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Chapter one

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“ What? No of [/course/] I’m not fricking dead! I’m talking to you on the phone ain’t I?”

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Chapter one

I put on my thick black duffel coat over my sweater and replaced my now sodden converse with a pair of leather boots while Frank put on a thick Nirvana sweater over his sleeveless Misfits shirt, his red puffer jacket and his white graffiti covered boots. I helped Mikey shrug on his long thick trench coat and lace up his knee high black boots before putting on a red scarf and gloves. Frankie put on his skeleton gloves and black scarf which had white skulls printed on it and a pair of Batman ear muffs much to our amusement.
“We ready to go?” I asked as I finished writing a note to my and Mikey’s parents and leaving it on the table.
“Yeah gimme a second.” Mikey said in a sing song voice as he frowned in annoyance, struggling to put on his gloves and scarf.
Both I and Frankie waited patiently until it seemed pretty obvious Mikey wasn’t getting anywhere. Frank smiled sympathetically and gave him a hand.
“I call shot gun!” he yelled suddenly, running outside-and tripping slightly in the process.
Mikey looked outraged, “Hey no fair! I'm the invalid one! I should get it!” he yelled running after him.
“Too bad fucker! Ain't fast your last!” Frank called back.
“Okay that's it!” 
I blinked as I saw Frank and Mikey having a snow ball fight, Frankie having the upper hand seeing as how Mikey could use only one hand.
“My god you guys are such big kids.” I said, shaking my head though I grinned.
Suddenly I was hit by a snowball. I blinked in shock then shook my head, causing snow drops to fly from my now snow covered hair, as I frowned, “What the actual fuck?” I called while Mikey laughed.
“We heard that you fucker!” Frank called giggling.

“I’ll call up Ray.” I offered as we got in my old but classic 1960’s car I got from a friend Dennis, who had decided to go for a more ‘modern’ design. Can’t beat a good old classic muscle car. 
“No way, you are the one driving.” Frank said quickly snatching my cell out of my fingers, “And no way am I spending Christmas in a hospital ward, because you crashed into a freaking lamp post.”
I huffed childishly while Mikey started giggling in the back. Frank smirked slightly as he pocketed my cell while I pouted, starting up the engine before pulling out the driveway.
Frank whistled for a few seconds as he fiddled about with the radio, frowning slightly when nothing played. I bit back a laugh, keeping my eyes on the road.
“Okay seriously what the fuck is wrong with this thing?” he asked throwing his hand up in defeat.
I simply shrugged while Mikey sniggered quietly. Frank narrowed his eyes at me before fighting with the radio again, pressing random buttons. When nothing happened…
“Fuck this.” He mumbled-and whacked the radio.
“Wow dude watch it!” I said hastily, pulling his hand back before he could try any more violent attacks on the thing, “Dude it’s a priceless antique radio-”
“Which works as well as a worn out bucket with holes in the bottom.” he cut in flatly.
“In a classic 1960’s car.” I finished patiently, ignoring his comment while Mikey laughed, “You don’t just, just whack it!” I said exasperated, gesturing at the radio.
“Well I thought seeing as how it works like a piece of junk, I thought treating it like one would help.” Frank said mulishly, frowning in a defiant way as if that settled the matter.
I sighed, “Frank honey, do you know anything about cars?” I asked weakly.
“No, not really, but what I do know that this…thing is as old as a horse drawn cart back in the 1940’s.” Frank said still frowning as he gestured around the car.
I rolled my eyes while Mikey sounded like he was going to take a fit he was laughing so hard.
“It’s not a ‘thing’ Frankie; it’s a classic 1960’s vintage American muscle car.” I informed him tartly.
“And it works as well as I do in chemistry class.” he said stubbornly, “In other words, it doesn't.”
“You seriously don’t appreciate good old fashioned cars Frank.” I said shaking my head.
“Well seeing as how you know so much about it, you work the freaking thing.” Frank said moodily as he folded his arms and pouted.
I rolled my eyes again and turned the radio on which began blasting out a rock station.
Mikey burst out laughing while Frank stared blankly at the radio, “How the bloody fuck did you, what, how, why, how!” he spluttered, looking at me in amazement as if I just worked out how to stop global warming.
“Maybe it was because I pressed the button that said on maybe?” I suggested smirking. 
Mikey was now biting down on his knuckles while Frank gaped at me then huffed loudly pouting again as he looked out the window. I just laughed in amusement.
”And now we have this new punk rock band I think down by law”. a female voice was saying.
Frank stared at the radio.
“What the hell is going on here? Can we please have a radio DJ that actually knows different styles of music? That too much to ask for these days?” he asked looking exasperated.
I and Mikey started laughing.
“No seriously, how can she think their a punk rock band? Either they are or they aren’t. Should fucking study before they jam god damn it.” Frank ranted, “Down by law aren't even a new band.”
I raised my eyebrows at him as he glared outside the window, mumbling something about DJs not knowing anything but pop shit and how my car ran as good as a freaking bucket on wheels under his breath while Mikey giggled hysterically. Frank must have seen my expression in the window's reflection because he looked round at me.
"What?" he asked slightly defensive.
"You finished?" I asked sweetly.
"Finished what?"
"Oh I don't know um, maybe with dissing my car and mouthing off about the radio station perhaps?" I suggested innocently.
I felt my mouth twitch slightly in amusement as I heard Mikey giggling like a three year old in the back seat while Frank blinked at me blankly.
"Um...maybe?" he suggested meekly; I let out a snort of laughter while Mikey giggled insanely, "Are we there yet?" he asked suddenly.
I raised my eyebrows, "Does it look like it?" 
"I don't know, I can't see with all this freaking snow in the way." Frank moaned wiping the window with his gloved hands.
I resisted the temptation to slap myself while Mikey bit down so hard on his knuckles I wouldn't be surprised if they had started to bleed.
"Frank, sweetie, I love you and everything, but you're acting like a total moron." I said honestly, taking a turn.
"What?! How am I a-"
"It's snowing outside, not inside. Wiping the window inside this 'bucket on wheels' as you call it, isn't going to solve anything." I pointed out to him, smirking slightly.
A look of realization appeared on my boyfriends' face, "Oh yeah." he said slowly before hitting me on the shoulder making me yelp, "Damn it Gee why didn't you tell me that?"
I opened my mouth to reply in defence but thought better of it and settled with just shaking my head in exasperation. Suddenly I took a turn a bit too sharply and skidded slightly on the ice. Mikey and Frank slid in their seats, heads hitting off the grey stained windows while the car continued to slide.
“Fuck!” I all but screeched, starting to panic as I quickly got control of the car.
“Damn it Gerard I knew Mom and Dad shouldn't have let Grandma Elena teach you how to drive! I knew it!” Mikey all but shrieked in outrage at the possibility his older brother could have ended his short life as an eighteen year old. 
“Oh be quiet four eyes or I'll break your other arm.” I said letting out a sigh of relief, “Stupid fucking ice.” I growled in annoyance, “Stupid fucking road gritters too fucking busy having fucking snowball fights to do their job in preventing fucking road accidents and stupid fucking government for letting those fuckers get that fucking job.”
“Oh sure blame the government why don't you?” Mikey said rolling his eyes as he rubbed his forehead as if it would make the pain fade faster, “That totally works, let's blame them for letting them grant you a fucking driving license while we're at it.”
“Hey don't make me come back there motherfucker.” I said sharply.
“Like to see you try that.” Mikey said sounding smug.
I growled in annoyance and made way to get out of my seat and strangle the little shit, only for my boyfriend to pull me back.
“Hey you're driving, have you forgotten that?” he asked.
“Oh yeah.” I said slowly, realizing.
Mikey sniggered and I glared at him in the side mirror, making plans to get payback on that fucker, each getting more violent the longer we sat in the traffic, me tapping the steering wheel.
“Oh man.” Mikey suddenly choked out, “You are so whipped in this relationship bro.”
I growled, “Michael, if you love playing bass as much as you say you do, it’s best if you keep your mouth shut.” I said through gritted teeth.
Mikey paled and instantly clamped up. Frank glared at me and I looked at him.
“What?” I asked, slightly defensively as the traffic now moved.
Frank rolled his eyes then smacked me across the head.
“Ouch! What the bloody hell was that for?!” I yelped indignantly.
“Quit threatening your younger brother like that! He might have broken his arm for crying out loud. Quit being a jerk to him.” Frankie scolded me. Yeah scolded me. My four feet nine, nine stone, six months younger than me boyfriend, just scolded me. Whatever happened to me being the dominant one in this relationship exactly?
“But he started it!” I said indignantly while Mikey stuck his tongue out at me.
“I don’t care if the old man upstairs started it, quit being mean to him. He’s invalid and so has the right to be an annoying little prick.” Frank said tartly.
Mikey’s jaw all but dropped. I simply smirked smugly and flipped him off. Frank rolled his eyes then began head banging to the music mow successfully blasting out of the radio-well he was. Until he hit his head off the dashboard that is.
“The car assaulted you?” I asked him raising my eyebrows as I tried to bite back a laugh.
Mikey on the other hand was laughing hysterically.
I resisted hitting my own head off the dashboard at that.
“Frank, babe, how exactly can the car assault you? It’s not as if it’s got hands and decided to punch you. Once it does, then tell me it assaulted you. Until then, maybe you should stop head banging in the car as hard as you do and you won’t hit your head of the damn dashboard.” I replied tartly.

Frank looked lost for a reply and just settled by blowing a raspberry at me as he flipped me off, making me roll my eyes, “Nice, mature.” I replied sarcastically.
Mikey sniggered as he took out his cell and mad a call while me and Frank had a childish argument.
“Hey, Ray, it’s Mikey. Um could, you possibly meet me up at the hospital?”
I stopped half way through my sentence of calling my boyfriend a dumbass retarded leprechaun which would probably earn me a whack to the head to frown slightly at Mikey in the rear view mirror. Was it just me or did Mikey sound a little bit flat? Surely he couldn’t be that pissed off at his boyfriend cause he didn’t show up earlier. I know Mikey has a short temper but not that short. I looked over at Frank who was reflecting the same look of confusion which was probably etched on my face. He noticed me looking at him and shrugged.
“Yeah I got shocked again,. No it wasn’t from sticking a fork in the toaster like last time-or by plugging my straightners into an uncovered socket-that got fixed.“ I couldn’t help but snigger at that. “ I fell off the roof putting up Christmas lights actually.” Mikey said rather tartly looking pretty miffed, which made me and Frank giggle like crazy, “ What? No of course I’m not fricking dead! I’m talking to you on the phone ain’t I?”
Both me and Frank burst out laughing earning a pointed glare from my brother. We both stopped though we let out an occasional snicker.

“Yeah I know, they’re both like teenage girls.” Mikey said smirking slightly earning both of us to glare at him, “Yeah, I broke my arm-I think, not sure. It is bent at an odd angle though.” Mikey continued, frowning curiously as he moved his suspected broken arm in front of him, “So can you meet me up there? Please baby?” Mikey pleaded sweetly making both me and Frank fake retching, “I knew you would. Alright see you there. Love ya.” Mikey hung up then sighed suddenly, sounding exhausted as he rubbed his forehead, apparently stressed.
“Mikey.” I said slowly.
“Yeah?” he sighed.
“Is….everything okay? You know with you and Ray?” I asked concerned before frowning at the guy in front who was driving extremely slow.
Frank must have noticed I was trying to talk to Mikey so took over my usual road rage and pressed the horn, “Hey come on move it asshole! We got an invalid dork back here move it!” he yelled pressing the horn again, “C’mon! It’s a freaking 30 mile per hour lane” What you driving at? Fucking -5!?”
I raised my eyebrows as Frank continued ranting then shook my head as Mikey looked bemused, “Umm to be honest, not really Gee.” he admitted just as Frank pressed down on the horn again.
“Hey! It’s a one way lane asshole! You can’t cut the traffic like that! Don’t make me get out of this car motherfucker!”
“Why what’s wrong?” I asked, my eyes flickering over at Frank who was now unbuckling his seat belt.
“We just keep arguing.“ Mikey said exasperated, “Oh Gee, he’s getting out the car.” he pointed out suddenly.
I frowned and grabbed Frank back into the car, “I’m still driving dumbass.” I said flatly making Frank grumble annoyed before he pressed the horn again, “About what?” I asked.
“Nearly everything to be honest.” Mikey said, as Frank continued to press the horn repeatedly, “But one thing in particular.”
“What’s that?” I asked looking at Frank in exasperation as he shouted again.
“He say’s he not sure about his sexuality.” Mikey suddenly said in a rush.
“He WHAT!” I yelped just as Frank pressed the horn again, keeping his hand down so it continued to blast, making an ear piercing sound; I tutted and slapped his hand away, “Will you quit that! Seriously.”
Frankie started to giggle uncontrollably, “Aw grow up seriously.” I said trying my best not to laugh, “What cha mean he’s not sure about his sexuality?” I asked outraged as I looked at Mikey.
“He not what now?!” Frank yelped abruptly turning round to face my brother-only to whack his face off the back of his chair “Ah! God! My fucking nose! Damn it!” he yelped as both me and Mikey started laughing, “Oh piss off!” he yelped flipping us off as he clutched his nose, “God, what cha mean, he’s not sure about his sexuality? He’s been dating you for the past three months and now he decides to bring that up?” Frank asked in disbelief before pressing down on the horn again, “Hey! Move it Grandma! Places to go and people to see ya know!”
“As insane as he sounds right now bro, he is right.” I agreed, “ I mean you have been dating for three months. Why ask you out if he didn’t know?”
“I know, doesn’t make much sense, but that’s what he said.” Mikey sighed.

Frank’s point of view

Me and Gerard were sitting in the hospital waiting room, waiting on Mikey who was getting an x-ray done on his arm, though the doctor said the possibility of it being broken was pretty high.
“Well this puts a damper on the Christmas spirit.” I said abruptly as I lay my head on my boyfriends’ shoulder.
“Hmmm, what? Mikey being in hospital again? Nothing new.” Gerard said, running a hand through my hair.
“No, I mean about him and Ray.” I said sighing before biting down on my lip ring nervously, “You, you don’t think they’ll, you know, break up do you?”
“What! No! course not babe.” he said sounding confident, “Course they won’t, they’ll get through it.” he reassured me, putting an arm around my waist and squeezing my hip gently, “Ray’s just probably confused a little, he’ll work it out.”
“I hope you’re right.” I muttered still slightly worried.
Gerard smiled softly at me and lifted my head up by the chin and kissed me softly and lovingly. I felt myself melt at the touch of his lips and smiled softly before kissing back. Suddenly there was a rather loud (and totally unnecessary) cough from behind us and, breaking the kiss, we turned round to see a man looking over at us with a look of distaste on his face. Gerard rolled his eyes but I decided to stick my tongue out and blow a raspberry at him. Gerard chuckled at me as the guy looked rather surprised.
I suddenly smirked as I looked at Gerard who looked at me confused. I moved my hand from his waist, gliding my fingers slowly up and down his chest, before slipping them underneath his sweater, coming into contact with his skin. I felt him shiver slightly and I smirked, hoping I was looking sexy and not like a complete moron. He swallowed noticeably as I moved my fingers down to his waistband , before gliding them over the pretty apparent bulge in his jeans. I licked my lips slowly as I leaned over so I was breathing over his neck and I could hear his own breathing was now quite fast and shallow.
“You, wanna nip out for a smoke babe?” I breathed.
“I um….” he stammered as my fingers moved back over his rather impressive package, “Umm….”
I licked his ear lobe before gently biting down on it and gripped the bulge in his jeans rather tightly, making him let out a muffled groan.
“What was that Gee?” I asked rather innocently.
“Uh yeah sure! Let’s go out for a smoke.” he said rather quickly standing up and grabbing his jacket hastily as I was already dragging him outside by the hand.

The second we got outside and out of sight of the main entrance by going to the side of the buildings, I pinned Gerard against the brick wall, my mouth smashed on his as we kissed furiously, not bothering with the cold. I ran my hand through his hair, tugging at it roughly as I pulled his leg up and forced him to wrap it round my waist so our hips were crushed together. Gerard moaned hungrily into my mouth as he wrapped an arm around my waist, hand shoved up the back of my sweater, the other gripping my ass. I moved my hand from his hair and slipped it underneath his jeans and boxers, making him gasp in surprise and pleasure. I smirked and thrust my tongue into his mouth, practically down his throat. He moaned and I gripped his shaft tightly as I grinded my hips against his. We broke apart for a quick breather,
“You like that baby?” I breathed into his ear.
“You gotta ask me that every time?” he asked frustrated.
“Take that as a yes then.” I giggled before smashing my lips against his again, making him moan.
I was just about to start biting down on his lip when there was a loud cough from behind us.
“Aw for the love of God! Can’t a guy get some action these days!?” Gerard yelled, clearly peeved that we got interrupted again. Just this morning Mikey walked in on us in the sitting room when he was supposed to be upstairs in his room, then we got interrupted as we made out (amongst other things including the involvement of Gerard’s mouth; let’s just say he’s pretty talented in that area.) in the shower by Mikey again who was yelling his bladder needed unloading. Then there was yesterday when I tried to get things going in his room only for his mom of all people to come knocking telling Gee he had work to go to. So yeah I could understand why he was getting pissed off. Still didn’t stop me erupting into a fit of giggles though.
“No considering this is a public hospital and you’re ‘trying to get some action’ as you say, on the hospital grounds.”
“Oh shit.” Gee muttered; we turned round to see a stern looking, middle aged nurse with dirty blonde hair tied up, clip board in hand-and a pretty disapproving frown on her lips.
“How the bloody hell did you-” Gerard started sounding exasperated as I started to giggle again.
The nurse rolled her eyes and looked pointedly above us. I frowned and Gee screwed his face up in confusion as we did too-and saw a freaking camera. A fucking camera.
“Oh shit!” Gerard repeated, though with a hell of a lot more emphasis then last time, “Looks like we gave someone a show.” he muttered, “ Too bad they’ll miss the bonus features.”
I snorted in laughter and Gerard grinned slightly before turning back to the nurse, “Um…sorry?” he said meekly, making it sound more like a question-and making me laugh even harder.
The nurse rolled her eyes again but I could have sworn I caught a hint of a small amused grin on her lips-though that might be because my boyfriend is staring as if he got caught getting a hand job from me in the boys locker rooms.
Yeah that did actually happen by the way. I have no regrets cause it was definitely worth the week long suspension we got for it.
“Right, just, make sure it doesn’t happen again? In front of a camera? Our staff security are not homophobic though they did say it was a bit uncomfortable seeing two fifteen year olds making out.”
I burst out laughing again as Gerard spluttered, going red, “Fifteen? fifteen? We’re freaking three years older then that for the love of-”
I had to practically hang off my boyfriends’ chest I was laughing so hard as Gerard cut off, throwing his arms up in exasperation.
“Right um, you are Gerard way?” she asked looking at me with raised eyebrows-and I could definitely see a hint of a grin on her lips this time.
“Um yeah.” Gerard admitted, putting an arm around my waist as I stumbled a bit due to my laughter.
“Okay, it’s to tell you that Michael has broken his arm and is waiting for you and your boyfriend in the waiting room.” The nurse informed him s she glanced at me.
Probably worried about my sanity no doubt.
“Um, right thanks.” Gerard smiled weakly.
The nurse nodded, and gave us a small smile before leaving us.
Once s he was out of sight, Gerard promptly let go of me and I hit the ground, “Ow! Hat the fuck babe!” I exclaimed, hiccupping.
“What the hell is wrong with you?” he exclaimed hands on his hips.
“Me? You wee the one who just dropped your boyfriend on to fucking concrete!” I yelped indignantly, shooting up.
“Hey, don’t try twisting this on me.” Gerard said hastily, “I hate it when you do that, but seriously, what he hell was that all about?”
“What was what all about?” I asked innocently though I giggled.
“The laughing!” he exclaimed, throwing his arms up.
“Oh that. Um…” I giggled nervously as I rubbed the back of my neck sheepishly, “Is it weird to say, I kind of…get a high every time I kiss you?”
Gerard slapped himself, “You can’t be serious.” he muttered, “Honestly, that’s like, the most corniest thing you’ve said. And you say a lot of corny things.”
“Hey I plead the fifth on that! And yeah I am serious.” I grinned.
“How come that doesn’t surprise me?” he asked grinning.
“Besides, you love the corny things I say.” I replied defensively.
“I thought you pleaded the fifth on that?” Gerard asked grinning.
I blinked then shook my head, “I object!” I called dramatically pointing at him.
Gerard blinked at me blankly then shook his head as I burst out laughing, “Maybe you’re right, maybe you do get a high every time you kiss me. I should check what the hell is in my toothpaste.”
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