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The Story Of Us

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Last chapter. Based on The Story Of Us by Taylor Swift

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A/N: Again, I’m sorry for the long absence and I know it’s taken me months to do barely any one shots but I’m back. I have checked some accounts and, by looking at the lack of updates, I assume they have left and I don’t want to write their one shot, dedicate it to them and find out they are not on here anymore, it’s probably a bit disrespectful. So I have skipped to Atomickilljoy’s request of The Story Of Us by Taylor Swift for her and Bobbert, so here we go :P

I yank my bag back up to the top of my shoulder while trying to balance a pile of books in my other arm and avoiding the multiple groups of people protruding from the lockers on the sides of the hallway. I look around the groups and jealousy starts to brew inside me. They are laughing together, sharing good times and don’t have to worry about being awkward or who they’re going to sit next to in the following class, something that seems to be a challenge for me now, well with Bob anyway

I walk down the aisle of books, dragging my hand across the rows of smooth spines and searching through them half-heartedly. My eyes flick towards a gap leading to the next aisle and I see Bob leaning casually on the bookcase, flicking through the yellowing pages of a book with a bored expression on his face. He hasn’t spotted me so I tip toe around the corner and up behind him, placing my hands over his eyes

“Guess who?” I whisper in his ear. He closes his book and holds it in one hand, grabbing my arm with the other. He pulls my hand away and turns around, laughing and walking towards me so I back up into the bookcase behind me. He leans his arm on the shelf above my head and starts to play with my hair, twiddling small strands between his fingers. I stare into his blue eyes as he leans in closer. I feel his warm breath tickling my nose and I lean up to meet him in the middle…

I’m snapped out of my thoughts when I see the library door and almost walk face first into it. I sigh deeply and push the door heavily, stepped through it. I’m welcomed by looks of sympathy and confusion and the sound of a deafening silence when the door closes softly, blocking out the sound of the hall. I guess the word has been spread.

I walk down the gap in between the rows of tables, looking around and trying to find somewhere to sit. I spot somewhere and walk towards it, throwing my bag onto the desk and falling into the chair, sighing at the thought of all the work I need to do. I pull a heavy book out of my bag before shoving it on the floor and finding the right page. I stare blankly at it but get distracted and start to look around the room and I soon spot Bob who’s frowning with concentration, staring at the book laid on the table in front of him.

“Shit” I whisper. I start to panic, thinking of the consequences of him spotting me. He’ll think I followed him, he’ll think I am not over him. My brain is racing, trying desperately to think of a solution or route of escape but only lands on one solution. I balance my book so it is standing up and hide behind it. I slowly straighten up and look at him over the top and see that he still hasn’t noticed me. I soon realise how stupid I’m being and lower the book, fiddling with hands, pulling at my sleeves and playing with my hair, doing anything to look busy. I tap my hands around on the desk a bit then realise I could just read my book, that would make me look busy.

I open the book onto a random page and try to read it but the words don’t make an impact, I’m just staring while my mind is somewhere else. I look over and see Bob rub his eyes. He seems completely uninterested. I keep swapping my gaze between my book and Bob, seeing him not change position at all but the next time I lift my head, I see him looking at me. He smiles at me but I feel unable to return it. I feel like things just got a million times more awkward but I have to do something. I smile back, waving my hand lightly, cursing my awkwardness in my head. He waves back, his smile fading before returning to his book.

It can’t go on like this anymore, we have to speak sometime.

I stand up and look over to Bob, seeing he is one step ahead of me. We start to walk towards each other and time seems to slow down. I step lightly, trying not to disturb other people in the library and I look anywhere but directly at him. I roll up my sleeves but roll them down again soon after, fiddling with the hem of them in my hands.

We finally meet at the end of the room and it feels like we are all alone. I look up at him and see him opening and closing his mouth, eyes flickering from side to side as he tries to find something to say. I soon find myself doing the same thing. Why is this so hard? I look at him again and realise there is nothing we can do. I shrug my shoulders and he mirrors me. I quickly turn and walk away, straining myself from running away from the situation.

I suppose that was easy.
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