you tell me what you figured out and I will tell you what I figured out?"

"Okay, you live with a single parent after a divorce, dad is kind of a douche I figure? You play guitar and have done for a long time, that's why you got those callouses on your fingers. You're quite shy, like me, unless you observe a person and decide to be their friend. You, are also gay..." he nodded and clapped his hands as if applauding me

"Very good Gerard, now onto you. Obviously I figured out your home life and you just said you're shy. You're an artist and judging by the stuff on the walls you're a very good one too, you only have a few friends because you thought them acceptable. You don't like to fit in as being a misfit means being alone which suits you perfectly..." He jumped down from the counter and moved slowly across the kitchen toward me "You don't realize how beautiful you are and hide your face from the world and I know most of all, that you find me attractive...just like I find you attractive"

What I did next was completely out of my control.

I grabbed the back of his head and smashed our mouths together. His soft lips began moving furiously against mine as we staggered toward the counter, I felt my back slam against the hard surface but I was distracted from the pain by Franks tongue licking my bottom lip demanding entrance, which I eagerly gave him. Our hands were roaming each others bodies in a state of pure adrenaline and lust. I pulled away and grabbed his hand dragging him toward the front room and collapsed on the sofa. Frank pulled off his shirt and threw it on the floor followed quickly by my own. I grazed my nails up his bare back as our mouths re-connected and our skin moved against each other. I felt my pants grow tighter as my erection began to build.

Suddenly Frank began grinding his hips down on mine, a loud moan escaping my trembling lips. He pressed his mouth more firmly to mine as our kiss began to get more heated, our teeth bumping together but not really caring. I slid a hand down his chest and stomach before slipping it inside of his pants and wrapping it around his cock, pumping quickly and causing Frank to release a deep guttural moan which made me shiver. It didn't take long until he jerked his hips and gasped loudly into the air filling his pants, and my shaking hand, with his cum.

He closed his eyes for a moment and took a few deep breaths before moving off me and unfastening my jeans, I watched him curiously as he slid them off and threw them on the floor "It's your turn now" before I even had time to react he yanked down my underwear and enveloped my cock in his hot mouth, I threw my head back and moaned out loud at the sudden heat rushing through me and he almost immediately hollowed his cheeks, bobbing his head up and down my shaft. His tongue danced wonderfully around my member and an all too familiar sensation flooded the pit of my stomach "F...Frank, I'm...I'm gonna..." before I even had time to finish my sentence, I came hard into his mouth, Frank never missing a beat and swallowing every last drop.

He looked up at me through his spiky lashes then helped me sit up "Well..." I placed my head on his shoulder, still trying to catch my breath "...That was unexpected Gerard, I think that we make some pretty awesome friends. We should definitely hang out like all the time..."

"Well they do say freaks stick together..."

"Yeah and we fuck together too..." and with that he crashed his lips onto mine once more.

Well, as you can probably tell I really didn't know how to end this little one shot so it kinda finishes lamely but it would be supercallafradgilisticexpialidociously awesome if you guys could rate and/or review for me? pretty please with lots of naked Frankie's on top xoxo
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