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Moving to twilight town changes a few lives

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Author's note and disclaimer. I own nothing here only the original story idea. as usual a big thanks to Muzai, Yuuzai and Sukui for letting me bounce ideas off them and letting me borrow some ideas of theirs.
Warning:: some Yaoi, possible Yuri, language, angst possible adult situations (any sex will be on the Live journal version only.)
Pairings:: unknown

Model behavior
By Tsumi

"What did I do to get myself into this situation?" The blonde youth asked himself. His white over shirt got caught on a nail and he loosened it with a jerk. He almost slipped and his fingers scrabbled for a hand hold, catching the drainpipe. Creaking loudly he realized it wouldn't hold his weight much longer. He looked up at his room window sighing. "It's all that asshole's fault."

Roxas Strife was your typical rebellious teenager, having recently turned sixteen he did what ever his father told him not to do. This normally meant sneaking out at all hours and hoping his brother and best friend would cover for him. His latest sneaking out had been to meet a guy his father had specifically told him to avoid, so of course he convinced his older brother to cover for him and snuck out to see him. He had caught the guy with a girl and had angrily confronted him afterwards. The guy had simply dumped him then and there and now not even an hour after sneaking out he was sneaking back in. He slipped again and as a head poked out of the window just above him and he squeaked.
"Roxas?" the voice was sleepy with just an edge of concern.
"Yeah A little help brother?"
"Why should I?"
"Because if dad catches me here I'll be grounded and you can't go out by yourself."
"Fine, but there's always our friends."
"Come on Sora."
"Should I tell you I told you so now or till you are inside?"
"Inside." He slipped a little.
"Okay keep your shirt on." The head pulled back and a few minutes later a rope made of his sheet came down to his level. He grabbed onto it and climbed up.
Sora was holding the other end which was tied to the post of his bed which sat to the left of the window. He pulled the rope up after his brother.
The room the two shared was small but held a set of bunk beds a desk, an entertainment center with a TV and VCR with a Playstation 2. There was also a book shelf with only a few books and alot of pictures of their friends. On a table beside the beds was a lamp that looked like coral light fish swimming around it. Sora's bed which was the top was covered in green sheets and a fluffy green quilt while Roxas' was blue in the same style. The two had long outgrown the cute matched twin phase but a few things still remained. Roxas sat on his bed and Sora sat beside him.
"What happened? You weren't even gone an hour and it takes twenty minutes to get there."
"He's an asshole."
"So is this where I say I told you so or threaten to kill him?"
"Both." Roxas looked over at his brother who scooted closer and put an arm around his shoulder.
"So what happened?"
"He was cheating." He frowned and looked down at his hands.
"Sorry Roxas I didn't want to be right." He said truthfully.
"It's not that bad after all he was just my first boyfriend."
"Hey at least you've had a date, I've never been on one."
"You could ask Kairi."
"no way she's like a sister."
"Shot you down huh?"
"Yeah." He looked down at him. "I'm going to bed, go on you too."
"Yes brother." Roxas got up and changed as Sora started to head back up to his bed.
"Yeah Roxas?"
"It's been awhile but could you stay with me?"
"Okay." He climbed back down and joined Roxas cuddling up to his brother on his bed. The two of them fell asleep quickly to the sound of eachother's breathing.


"Stand still, there, Perfect." the camera clicked and the young man who posed infront of it slumped decorously against the tree he was leaning against. The camera clicked again and he looked up pushing silver bangs out of his jade colored eyes.
"What that was even better than the last one." the youth with the camera smiled, his own silver hair brushed his shoulders his jade eyes glinting with mischief.
The model shook his head and sighed. They were nearly identacle the elder's hair was longer almost brushing his butt he wore blue jeans and a yellow and black shirt which hugged his graceful curves. He smiled at his younger brother. The young's silver hair was only shoulder length and his bangs were neatly brushed back out of his face. His clothes were black with white and silver trim he held a digital camera and was busily looking through the pictures on it.
"You said the last shot was perfect."
"It was but the last last one was even better."
` "Miki."
`""come on Riku you're the model you stand there and look perfect and as the photographer I try and find the best way to show you off to the world." He deleted a few pictures as Riku walked over to look over his shoulder most of the pictures were of Riku in various poses.
"You say that everytime." Riku told him.
"the professor says it you know."
"Yeah I know. that one's nice."
"that one's the best."
"Yeah it was the one I just took." His brother smirked over his shoulder at him.
"Fine you were right." He looked at his watch. "Come on little brother we have to meet pops at the restaurant at noon."
"Right let's go."

The walked from the park to their father's work a fine restaurant in a good part of the city. they entered and the hostess smiled.
"Riku, Miki your just in time your father's break it in a few minutes let me show you a table."
"thanks Sara."
they were led to a table near the kitchen and a waitress approached. "Hey boys Tea and Coke right?"
"As always Anna."
"Be right back boys." she winked at them.

The resturaunt had a very laid back kind of atmosphere for all that it was a better place to eat. It was good place to take your family for a meal but not the best place for a date. Alexander's was owned by an older man who was trying to open other restaurants around the country.

Their drinks arrived along with a third glass of water and were followed by a tall silver haired man in a chef's uniform. He looked alot like the boys and carried a tray of three plates.
"Hello father."
"Yo pops."
"Miki, Riku." He sat the tray down and took a seat across from his sons.
"You wanted to see us pops?" Riku dug into his food.
` "Yes." he steepled his hands and looked at the two boys. "How would you like moving?"
"Moving?" Riku asked.
"Twilight town a new Alexander's is due to open there in a month the boss wants me to go as the chef I told him I would think on it."
"We should go pops a change of scenery might be good."
"It'll be great."
"so both of you agree?"
"Yes." they said at the same time.
"Good, now how are your pictures coming Miki?"
"Great I got a wonderful shot of Riku earlier."
They finished lunch and the boys headed home to see what had to be done and started to look for a place to stay in their new home.

The phone woke Cloud at nine in the morning, He grumbled at it then answered the annoying piece of plastic.
"Strife residence this had better be important."
"Hey spike sorry for the early call but I wanted to catch you before you went out to the site. "
"What is it Zack?"
"Well Aerith's brother called last night and he's moving out here apparently Aerith is recruiting help for moving and looking up houses and stuff."
"What are you talking about?"
"Well that place next door to your is still for sale right?"
"Okay thanks i gotta get back on set it's my shot i'll explain when your coherent. later." Zack hung up.
"Kill Zack." cloud muttered slamming the phone down and trying to go back to sleep.


Zack whistled to himself as he stepped up to the area for the photo shoot in only a pair of flashy silver swim trunks with a white towel over his shoulder. Four other models were sitting around on the smooth sand of the beach. A young man of about nineteen with spiky shocking red hair and green eyes he wore a deep green speedo. A fifteen year old girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes in a blue bikini with a gauzy over shirt. Another blonde girl a few years older also in a bikini but a yellow one with a skirt over piece decorated with orange flowers, and another man closer to Zack's' age with auburn hair in a pony tail and a pair of swim trunks with a red horse across the front. The red head smirked at him.
"Hey Zack saying good morning to your babe?"
"Nah talking to my friend my brother-in-law is moving here with his kids so Aerith wants some help."
"that sounds great." Namine the younger blonde girl smiled.
"Well they are around your age nami and one of them is trying to be a model. wonder if the boss'd hire him."
"Who knows but if you would all get in position we have work to do." The photographer a young man about Nami's age, with Black hair and brown eyes in a red tank top and blue shorts he was looking over the equipment
"Right Pence how do you want us?"
"Nami Larxene over on those rocks. Irvine I want you in the surf and make sure you get wet."
"Yes boss." Irvine grinned.
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