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Ever get the feeling you're never all alone

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Have you ever felt a presence in the room that you couldn’t account for? Have you ever seen a shadow that looked like someone that had passed away? Have things happened that you couldn’t explai...

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Have you ever experienced a moment of complete clarity? I few seconds where all the fog is lifted and you can finally see clearly everything that has lead up to this moment. When you realise that there is a way out of the maze? That this isn’t the end? Am having one right now, the only problem is it’s too late. I fumbled around the trying to find my phone, I could barely see. Everything was a blur, I was having trouble keeping my eyes open. I guess that is what happens when you down half a bottle of sleeping pills. I felt something hard, I could feel the buttons. I guess it;s lucky that I have dialled this number so many times that it was instinctive. I held the phone up to my ears. I just need to hang on a few minutes more. I heard the ring tone, it sounded so far away. Answer please answer. “Hello” I heard the familiar voice.

“Ray. Help” I mumbled, I think I can vaguely hear him call my name. I just hope it isn’t too late, I lay there on the carpeted floor of my bedroom. I smiled as I thought about all the good times. It’s strange thinking back I realise it wasn’t as bad as I had thought but then hindsight is an amazing thing.

I looked at my watch why the hell was someone ringing me at 2:24am. It could be important. I rubbed my eyes as I stood up and walked over to the dresser at the other end of the room. I should have moved faster as I saw Hanna’s reflection in the mirror she was waking up. Crap I was just getting some peace. “Hello” I said into the phone, I heard some breathing it sounded faint.

“Ray. Help.” I knew that voice however faint it was, there was no mistaking Lucy’s voice.

“Lucy, Lucy” I called but I knew she couldn't hear me. I hung up the phone and hurryingly putting on the jeans and black top that I had thrown on the chair earlier that evening.

“Ray, Honey, why were you saying Lucy’s name?” I turned and looked at Hanna, she was sitting up wearing a barely there black nightdress. Her blonde hair was falling at her shoulders. I tried to remember when I had thought she was the most beautiful women in the world, but somehow, I didn’t feel that way anymore.

“She needs help, I have to go” I stopped as I knew what was going to happen. Hanna threw the blankets off her and she jumped out of bed. There she was hands on hips, her lips thin and white. It all seemed so clear but why and when?

“After everything, after all this time she just calls and you drop everything?” there was such hate in her voice.

“She needs help. I would never stop you, if you wanted to help out a friend.” I spat back at her. I grabbed my wallet and keys.

“Ray, am your wife and am asking you to stay here, call Gerard or Frankie or Mikey, but don’t you go out that door.” I turned and looked at her, I continued towards the door.

”Ray you walk out that door, don’t you dare come back here.” I didn’t look back I keep on going towards the front door. I will call the guys once I know what is happening. They would want to know. Hanna never understood what Lucy meant to me, she had always thought I was in love with her but the thing was Lucy was a friend I never felt anything besides friendship for her. I jumped in my car and drove the 6 blocks to her house. There were no lights on, I ran up the front steps to the wooden porch. I banged on the white painted door, there was no answer. The flower pot, I bent down and got the key, once I got the door opened, I checked every room. I saw no sign of forced entry or a break-in these were good things. Which meant that the it was what I thought I just hope I was in time. I got to the bedroom, I saw the body on the floor, her black hair was spread out on the floor like a fan. “Lucy, Lucy.” I felt for a pulse, there was a faint one and I could feel her breathing. With one arm I tried to wake her by lightly slapping her face and with the other I dialled 911. She had to be alright, she had to make it.

“Lucy the ambulance is on the way.” I said as I cradled her. I saw her lips move so I got my ear close that I could hear what she had to say.

“Ray, tell Mikey I always loved him. Am sorry.” and with that she stopped. I tried to revive her, I didn’t stop until the paramedic’s pulled me away. I stood there frozen looking at her lifeless body. Her once warm blue eyes that had been so alive were now icy blue and seemed so cold. All I could think about was Ray, poor Ray. I heard the guys talking and saying time of death and all those things you just never wanted to hear.

“Sure the police will want to take a statement. Is there someone you can call you be with you? You shouldn’t be alone at a time like this.” I nodded not really taking it in.

“I’ll call a friend.” I took out my phone and called Gerard, he was going to pick me up in a minute. I hung up and decided to I would wait outside, I couldn’t face being in this house for a moment longer. As I turned back into the hallway I could have sworn I saw Lucy sitting on the edge of her bed. I closed my eyes and opened them again. I must have imagined it.

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