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The Embarrasment of Parents.

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Something I saw off of a danisnotonfire youtube video. Here's my story.

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Hey peopleies!

(peopleies-plural of people,which is plural for person)

So,I was watching a Danisnotonfire youtube vid today of when his parent's embarrased him.
I remembered when my parents embarrased me,so I thought I'd tell you the story in full detail.
Get comfy.

So,last wednesday,I was walking up to ASDA to get my weekly Kerrang! Magazine.Mum had walked up the road with the dog,but she didn't come into the shop with me.
We were walking towards the infant school just down the road from us,Penhale.
It was about 3pm,so the little kids were coming out of school.
We were walking past the gates when this white woman with a couple of coloured kids came out the gate,one was holding a green balloon.
The little kid with the balloon hit my dog on the nose with it!
So my mum was like "no you don't do that!".
And the woman was like "you can't talk to him like that! you're a stranger!"

You see where this is going...

So,my mum ended up arguing with some woman.
It was very embarrasing.

Do you have any stories of embarassment?

[side notice: No one has used my blog support thing I made.. :( ]

I'll start writing Amy's and Hozzie's oneshots now okay?

xo Sadie
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