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The Vamps of Cemetery Drive

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Here, the whole gang of vampires in Cemetery Drive.

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Nights go on and no sign of the Reverend.

Frank the Leathermouth spat as he gazed up at the moon that told him nothing. A chilly breeze swept his hair over his reddening eyes. Lines of black ash forming crude X's slashed over his eyelids. He had on a deep contemplating look as the shaded of red under his eyes deepened and made more vivid with his eyes growing brighter. His grim face suddenly lit up as he listened to the faint sound of laughter coming from the mausoleum.

A spotted dog, a dog named Boy, came running towards him with his white tail wagging wildly behind him. He was apparently running away from the laughter that grew louder and louder as the night grew quieter. Frank took the dog in his arms and rubbed his head with a pallid hand.

"Frightened, aren't you?"

The laughing lunatics went on. But Frank understood why his friends were in hysterics. In this night of a full moon, everyone's been feeling jittery over the disappearance of one of their own - the Reverend.

Frank stood up as Boy jumped off from his arms. He watched the dog disappear into the darkness. He was barking just as loudly as those who were laughing madly in the mausoleum. He squinted his eyes to try and discern what is was that excited Boy.

A moon bathed figure emerged from the darkness. Boy was following at his ankles.

It was the Reverend.

Frank watched the solemn figure make his way through the tall weed. As his friend and master drew near, he noticed a tired countenance, a sadness to his usually smiling face. Sorrow was a heavy burden, and as the breeze blew the Reverend's long black hair, Frank found himself with a broken heart, for sorrow weighed upon him also. Despite Boy's constant pawing at his uncles, the Reverend gave Frank a look that seemed detached from everything.

"Gerard" said Frank, placing a hand on his friend's shoulder.

"Gather everyone" replied the weary soul, "Something has come up."

Frank gave him a questioning look, but seeing as his gaze was avoided, he turned away and ran to the black marble structure where all the laughing took place. Gerard watched Frank swiftly run to the mausoleum to alert the others of his presence. He sat down on a nearby rock, and realized with his shaking limbs that he had tired himself from his journey. He looked at the place where he had come from, just to see if Mother War had followed him home. But he only saw Boy sniffing at the ground, eventually tired from trying to catch his attention.

And he thought of his Helena, the source of all his joys and sorrows at that very moment. He was given a little hope, when he had heard of Helena sighted in Bella Muerte, that God-forsaken place. It had been some three years since he last saw her. She was still so very young...a teenager, innocent and unassuming.

Helena was roughly only thirteen when he took her away from her home. She was a frightened child at first, when she came to live with him. She was always so scared of the dark, and vampires. But he had cared for her, loved her, as if she were his own. But years of subtleties and happiness had taken all the fear from her, and then she loved him too and was completely his.

Gerard found himself looking at the full moon, who seemed to sympathize with him. It was during nights like these...nights of full moons...when Helena would suddenly run out the door just to look at the moon at her perigee.

"It's so big. The moon."




"It's beautiful."

Helena used to say that as she sat on this very rock.

A lump in his throat made him swallow hard and clench his fists to remind him of his anger. He heard soft footfalls on the grass.

They have come. Frank eyed Gerard from where he was walking behind Ray who in turn was looking at Gerard with a questioning look. Mikey was the first to speak.

"Gerard, what's going on?"

"There's been a new development" he replied, surprised that the lump in his throat did not fail him.

Everyone in the gang gathered around him to listen to what he has to say. Gerard relayed the events of days past, and all that were revealed to him by Mother War.

Frank scoffed at the very name.
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