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Auditions For My First Story

by GoldenSkies 6 Reviews

Yeah, auditions! Yay!

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  • Auditions For My First Story

    (#) CyanideSuicide 2013-02-01 11:26:16 PM

    Name (full please!): Muzzy Samantha Star

    Nickname(s): None

    Age (15-18): 17

    Looks: blonde curly hair pulled back into two buns with straight bangs, green eyes, pale, 5ft7, she wears thick leggings with different prints on them, various colored long sleeve tops and different colored vests with hoods, and sneakers

    Personality: a bit shy around adults and people of authority but is outgoing when you get to know her, witty, loves to make movie references, loves museums and things like that

    Anything else you wanna add: I'd your looking for a good fanfic there's one I forgot the name but its a panic! Story about a blind girl and she becomes friends with the band. It's really good. Also you can change anything you want to :)
  • Auditions For My First Story

    (#) Sam41 2013-02-02 08:41:48 AM

    Name (full please!): Sam Wesley Alexx
    Nickname(s): Alexx, Lex, Wes (nearly never goes by Sam)
    Age (15-18): 16
    Looks: Hair dyed like Jack Barakat's skunk hair, shoulder length, worn messily down; silver-blue eyes with a light tint of green, 5"6.5, about 123 pounds
    Wears a lot of band stuff (Asking Alexandria, Suicide Silence, All Time Low, BVB, blink 182, Sum 41, Billy Talent, Green Day etc.), with a pair of bright or ripped skinnies and her signature converse and 'Anthem Made' brand beanie
    Personality: Laid back, yet really bubbly and happy; randomly starts singing and really doesn't care what you think
    Anything else you wanna add: She always blasts her music, no matter what song is playing; Ohmysquidgy, yes..please let's be friends :D
  • Auditions For My First Story

    (#) lastcallforsin 2013-02-02 09:19:59 AM

    Name (full please!): Brooklynn Nikole Chastain

    Nickname(s): Brook

    Age (15-18): 17

    Looks: 5'6", slim but with curves, long, wavy, dark brown hair, light brown eyes, pale olive skin. Clothing style is pretty normal: skirts, dresses, jeans, shorts, blouses, t-shirts, sweaters, any type of shoes, any type of accessories. Pretty much if it's cute, it'll be worn!

    Personality: friendly, caring, witty, blunt, honest, funny, sarcastic, nerdy, adventurous, stubborn, confident yet shy, open-minded, smart, realistic

    Anything else: Do tattoos count? If so, anchor and rope tattoo on right hip. Rope comes out to write a quote above the pant line, saying "Smooth seas never make for more skillful sailors.
  • Auditions For My First Story

    (#) LaurentheHuman 2013-02-02 12:47:33 PM

    Name (full please!): Lauren Human
    Age (15-18): 15
    Looks: Long, curly, bright blue hair. Big, light brown eyes. Short and petite.
    Personality: Bright and happy. Confident. She doesn't really think before she speaks. Affectionate. Loves making people smile/blush.

    Anything else you wanna add: HI! Yes. Let's be friends. ^-^
    The one Mazy up there is talking about is 'I May Be Blind But I See More Than You Know' by ReddyDevil.
    It's actually really good. Link:
  • Auditions For My First Story

    (#) atomickilljoy 2013-02-02 02:28:33 PM

    Name (full please!): Jennifer Flores

    Nickname(s): Jen

    Age (15-18): 15

    Looks:Hair- black, wavy, shoulder length
    Eyes- brown
    Skin- light brown

    Personality: very sweet, happy, loves making people laugh, is violent if you make her angry, doesn't get mad easily.

    Anything else you wanna add: She's Mexican American

    You like Panic!, so we're automatically family. C:
    I'm AJ :D

    Check out any stories by xXPerfectTomorrowXx or ReddyDevil.

    Or KaleidoscopeEyes
  • Auditions For My First Story

    (#) Qhodi 2013-02-07 10:33:39 PM

    Name (full please!): Anna Tiphani(Tiffany) Connor
    Nickname(s): None that she cares to repeat.
    Age (15-18): 18
    Looks: 5 foot 1, 120lbs, She has a bit of muscle. Dark brown hair that reaches just past her shoulders. Caramel colored eyes. Pretty tan looking. She prefers wearing skinny jeans(shorts if it's over 90 degrees out) Any kind of t-shirt, she's not choosey. Her bedwear is a tanktop and cookie monster pajamas. She also has a cookie monster hat that she likes to wear around her house, she's not comfortable wearing it out in public.
    Personality: Tough, intimidating. She prefers the company of a few people, crowds make her feel out of place. She's slowly learning to be friendly towards people but she still has some issues about trusting people she doesn't know well. Enjoys cooking. A morning person. Secretly loves cute things but she doesn't openly admit it. Overly nice people make her suspicious, she believes that they're just faking it.

    Anything else you wanna add: She's left-handed. loves yellow rockstars and sour candy.

    Scars: She has one on the bottom of her foot from stepping on a piece of glass when she was little.

    Tattoos: She has musical notes tattooed all the way around her left wrist.

    History: Anna grew up being made of fun of by her classmates. So she's grown cold towards people that remind her of them. She can put up a confident front around anyone but it's just her defense mechanism. She has a younger sister, Melanie, and an older brother, Daniel. Her parents got divorced and she ended up living with her dad while her younger sister went to live with their mom and her older brother decided to move out altogether.

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