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Yo :P

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Hey you awesome fuckers. (I'm being nice btw..)

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(Big Ass Mother Fuckers,which is a good thing.)

Here's how my day went.

Lesson 1:Science.

Work,Work and more work.
While having a cool convo about video games.
Science is incredibly fun now.

Lesson 2:French.

Revision for our french test,which will happen next week on a random day we have french.


I was sat drawing.
A couple of year 10's (I think..) sat next to me.
They kissed.

And here is what I thought.
Well,what Gerard had said in my mind.

If only I was there with you,we could do that...

If only.

Lesson 3:Food Tech.

I made marble cake,and it is fucking lush.
It is.
Mine went into lunchtime.
The cooking time,not the actual cake.


Sat alone at the table,with Gerard singing through my headphones.

Lesson 4:Maths.

Nothing new.
Just a ton of work,and time going slow as fuck.

Lesson 5:Art.

Last lesson of the day was Art.
My fave subject.
We were doing our flag sculptures again.
We stop them at Half Term,which is in 3 weeks.

I'm a kitty cat.



I updated my fic today.



xo Sadie xo
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