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Sid deals with Arisu being long distance and his father deals with his family coming over.

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“Text”= Japanese People Speaking
“/Text/”= English People Speaking
“+Text+”= American People Speaking
“#Text#”= Australian People Speaking
Subject: Sid
On Saturday, Sid opened up a private chat with Arisu.
“Are U. There?” he typed. He looked at the screen as he waited. Arisu’s avatar, a chibi version of her, smiled back at her. His dad yelled outside of his room. The son looked at the door and rolled his eyes.
“/F***g hell,/” he muttered to himself.
“/You could help me here, you know?!?/” his dad barked.
“/Alright,/” Sid said. “/Alright./” He pushed his chair away from his computer. The man was about to leave his room when Arisu replied back.
“Hi,” she wrote back. Sid rushed back to his computer as his dad complained aloud again.
“Where’ve you been?” he typed.
“Bt busy,” Arisu typed back.
“/Hit video button,/” he said as he typed it. “/We can talk./”
“/Sid!/” his father yelled.
“I don’t know how,” Arisu typed back.
“/Oh come on you ditsy moo, it’s the big f***g red button video,/” he mumbled to himself.
“Big red button,” he typed.
“/Sid, I need your help!/” his dad yelled again. Sid turned to the door and then back to the screen.
“Cnt find it,” Arisu typed back. Her boyfriend groaned.
“/Aw, for Christ sake,/” he muttered.
“/Big f***g red button!/” Sid said aloud as he kept clicking the button under Arisu’s avatar. Finally, the camera clicked on and Arisu sat in front of the web cam in her bra in jacket.
“/There you are,/” he said. “/Hey sexy./”
“/Jesus Christ!/” his dad shouted. Sid picked up his microphone.
“/Arisu,/” he said. “/Arisu?/” She started backing away from her own computer. Norman started yelling even more in the background.
“I don’t have a camera on this,” Arisu typed.
“/Yes, you do,/” Sid mumbled. “/Turn on your sodding speakers! Arisu!/” His girlfriend moved aside and a man sat up in her bed.
“^It’s not working?^” he asked.
“No,” she said. Sid sat there, confused and hurt.
“/Huh?/” he asked. His door fell open behind him.
“/Sid!/” his dad complained. “/For Christ sake, you made me buy that fricking Denison and I can’t make the pissin’ thing…/” He paused and looked at the screen. Arisu got up from the computer.
“/Well that’s…/” he said. Arisu walked over to the bed. She sat and took off her jacket. She giggled as Norman sat down next to his son.
“/That’s…/” he said again. His son turned to him.
“/My girlfriend,/” Sid replied.
“/Right…/” his dad said. “/So she’s in Mongolia and…/”
“/Doesn’t know I can see her,/” Sid added.
“/Right…/” his dad said again. “/Because…/” Arisu turned her back to the guy as if for him to unhook her bra.
“/Oh, f*k no!/” Sid yelled. “/Fk! Fk! F*k!/” He tried to turn off the camera as Norman looked on at him. His son finally turned off the laptop and sighed.
In Mongolia, the story was rather different. Arisu pushed her bra strap back up and sat back at Hong.
“What do you think?” she asked with a smile.
“^You are damn lovely,^” he said.
“Thanks,” she said. Hong picked up another bra.
“^The pink one’s not half bad either,^” he said. “^Yeah, Cho?^” His boyfriend walked in with a tray of bitter tea.
“^Yeah,^” he agreed. “^He’s a lucky, lucky guy, Sweet.^”
“He’s lovely,” she said. “I’m going to surprise him.” She leapt off of the bed while Cho leapt inside of it, next to his Hong.
“Look at this,” Arisu said as she got dressed. Both boyfriends eye her as she slid on a silver dress and straightened it out. She twirled around to model.
“^Vexing!^” Hong said. “^Nice, f***g E!^” His boyfriend eyes looked to him. Hong gave her a big smile.
“You think he’ll like it?” Arisu asked.
“^You’re almost turning me straight here,^” Hong admitted.
“^Love is in the air,^” Cho said. “^Huh, Hong?^”
“^Yeah, I’m feeling it,^” he agreed. They turned and shared a kiss. Arisu watched on, smiling.
In Japan, Sid sat on the couch, misery as his dad vacuum the living room. Or rather, tried to get it on to vacuum.
“/I just can’t get it to work,/” he complained. “/Shite happens./”
“/I’m sorry, but is that the best that you’ve got, dad?/” his son asked.
“/Always get my best, son,/” Norman said.
“/No, because she’s…/” Sid began to say. He took a moment to think about how he wanted to say it. “/Well, she says she loves me, but then she waltzes back off to Mongolia and now she’s f***g the whole Mongolian population./”
“/Aw, no,/” Norman said. “/I mean she’s f***g one of them./”
“/Stop trying to console me!/” Sid snapped. “/I’m inconsolable, K?/”
“/Okay, okay,/” Norman said. “/It’s just… It’s just women, you know?/”
“/Yeah, how can we compare women here?/” Sid grumbled.
“/I don’t know,/” Norman said.
“/Because mum left you because you are a total, well-championed, cretin!/” the son pointed out. His dad shook his head.
“/I’m not sure that that’s…/” he began to say.
“/And mine has done this because I’m a trusting, gullible soft touch who’s far too f***g nice for his own good!/” Sid barked. “/There’s no comparison, okay?/”
“/So you’re working it out, then?/” Norman asked. “/Didn’t you?/” He threw the vacuum to the ground.
“/Oh, what’s with this damn thing?/” he asked. He picked up the box.
“/Attach the nozzle to flank suckle… What the f**k?!?/” Norman snapped. He threw down the box. He went into another tantrum. Sid just sighed to himself. Four years of this now? Oh boy.
“/Dad,/” he said. The man turned to his son.
“/Your mother’s going to be here any minute,/” he said. “/We got to get this… We’ve got to clean it up!/” Sid leapt off of the couch.
“/And maybe…/” Norman said.
“/She’s not coming back because you tied the house, dad!/” Sid barked.
“/Yeah?/” his dad asked. “/Oh Christ./” Father and son tried to build the vacuum cleaner. Norman complained to himself even more. Sid looked up at him.
“/What time’s your dad coming over then?/” he asked.
“/Twelve,/” his dad said. “/We can do it if we concentrate!/”
“/Oh, I thought he hated you,/” Sid said.
“/Who said my dad hates me?/”
“/Well, you did, didn’t you?/”
Norman looked around for a moment. “/He’s not well./” He paused for a moment. “/He’s got a few issues./” Then, the doorbell rang. Both men looked up.
“/F**k!/” Norman yelled as he rose to his feet. “/We should have started earlier!/” Sid hurried over to the door. Ando gave him a stupid grin outside.
“Hey!” he said with a salute.
“/Ando,/” Sid said. Ando walked into the house and took hold of Sid by the shoulders.
“How are you doing, man?” he asked. He walked further into the house.
“/Not so well as it goes,/” Sid replied.
“Right,” Ando said. “Just thought that I would come around, you know, wondering if you are busy… in the bedroom department.” Sid blinked at him.
“/Huh?/” he asked.
“Your bedroom,” Ando said. “Is it currently in use?”
“/My mum is about to arrive so that she can pretend to still be married to my dad when my granddad gets here,/” Sid said.
“But this won’t take long,” Ando insisted. He grinned and walked over to the door. Sid turned, still looking confused.
“/What?/” he asked. His friend opened the door. A young Korean-Japanese girl stood on the other side. Sid looked really lost now.
“/Who is that?/” he asked.
“My girlfriend!” he bragged. Sid narrowed his eyes at him.
“/Okay…/” he said.
“Met her last summer,” Ando went on. “She’s the one. Plus, she’s only in town this weekend.”
“Hi,” Ami mumbled. Ando walked up to Sid.
“She’s Alfie’s younger cousin,” he said. “He cannot find about this and it needs to happen!” He took Sid by the hands.
“This really needs to happen,” he pleaded. “Please?” The other man didn’t speak at first.
“/Uh…/” Sid said. Ando grinned at him.
“Thanks, man!” he said. He raced over and took Ami by the hand. Sid watched as they raced up the stairs.
“/Whatever…/” he mumbled.
Outside, Matilda sat in the car with her boyfriend. He kept kissing and licking on her face. She tried to push him off.
“/Stop,/” she murmured. The boyfriend didn’t stop.
“Mmm,” he mumbled. “But, you taste so good.” Matilda pushed him off.
“/Just stop,/” she said. “/My father-in-law is coming today./”
“Ex-father-in-law,” her boyfriend said. The woman put up her hand.
“/Please,/” she said. Her boyfriend withdrew. He gave her a little pout.
“Okay,” he said. “But you have to promise me that we will make sweet, passionate love afterwards.” His hand slipped down between her thighs, fondling upwards. Matilda trembled in place.
“/Oh f*k…/” she mumbled. “/Oh fk. Oh fk. Oh f*k./” Her boyfriend kissed her on the neck again. She turned and kissed him on the lips. He groped on her breasts as he rammed his tongue down her throat.
“/Jesus Christ,/” Norman mumbled as he watched from the second floor inside the house. “/Does she have to do that in the car?/” Matilda climbed on top of her boyfriend in the car.
“/I mean what kind of f**d up relationship is it that you have to jump each other every time you have to say goodbye?/” Sid looked at him. He shrugged a bit.
“/A good one?/” he asked. Both men turned back to the snog fest outside as Matilda tried to get out of the car.
“/Jesus,/” Norman muttered. “/Jesus! Je—Bollocks!/” Moments later, Matilda watched from the front porch as her boyfriend drove away. She went inside the house that she used to call home. The woman stopped in front of the mirror and reapplied her lipstick. After fixing herself up, she walked into the living room. Matilda was shocked to find her son and ex-husband already waiting for her there by the window. Hello, awkward silence. The woman cleared her throat and smiled.
“/Hi Sid,/” she said with her arms out for a hug. Her son walked over to her.
“/Hi mum,/” he replied. Norman rose to his feet. Matilda kissed her son on the head. She looked and saw her ex-husband.
“/Norman…/” she said.
“/Hi Matilda,/” he mumbled.
“/Oh, you already, Sid?/” Matilda asked her son in her arms.
“/Yeah, I’m fine,/” her son lied as he turned to her. “/Do you smell of something?/”
“/Um… It’s just opium,/” Matilda said. “/You know? Perfume./” Her ex eyed her.
“/You hate perfume,/” he said.
“/Choji likes it,/” she said.
“/Oh… Because your mother f***g lover loves it,/” he muttered. “/Yeah great. Land of funny accents and cheap humor. Then, they eat themselves fat and happy. But that’s Osaka for ya! And Choji’s got to have his opium perfume!/”
“/He can’t help that he’s Osakan!/” Matilda hissed.
“/Yeah, who can?/” Norman snapped. His ex breathed heavily.
“/Right,/” she said. “/I should just go home./”
“/You should come home!/” Norman argued.
“/This is going to be so silly,/” she complained. “/Why on earth did you tell your father that we were together again?/”
“/After that night, you know when you stayed,/” Norman began.
“/Oh,/” Matilda said. “/Well that was just…/”
“/I mean you stayed!/” he said. “/And we… I thought…/”
“/You stayed?/” Sid asked. His parents looked up at him.
“/It was just one time,/” Matilda said.
“/Oh,/” Sid said.
“/Well you know how the old bastard loves you,/” Norman cut in. Matilda sighed.
“/I never got round to telling him you just f***g with my head,/” he went on.
“/Alright, that’s it!/” Matilda snapped. “/I’m going!/” She turned to leave.
“/Wait!/” Norman pleaded.
“/No!/” he and Sid cried. Matilda turned to them.
“/Matilda!/” Norman cried. His ex stared at him. He walked over to the vacuum cleaner.
“/I can’t make this sodding Hoover work,/” he said. His ex looked over at her son and sighed.
“/For Christ sakes,/” she hissed. The woman walked over to the man and the vacuum cleaner. The boys watched as she assembled the whole thing with no problems. They looked at each other in silence. Matilda extended the nozzle.
“/Sid,/” she said. “/You get the dishwasher./” Her eyes turned to Norman.
“/Have you hidden your cigarettes?/” she asked.
“/Oh yeah,/” he said quickly. He rushed off to do so. The man paused and turned to his ex.
“/Thanks,/” he said. Matilda said nothing. So, the house cleaning began. Sid took care of the kitchen. He paused when he heard the vacuuming upstairs. The sex noises above reminded him that Ando and his girlfriend were upstairs.
“/Oh god!/” he said. Ando was still going at it when Matilda came up to her son’s bedroom. She picked up Ami’s cotton white panties with a puzzled look and turned her attention to the bed. The woman loudly cleared her throat. The couple looked up and saw her. A shocked look came over Ando’s face.
“/Hello Wilson-san…/” he said.
“/Hello Ando,/” she said.
“/Uh… This is Ami,/” he said, introducing his girlfriend to him.
“Nice to meet you,” she said.
“Sid-kun didn’t mention you were back,” Ando said.
“/Yes,/” Matilda replied. “/Well, I’m not staying./”
“/Mum, can we talk?/” Sid asked as he raced up the stairs. “/I forgot about…/” Too late by the time he got to his room.
“/Oh shit…/” Sid mumbled. Matilda stood there with her hands on her hips.
“/Just having a lovely chat with Ando and his um… new friend,/” she said, trying to keep it together. She turned back to the boy.
“/How your grandma, Ando?/” she asked. “/I must give her a ring sometime./” Ando trembled on top of Ami.
“Yeah, yeah,” he said. “She’s fine. She’s fine! Yeah, but you know… Buddhist. She’s been a bit busy, Buddhist. Yeah… She doesn’t know I have sex.” Matilda’s eyes stayed on him the whole time.
“/Really?/” she asked. “/Well… Anyway…/” She picked up the vacuum cleaner and started to head out of the room, but not before turning back to the couple.
“/Make sure you come again soon, Ando,/” she said.
“Yeah…” he mumbled. “Thanks.” Sid made an odd face at him.
“She’s kind of scary,” Ami said. Nobody spoke.
The broken family all sat in the living room, waiting. Norman took a smoke in the silence.
“/Isn’t this nice?/” he asked.
“/Yeah,/” Matilda mumbled. “/Nice./” She turned to her son.
“/How’s Arisu?/” she asked. “/Still missing you, I bet./”
“/Actually, no,/” he said. “/I don’t think she’s missing me at all./”
“/Really?/” Matilda asked. “/How’s that?/”
“/Typical, isn’t it?/” Norman asked. “/Woman dumps him for no good reason without even explaining herself. Falls into bed with some random idiot with a big cock. You know that kind of thing?/” Matilda turned to her son.
“/That’s rotten Sid,/” she said. “/I’m sorry. I haven’t been keeping up properly./”
“/No,/” he said.
“/I could explain, but it wouldn’t make any difference,/” she said.
“/To me it would,/” Sid said.
“/You heard him,/” Norman said. “/It would’ve helped if you explained. Well, we’re all here. Let’s explain./” Matilda looked rather nervous. She was about to speak when the doorbell rang. Everyone looked up.
“/Bloody hell!/” Norman yelled as he leapt to his feet. “/He’s early! Jesus Christ!/” He snubbed out his cigarette as Matilda and Sid hurried to the door.
“/Later,/” she whispered to her son. “/Okay?/” Norman tried to fan out the smell of cigarettes.
An old man, younger man, and two twin boys stood on the other side of the door smiling.
“/Molly!/” the old man said with his arms out and open.
“/Hello, Arthur,/” she said.
“/You’re just as beautiful as ever,/” he said as he hugged her. He groped her on the ass while he was at it.
“/Sometimes when I see you, I wish I was much younger,/” he said.
“/Hello dad,/” Norman spoke up.
“/You growing grey!/” he said. “/What the hell have you been doing to yourself?/”
“/Nothing,/” Norman said.
“/Where’s my drink?/” his dad asked. The younger man smiled at Matilda.
“/Arty!/” she said. “/What a surprise!/”
“/Like hell is it,/” he said. “/I know!/” He came forward, kissed her on the cheek, and groped her. Matilda gasped.
“/You brought the boys!/” she said.
“/Aw, they’re fine,/” he said. “/I can’t have them jumping with excitement, can I?/” She nodded at him rather nervous.
“/Right…/” she said. Matilda turned to the twins.
“/Hello Thor. Hello Art,/” she said as their father went inside. The boys just stared at her in silence. Matilda drew silent from there. Sid stood behind her, watching the whole time.
All of dinner was just uncomfortable. The twins stared Sid the whole time. Arthur sniffed at his food before taking a bite.
“/It’s alright,/” he said. Everyone began to ear.
“/How the work?/” Arthur asked.
“/It’s fine,/” his son said.
“/Interesting,/” his father said.
Arthur took another bite of steak. “/What is it that you do?/”
“/Strategical analyst, dad./”
“/Ah. Yeah. Oh. Done any good analyzing lately?/”
His brother chuckled.
“/I do my best,/” Norman said.
“/Well,/” his dad said. “/As long as you do your best./”
“/Nice thing to say, dad,/” Arty said.
“/That’s the main thing,/” Arthur said. Then, Matilda’s phone rang.
“/Who is that?/” Norman asked as she picked it up.
“/Nobody,/” she lied as she shook her head. Everyone kept eating. The twins kept their eyes on Sid.
“/And Sidney,/” Arthur said. His grandson looked up at him.
“/Hm?/” he asked.
“/About finished with school, lad?/” he asked.
“/Oh, I have to do entrance exams for university, you know?/” Sid answered.
“/Entrance exams,/” the grandfather replied. “/I hear they make them nice and easy, eh?/”
“/What?/” Sid asked as he looked around. Matilda shook her head.
“/Subjects?/” Arthur asked. Sid turned back to him.
“/Oh, uh… English, drama, and psychology,/” he said.
“/Psychology?/” Arty asked. “/Best easy. No need to for psychology when you’re staring down the sight of a missile, is there?/”
“/Maybe Sidney’s going to be a strategical analyst like his father,/” Arthur said.
“/I might, if my grades are good enough,/” Sid cut in.
“/That would be good,/” the grandfather said. “/A few years in the paratroopers like Arty here That’s wisdom./” His younger son nodded.
“/You learn early,/” Arty said. “/Learn hard./” Sid looked away a bit.
“/You know, he’s taking over the business,/” the grandfather went on. Norman paused and looked up.
“/He’s what?/” he asked.
“/I’m standing aside,/” his father said. “/Because of my illness. The doctors are shaking their heads. Nae idea./”
“/Pure phenomenal, da?/” Arty asked.
“/It’s will,/” Arthur said. “/Iron will! Guts! Determination! Never say die and here I have it!/” He patted Arty on the neck. “/My legacy!/” he said.
“/Arty?/” Norman asked. “/Arty’s going to run twelve tailor shops?/”
“/Seventeen,/” his father corrected. “/There’s a new one opening in Honk Kong. I’m leaving the business in safe hands./”
“/That’s what you came to tell me?/” his older son asked.
“/Oh no,/” Arthur said. “/Wouldn’t have come for that. No, I’m down in Kyoto buying a holiday place for Arty and the little ones here. Nothing fancy./”
“/1.7 billion yen,/” Arty said.
“/Small change,/” Arthur brushed off. “/You can’t put a high price on loyalty, can you Molly?/”
“/Well no,/” Matilda said. “/But that’s not my name…/”
“/Molly, you’re a saint!/” Arthur cut in. “/A good cook is a saint./” He turned to Norman. “/And she’s saint for taking pity on you!/” he said. Norman looked at him.
“/She took you back,/” his father said. “/Lucky./”
Later, Sid played with the twins. It was hard to open up at first, but then they suggested football. So, he went and got out the soccer ball. However, they ganged up on him and beat him down before the game could start. One of them even hit him with the swing. Later, they both lied and said that he was the aggressor and Arty made him apologize to the little brats while his mother treated him. It only got worse when Arthur declared that he and the boys were staying for a couple of days.
Sid blew up the air mattress while his parents argued in the kitchen. Norman persuaded Matilda to stay longer.
“/Tell me you don’t love me!/” he barked. “/Tell me!/”
“/Tell him,/” Sid cut in. “/So that we can end this now./” Matilda was about to speak when the phone rang. After about three minutes of arguing with Choji, she decided to stay. Arthur came in and complained about the hot water, but Arty fixed it.
“/Strange,/” Sid said once it all quiet. “/Arthur, Arty, Thor, and Art. They are all named Arthur. Except you./” Norman nodded.
“/Yes,/” he said. “/Except me./”
“/Why don’t you stand up to him?/” Sid asked. His father paused in place.
“/He’s always been ill./”
“/With what?/”
Norman pressed his lips together. “/Well… It’s just… To be honest I don’t. Every time I see him, it feels like it’s going to be the last time./”
“/But he calls you stupid, useless, and a piss up./”
“/All fathers are disappointed in their sons./”
“And what about me?/”
Norman turned to him. “/Never!/”
Sid blinked at him. “/But I’m useless, stupid, and a I f**k everything I do./”
Norman put his hand on his shoulder. “/Sidney! Listen to me. Never! Never!/” Then, he walked off to bed.
That evening, Sid got on his laptop. He dialed up Arisu online.
“/Sid-kun,/” she said when she finally picked up. “/Sid-kun, you there? I found the button./” She could see his geeky avatar on the screen. He walked over to the screen on his end and turned on his camera.
“Sid-kun!” she said. “I can see you! Wow, that’s so cool.”
“/I could f***g see everything that you were doing,/” he hissed at her.
“What? Oh, god no. That was…”
“/You’re such a tit./”
“/I just thought… God, I’m so stupid. Nothing ever works out, does it? Nobody ever waits! No one ever loves anyone properly, do they?/”
“You’ve got it wrong, Sid?”
“/Just leave me alone./”
“You rang me!”
“/Oh right. Oh right!/”
“Don’t you trust me, Sid?”
“/No! I don’t trust you! You’re up there f**g Hong or whoever the f*k it is!/”
Arisu looked like she was about to cry now. “I can’t talk to you.” She shut off her computer. Sid’s own rage and sorrow began to take its toll. He smashed up his laptop and tears rolled down his cheeks. Suddenly, a car rolled up and crashed into the house.
“/Shite!/” Sid yelled. He raced outside to see Matilda’s boyfriend staggering towards the house.
“Matilda! Matilda!”
“/Hey!/” the British man yelled after him. Everyone rushed out to see what the commotion was. A wash of shock came over Matilda’s face. Choji held onto the banister.
“Matilda!” he yelled. “You come with me now!”
“/Choji, please!/” she cried.
“/Who the f**k is this?/” Arty asked. She lowered her head.
“/Choji,/” she said. “/He’s a friend./”
“/Leave him to me,/” Arty said. He charged forward, but the Osakan man shoved him down the stairs. The former military man laid there in a daze with Sid eyeing him. Norman tried to stop him, but trapped him in a headlock. Matilda had to try and calm down her boyfriend to stop the damage.
“/What the hell is this?/” Arthur asked. At that point, Norman had enough.
“/F**k off you, sad, pathetic, Scottish cunt!/” he barked. His dad looked at him in shock.
“/What?/” he asked. Norman stepped forward.
“/You heard me, you miserable sod!/” he barked. “You use me and give me hell!/” The man stumbled for a second.
“/Dad?/” Sid asked.
“/It’s okay, they were just leaving,/” his father said. “/Right now!/” Arthur blinked.
“/Fine…/” he said stunned. All of the boy left shortly. It looked like it would be a peaceful night at last.
“/Okay?/” Sid asked Norman as his father took a smoke.
“/Yeah,/” he said over his whiskey. Sid took a seat next to him.
“/I think I dumped Arisu,/” he said. “/She’s with some guy./”
“/Bah, they’re always with some guy,/” Norman said. “/But if they are really special, you make sure that guy is you./” Sid nodded and went off to bed. He paused and turned to him.
“/Thanks dad,/” he said. Norman shrugged.
“/No problem, son,/” he said. His son smiled and went off to bed. Norman sat in his chair humming to himself. However, Sid awoke to a cruel surprise in the morning.
When he headed off to school, the man found his father dead in his armchair as he was planning to apologize to Arisu. (His little cousin drew on that sexy poster of Arisu in bed above his bed.) Not knowing what else to do, Sid went off to school in a shock. He couldn’t even focus for the whole day. Simon noticed that something was wrong and took him out to the club. The sounds and his loneliness only drowned him in misery to the point of breaking down. Simon ended up taking him home. Sid broke down into tears at the sight of his father’s corpse.
“/Dad…/” he whimpered. His best friend closed Norman’s eyes. By the next morning, Sid got on the bus to the airport to Mongolia. Ironically, Arisu was on the bus to the airport to Japan.
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