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Hey :)

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I'll tell you about my day,as usual.

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Hi everybody,how you doing?

Good.I'm happy when you are all happy.

So,I'll tell you about how my day went.

First,I had maths.It was fun.
The lesson went really quick.

Then,I had Drama.It was awesome.
I love Drama,cuz my teacher,Mr.Everrit,is really funny.
We did news reports,and I came up with an awesome one.
We had to say what they were during the register,here's what happened.

Mr.Everrit:Sadie? What's your headline?
Me:This is the 10 O'Clock news,and Justin Bieber has been shot,and has died.
Everyone Else:(cheers)

OMFG it was awesome!

Then it was breaktime,and I did drawing in the computer club.

After break,was English.
More Macbeth work,nothing more to tell.

Then it was lunch.
I sat on my own,again.
I looked at the door and I kept imagining MCR walking through there and that they went to my school.
I wish that would happen,I'd be good!


After lunch was French,it was funny.
We did clothes and we had to say one thing we were wearing,and one thing we were gonna wear.
Then we had to put on said item.
I wasn't chosen,which was lucky.
One of the boys in my class had to wear a bra,lol.
It was over our uniform though,but it was still funny.

Final lesson was P.E.
I was helpful today.
We were doing benchball,and there's this girl in my class,Chloe.
She is a little one,yet she is in our year group,Year 8.
I helped her by helping her throw a ball and get on the bench.

(Kind person of the day award goes to me)


I just had a really cool thought!
What if we were all in the same school,along with MCR and FOB and BVB?
That'd be,like,the COOLEST thing ever!

So,how was your day?

xoxo Sadie
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