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Our Eyes Met - Part 1

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Tom didn't want to go home. He was missing something. He wanted what he couldn't have so instead of going home he sat out on an adventure. Little did he know that when their eyes met, it would be ...

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Tom walked into the bar feeling oddly sad. The movie had wrapped and he would be going back to his flat alone. Well at least until next month when he started shooting his next adventure. He didn’t want to go home; he wanted a new adventure, a different kind of adventure.

Rob threw his arm around Tom’s shoulders momentarily snapping him out of his thoughts, “C’mon Loki, let’s have a drink.”

Tom smiled at the man who played Iron Man. He envied Robert if he was truthful with himself. Chris too. They both had a family to go home too. Tom didn’t even have a pet since he travelled so much. He knew that his co-stars would go home to their beautiful wives and newly born babies. He wanted that more than anything the superficial world of Hollywood could give him.

He followed Rob to a barstool and sat between him and Scarlett. She was hanging onto her boyfriend, cooing at his every word. He wasn’t attracted to her but he still felt a pang of jealousy knowing she had someone to go home with.

A shot of bourbon was placed in front of him. Rob stood up holding his shot glass in the air, “I would like to propose a toast to the best cast! You guys have been the best to work with. Here’s to you!” Tom threw the bourbon down his throat feeling the sting all the way down to his stomach. He didn’t normally drink bourbon but he welcomed the feeling that it provided. It helped loosen him up, causing him to forget the ache in his heart.

As the evening wore down, the owners opened the bar to the public again. Most of the cast were gone except for Tom and Jeremy. Jeremy was a lot like Tom but was more of a playboy than Tom could ever be. He didn’t want that. They sat talking with some of the remaining crew members laughing about memorable moments during shooting. Tom was enjoying their company.
Not too much later, Tom found himself sitting alone with Jeremy. “So what do you have going on after this?” Tom asked.

“Ah, I gotta get back in the gym for training. I will be filming the next Bourne movie in two weeks.”

“Where will you be filming first?”
“I think Bulgaria.”

“That’s a beautiful country.”

“So I hear. I’m looking forward to it. I hear the women are interesting to say the least.”
Tom faked a laugh. He felt that now familiar feeling of envy creep back into His stomach. He turned away and looked down at the other end of the bar. His eyes found a blonde woman laughing with what appeared to be some of her friends. She was gorgeous, he thought. She glanced at him. She felt as if she were being watched. She startled Tom by smiling slightly then returning her attention back to her friends.

He smiled to himself then returned to his glass of water. Jeremy continued talking about his shooting schedule. He nodded along, listening to the stories he would tell. Tom began to get the urge to travel after hearing all about Jeremy’s adventures. He didn’t want to go home. In fact he wanted to go anywhere but there. He started mentally making a list of the places he would like to go. London, Norway, Croatia, then he thought about stateside, Alaska, Maine, Massachusetts. He wanted adventure didn’t he? So why not go? Everyone else was off to an exotic location and those that he truly envied were off to their families, since he didn’t have the family he truly wanted he chose to go on an adventure until he had to be on set for his new film in Paris.

“So what are your plans?” Jeremy asked.
“I think I just decided to travel for a bit, see where the world takes me.”

“Sounds fun. I envy that you actually have a month off to do that.” Tom was taken aback by this admission.

“Really? And here I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself!”
“Sorry for yourself. Why?”

Tom shook his head, “I just didn’t want to go home. There is nothing for me there, no family, no adventure.”

“I didn’t know you felt that way. You could always come on location with me.”

“No thanks, man. I appreciate the invite but I think I would like to go somewhere I’ve never been before.”

“That sounds like a plan. I truly am envious brother.” He said, standing up, finishing his drink. “Give me a hug man. I’m gonna miss you.”

Tom stood smiling, wrapping his new brother into his arms. “I’m gonna miss you too my friend. Take care of yourself.”

“You too. Have safe travels!”
“Thanks. I will, you too.”

Tom sat back on the leather barstool leaning his arms back on the bar watching Jeremy hail a cab through the window. After his friend disappeared, Tom rotated back around to face the bar. A person had come to sit on the barstool right beside him. He was slightly annoyed by this since most of the barstools were empty. He turned and found an average looking woman sitting next to him. She smiled at him, “I’ve been dared to approach you. Sorry if I’m intruding but I’ve been dared to ask you a question.”

He smiled, “What’s that?”

“My friends and I would like to know if you’re Loki from Thor?”

Tom laughed deep in his throat, “I’m actually Loki of Asgard.” She laughed, he added, “But yes I played Loki in Thor.” He answered in his smooth British accent.

She turned and nodded to her friends. He recognized the pretty blonde who he noticed a little earlier. They walked over to join them. “Sorry to bother you but I just knew you were him” one of the males of the group said.

“You’re not a bother.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Hiddleston. I’m Josh.”

“Call me Tom” he said shaking hands with him. Josh introduced him to the rest of the group.

“These are my coworkers, Jessica, Brad, Brittany, and Irena.”

Tom shook all of their hands oddly happy to have the company. Tom took note that the girl he noticed earlier was Brittany. Irena apologized for her intrusiveness once again. “Oh it’s fine. No worries. So what brings you all out tonight?”

“Well we are here for sort of a going away party. Brittany, here” he put his arm around her, “She is going on an adventure. She has planned a month long trip all over the States.” Josh answered, rather excitedly.

“An adventure, you say? I was just planning one of those myself. Where will you be going?” he asked her.

Brittany smiled shyly, “Uh I’m not entirely sure yet. I have some ideas. I have a month off and have been saving for this for years. I just want to relax and go on wherever I want to go.”

Tom smiled to himself. This sounded familiar. “Bartender! Can I get a round of shots for me and my new friends?” He nodded acknowledging Tom’s request. “We must toast to you and your adventure.” The bartender passed out the shots, each took a glass for themselves. Tom raised his in the air, “To Brittany, for safe travels, an eased mind, and for the adventure of a lifetime.”

“Cheers!” They all said in unison, tipping back the warm liquid. Brittany’s cheeks were flushed. Tom wasn’t sure if it was because of the alcohol or being put on the spot. Regardless of the reason, Tom thought it was cute.

“Thank you” she said smiling at him. “So where will your adventure take you?” She asked him.

“Mine? It’s funny you ask that because, I don’t know. I figured wherever the wind takes me” he laughed.

After some time together the group began to disperse. Tom found himself alone with Brittany. “So tell me, where would you like to go?” she asked.
“Um, we’ll I would really like to visit the Northeast coast. I’ve never been there.”

“Yeah I would really like to visit Boston. That would probably be one of my stops.”

“Definitely. I love Boston. I only visited once. I’d like to go again.”

“Ah so you know your way around. That’s nice.”

“Yeah. I think this time it will be much easier to navigate.”

“Too bad you can’t go with me. I will need help” he teased laughingly.

“We’ll I could” she stopped herself when Tom looked at her with surprise on his face, “I mean not go with you but maybe we could meet there since we both want to go. I could show you around rather quickly and not take up much of your time.”

“That would be lovely but I don’t want to put you out.”
“Don’t be silly. I offered.”

“That would be great. I would appreciate that as long as I am not ruining your adventure.”

“Not at all, I’m sure we can work it out.”

“So how should we do this?”

At that moment they began planning their separate adventures together.
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