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Chapter 4

by ArsaoTome

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The next morning Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Lavender were snoozing in bed Ginny and Hermione were snuggled up against him. As Lavender was cuddling against Ginny. Harry started to awake and noticed that they were all in their were forms. He softly kissed them on the forehead. Hermione was the first to awake.

“G'morning Harry.” She said sleepily.

“Morning 'Mione.” He said and got up.

“I was dreaming about what our kits would look like.”

“I think they are going to be cute.” He smirked, “I mean look who’s going to be their mother.” Then he went to get cleaned up as she got the others up as well.

Later they were up, took their showers and headed down to the Great Hall for breakfast. “Okay, remember you guys have to eat more than you need to.” Said Harry, “We have blast furnaces for metabolisms.” So they sat down and food appeared in front of them. They had eggs, antelope, deer and zebra sausage, toast and juice with a shot of Bastet’s milk in it.

Harry? ” He heard it was Bastet.

Is that you Lady Bast? ” He sent.

Yes my love, I have put a shot of my own milk in to your juice this morning. ” She said, “it’ll keep you healthy and keep you strong.

Well thanks for the milk. ” So he drank the juice and it was good.

“Harry?” Said Hermione, he looked over to her.


“What are we eating?”

“Exotic sausages.”

“What’s the meat?”

“You really want to know?” She nodded, “okay. Antelope, deer and zebra, it’s supposed to keep us healthy and strong.” The girls were stunned, “finish up we got classes.” So they do and got ready to go. Meanwhile, Ron and Draco were watching on pissed off at Harry. Ron because Harry has Hermione and turned her in to a ‘dark’ creature and Draco because he had nothing better to do. Harry and the girls were headed for their first class.

During the day, the girls were headed for their class when Draco had cornered them. “So showing you true colors eh mud blood?” He said to Hermione as they went past them which pissed him off. “HEY I TALKING TO YOU!” That was when they started to transform in to their were forms. Hermione was in her lioness form, Ginny was in her jaguar form and Lavender was a tigress.

We know Malfoy.” Said Hermione, “we were just ignoring you.” They filled out their clothes nicely, Malfoy and his goon squad gulped.

“When My Father Hears Of This…!” He said.

We’ll rip him to shreds as well!” Said Lavender.

Yeah, I still owe him for what he did to me!” Growled Ginny, “I’m going to give him such a ‘Kapowie’!” (1) Then they started to smell something foul.

You guys might want to clean yourselves up.” Said Hermione, “cause it smells like you messed yourself.” Then the ‘Good Squad’ ran off.

Later Harry was talking to the ‘Chasers’, Angelina Johnson, Alicia Spinnet and Katie Bell. “So, you want to make this offer to us?” Said Angelina.

“Yeah, because I trust you three.” He said, they were in the fifth floor sitting room.

“What’s this offer?” Said Alicia.

“Well I think it’s better if I showed you.” So Harry transformed in to his snow cheetah form. They looked at him and were in shock.

“Whoa,” said Katie.

“He’s a were creature.” Said Angelina.

“Yeah, I’m a were dopplecat. But my default from is a snow cheetah.” His glasses were hang off of his ear and Alicia giggled, reached up and took them off of him.

“You can see in this form right?” She said.

“Perfectly, in either form the glasses are fake.”

“Oh, so what are going to do?” Said Katie.

“This is my offer; I’m willing to change you in to were cats.”

“Turn us in to were cats?” Said Alicia.

“Yep, I found a lab of a sorcerer named Iceron and he was the creator of the were races. But I was able to make a few more. Allow me to show you the different races.” So he did and they were impressed.

“But did you say that the Dopplecats would squib you?” Asked Angelina.

“Yeah but, it turns out that if your soul can handle it; you won’t be squibbed.”

“Okay, I want to do it.” Said Angelina.

“Me too!” Said Katie, they looked at Alicia.

“You won’t hurt us, will you?” She asked

“No, I’d never do that.”

“Okay, I’m in.”

“Okay,” he walked around them and started to smell them. He found out that Angelina and Alicia would make very beautiful panthers and Katie would be a powerful cougar. “Okay, I’m going to need you to strip.” They looked at him.

“Say what?” They said.

“You will transform in to were cats and your clothes won’t fit you.” The girls sighed and started to strip revealing their well-toned and lovely bodies. He blushed and almost had a nose bleed. They blushed and Angelina smirked because in all honesty she liked Harry and she gets to show off in front of him. “Okay, I also have to tell you this. After I change you, I have to have sex with you.”

“Why?” Said Katie.

“Well, it’s the euphoria. You won’t be able to calm unless you have an orgasm.” Angelina smirked at him.

“Do you think you can give me one?” She challenged, Harry smirked back.

“We’ll see.” He said, “ready?”

“Wait, what are we going to become?” Asked Alicia.

“You and Angelina will be panthers and Katie will be a cougar.”

“Okay, let’s do this.” So Katie leapt at him and glomped him. He kissed her on the neck and bit down right on her jugular vein. She gasped and rolled her eyes in ecstasy, then he pulled off and laid her down. He left the mark of Bast on her trap muscle. She was moaning and started to rub herself and grow in to her were form.

Then Harry went to Alicia and bit her on the trap changing her in to a panther. She too was in ecstasy and laid down as she started to change. Finally he took Angelina and was about to bit her but, she kissed him passionately and then offered her neck to him. He bit her and she started to change. After all three changed Angelina spoke up. “I get to go first.” She said and she took off his clothes, laid him down and rode him long and hard. She was gasping, moaning and enjoying Harry’s ‘wand’.

“Yes Harry,” she moaned. “Go deeper!” Then he took her, wrapped her legs around his waist and rolled her over so he was on top.

“Katie, come on.” He said and she sat on Angelina’s face. They were enjoying Angelina, just then they heard Alicia in passion. Harry looked over his should and saw Lavender with Alicia and nailing her with a strap-on of Harry’s member going so deep in her.

“Feels good doesn’t it?” Said Lavender, “you are going to enjoy him very soon.” Hermione and Ginny had come up and undressed then they put on strap-ons and Ginny took Katie to enjoy.

“Harry love?” Said Hermione, knowing what she wanted rolled back over and held Angelina ass open and Hermione pushed in to her. Everyone was having a good time and the ‘Chasers’ were thoroughly fucked. Alicia was resting her head against Harry’s chest.

“Thank you Harry,” she said. “thank you so much.”

“No problem.” He said with a grin on his face and his cock still in the girl.


1. Sorry to Sheila of the Edge Guard
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