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-___- Fucking Parents.

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Parents are just fucking annoying.

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I'm fucking in a big mood right now!
I got busted for the all nighter at 4am,right in the middle of my new fic!

Here's what happened.
I had just finished watching LOTMS on Youtube,and thought 'Hey,lets listen to Bullets to pass the time!'

Bad choice.The convo was:

Stepdad:Sadie!It's 4AM,what are you doing!

Me:(excellent shut up mode)

Stepdad:(turns off ps3 youtube is a bitch on my laptop,so I had to use the ps3)

Me:(thinking) Oh Hell no! (in speak mode,nothing)


So,now I am sat in my room,and I plan to do that for a few hours,just to let it die down (or wait until he forgets)

So,in the end,I had to turn off my Lappy-Top.
During writing My Love Story II,the sequel to my fic.

I lost it all.

I'm actually glad,cuz I get to restart it,it seemed pretty rubbish.

(Well,it was 4am at the time of writing,and my brain was a little malfuctioning mode.)

So,I'm starting it again,while My Chem is on shuffle.

Y'all (Y'all? Seriously? I'm not Texan,I'm British.)

You all* better have a good day today okay?

Of course you will,you all have social lives.

Whereas I get to hang out with my band (posters + merch)
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