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Want a one-shot?

by MCR-99 12 Reviews

I'm willing to write one-shots for you guys. Auditions below.

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  • Want a one-shot?

    (#) cj_warner94 2013-02-02 07:45:11 AM

    Name of one-shot: Romeo and juliets sister
    Catagory: MCR
    Any pairings?: me and danger days Gerard

    Your name: Christy gold
    Age (will do any age): 18 in this FIC
    Looks: short black hair, brown eyes, curvy, 5'6"
    Personality: nice, kind, creative, caring and loving
    likes: singing, drawing, acting and helping people
    dislikes: bullies, peacocks.
    Anything else: umm can gee be my sisters boyfriend but he falls for me please? And I drive a motor bike :)

    Author's response

    Okay Christy you got it!

    will be up now!
  • Want a one-shot?

    (#) xXchickenwithatacoXx 2013-02-02 07:50:23 AM

    Name of one-shot:
    Catagory: MCR!!! :'D
    Any pairings?: Can err. . Gerard be my father is this?? Instead of a pairing? :3

    Your name: Mia WAY (I'm his kid in this)
    Age (will do any age): 5 c:
    Looks: small as hell, big dark brown eyes, jet black hair in ringlets with a thick fringe
    Personality: bubbly, hyper, sweet when I want to be, talkative, impulsive, adventurous, easily scared
    likes: exploring places, sour candy, my Little Pony, the color purple, horror movies, bubbles, bats
    dislikes: being yelled at, meeting new people, people who stare at me, heights, spiders
    Anything else: In this could it be where Gerard takes me to the fair and I get lost. . then when he finds me he's really angry and it looks like he's going to hit me so I start crying and he hugs me and everything's okay?


    Author's response

    You got it Mia!
  • Want a one-shot?

    (#) ColorfulShadow 2013-02-02 08:14:34 AM

    Name of one-shot: The Guitarist and the Pianist
    Catagory: My Chem :)
    Any pairings?: A Frasmine! A.K.A me and Frank :D

    Your name: Jasmine Price.
    Age (will do any age): 16 in this. Like a high school fic.
    -Hair: dark brown with dirty blonde highlights. Mid back length and layered. Side fringe and straight.
    -Eyes: dark brown that turn golden brown in the light.
    -Skin: pale
    Anything else with looks: I'm curvy and skinny. And I have a scar on my back
    Personality: shy when I first meet a person but I open up once I get to know you. Quiet yet loud around friends. Music maker. Funny. Artistic. Sweet and kind. Just don't piss me off.
    likes: playing piano, animals, roses, Hello Kitty, hats and beanies, mini dresses, fishnets, and Tim Burton movies.
    dislikes: posers, sluts, getting called hot or sexy, very LOUD people, closed spaces, not getting any privacy, people who sneak up on me playing piano or making music
    Anything else: I look forward to this :D

    Author's response

    KK Jasmine!
  • Want a one-shot?

    (#) Sam41 2013-02-02 08:35:15 AM

    Name of one-shot: I Won't Fall Down Again
    Catagory: FOB
    Any pairings?: Pete/OC

    Your name: Kacey Lee Warner (my newest OC)
    Age (will do any age): 17
    Hair- (worn messily down, same length)
    Hazel eyes with a brown tint, 5"5, 124 pounds, has a natural colour to her (not pale at all)
    Personality: Laid back, gets shy if she likes you, very outgoing
    likes: Music, drawing, having a good time
    dislikes: Being told to chill out, not being able to fall asleep
    Anything else: She's in a band; OHOHOH
    Can it be a song fic for the song 'Someone, Somewhere' by Asking Alexandria :3
  • Want a one-shot?

    (#) Sam41 2013-02-02 08:36:04 AM

    Anything else: Plays bass and sings in said band (I AM AN IDIOT SO SORRY)
  • Want a one-shot?

    (#) FrankIsMySexGod 2013-02-02 09:16:49 AM

    Name of one-shot: Couple's are a dog's best friend
    Catagory: MCR
    Any pairings?: Franina please. :D

    You know all my information, but can I be 20 in this fic or something? And can it be Frank and I meeting for the first time after school, and I'm walking a dog from the shelter because it's my job and I love it, and Frank's walking one of his dogs, and they start sniffing each other so Frank and I start catching up, and he confesses his feelings for me, and he kisses me, and yeah. FLUFF PLEASE! :D xx

    Author's response

    Okayy Penina!


    I ship dat now.

    I've gone ghetto lol.
  • Want a one-shot?

    (#) xxMikeyxx 2013-02-02 09:28:10 AM

    Name of one-shot: Acting the part of a lover

    Catagory: MCR

    Any pairings?: Me and Mikey, can Mikey be my drama teacher?

    Your name: Amy

    Age (will do any age): 15

    Looks: You know

    Personality: Quiet yet when she acts she can be a different person

    likes: You know

    dislikes: You know

    Anything else: Wants to be an actress

    I don't mind smut, if you wanna you can but don't worry too much about it

    Author's response

    Okay Amy!

    'Teacher-pupil love..' nice ;)
  • Want a one-shot?

    (#) Hozzie 2013-02-02 09:51:30 AM

    Name of one-shot: can't think of one, sorry 3:
    Catagory: MCR
    Any pairings?: can I be Gerard's daughter please? :3

    Your name: Hozzie (Hollie) Nicole Way
    Age (will do any age): 6
    Looks: waist-length black hair straight but curly at the bottom, pale white skin, blue eyes, small and skinny, long eye-lashes.
    Personality: shy. Gullible. Friendly. Funny. Scaredy-cat. Crybaby.
    likes: her Dad, hugs, music, watching TV, reading, writing, drawing, singing, playing piano, making people smile.
    dislikes: scary movies, being yelled at, the dark.
    Anything else: nope ;L

    Love Hozzie

    Author's response

    K Hozzie.
    What do you want the one-shot to be about,I canthink of the name then.

    xo Sadie
  • Want a one-shot?

    (#) Hozzie 2013-02-02 10:23:19 AM

    Uhh can it be that I wake up with nightmares and Gerard has to comfort me or something? I don't know :')

    Thanks! :D

    Love Hozzie

    Author's response


    OOh! perfect title

    'I Had A Nightmare,Daddy..'

    cool huh?
  • Want a one-shot?

    (#) BeccaIsNotOnFire 2013-02-02 10:34:22 AM

    Name of one-shot: The Girl in the Coffee Shop
    Catagory: Fall Out Boy
    Any pairings?: Me and Pete ^-^

    Your name: Missy
    Age (will do any age): 21
    Looks: Long, straight, purple hair with side fringe. Wide, brown eyes with heavy, black, flicked eyeliner. Pale skin, short, too skinny.
    Personality: Smart, kind, funny, witty, sarcastic, prankster, cheeky, flirty, wild, hyper, chaotic, caring, loving, strong willed, short tempered and can be violent if needed.
    likes: Music, singing, drawing, art, photography,
    dislikes: Spiders, oranges, spicy foods and mean people
    Anything else: nope.

    Author's response

    Cool,I'll start it tommorrow..

    I'm guessing it'll be Pete falling for you..

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