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Intro of me! :)

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I found this like question-number pic,and I'mma try it out :)

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Hi you awesome kiddies!

(Oh,wait.I'm the kiddie.)

So,I thought I'd try out this pic thing where there's numbers to a specific question,and everyone is like 'Ask Me A Number!' so I'm posting ALL THE QUESTIONS and ALL MY ANSWERS.

Let's GO!


My age is 13 years old :) so young!

2)current mood.

Ficcy.Is that a mood,I feel ficcy?


I think I'm like 5 ft something,I am quite tall..

4)Relationship Status.

I have an imaginary boyfriend.Gerard Way from the revenge era.I printed a pic of him out today,and it is stuck on my wall at 'laying-down' level so it looks like he is laying next to me. :)

5)do you smoke?

I'm 13,so no.

6)do you drink?

Who the fuck came up with these questions? I'm 13!

7)ever done drugs?

¬_¬ what point of "I'm 13!" didn't you get,random question dude?

8)fave colour.

Blood red and Black.Just like Gerard.Mmm hmm.

9)a confession.

I smile through the pain of most things in life,I pretend I'm happy,even when I'm not.

Deep huh?

10)what makes you angry?

When people call me an emo,for no reason.And make fun of them too.Like,wtf? You're a slut,but you don't see me making fun of you,do you?

11)what makes you happy?

My Chem,and food.
And drawing.And comics and video games.
I'mma gamer girl,yeah!

12)Fave TV show.

Shake It Up.I liked it before I knew Gerard liked it btw...

13)fave band.

I have a lot of fave bands.
Black Veil Brides,MCR,Fall Out Boy,FVK,Panic at the disco.
All that stuff.
Best music taste ever,huh?

14)fave CD's.

My Black Parade CD I got for Xmas.

15)band merch you own.

2 MCR tops and 3 MCR posters. (one from a CD one from Kerrang!,and one I printed out today (the gerard pic))
1 BVB poster from Kerrang! which is signed.
1 FOB poster from Kerrang! and an A7X poster from Kerrang!


Gerard is my inspiration.He opened my eyes to the world and made me a better drawer and made me contemplate who I wanna be in life.
He's my hero
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