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Fuck You Cupid!

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I HATE relationships, I HATE couples, I HATE love and I HATE VALENTINE'S DAY!! (Frerard Valentine's day oneshot!)

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I glared at the giggling pair in the hallway, blocking the door to my next class. He was giving her a little red bag and a pink bear and she was kissing him like a slut.

"Excuse me." I said for the tenth time. Nothing. "Would you move!" I shouted. They both jumped apart and moved.

"Someone's pissy." I heard that voice. His voice. My cheeks burnt brightly. "What's wrong with you, Frankieboo?" Gerard asked from his seat next to me.

"I hate people." I said simply. He scoffed.

"I see how it is. Ugh!" He dramatically flung himself onto the table.

"You're not people stupid." I poked his side, making him gasp and jerk back up while he grabbed my hand.

"Don't touch there." He said, his face red. I raised my eyebrow at him.

"Oh? Why?" I tickled it with my other hand. He wriggled around in his chair before finally caught that hand as well.

"Not a tickle spot." He sighed. My face went red as I understood. Turn on spot.

"Sorry." I said in a whisper. He opened his eyes and looked at me in a way that made my skin tingle. He looked at me like....he was going to rip me to shreds in a bed if he could.

Which I might not mind all that much. If it was him, I guess. I bit my lip at that thought, my heart racing.

"It's okay." He said, putting his head down on the desk for a second. I patted his back, making him shiver slightly. There was a little sound out of him that I couldn't really make out.

"Mr. Way, you better be dying." Our teacher growled. Gerard lifted his head and looked at her. She flinched, her face paling slightly.

Gerard put his head back.down as she carried on her lecture with a slight stutter. After the bell rang, Gerard waited for me to stand. "You okay?" I looked at him.

He nodded silently. I followed him, not noticing where we were going.

Until he suddenly grabbed my shoulder and pushed me up against a wall. I looked around. Somehow we'd gotten outside and behind the school where the smokers went.

The trees were all frozen and dark above us, netting their branches togehter like black webs in the grey sky. "We're gonna be la-" his lips on mine cut me off.

I stood frozen, dropping my binder to the cigarette butt covered ground in shock. He pulled away and looked at me.

His eyes bugged as he clapped his hand over his mouth. "S-sorry!" He gasped, his face going bright red.

I didn't know what to say to him. My mind was blank. His babbling was lost to my ears as I stared at him.

All I wanted..... I grabbed his face between my hands and lifted up on my toes, kissing him softly. Again and again.

His arms wrapped around my waist, picking me up off of the ground. My back was lifted up against the wall, making my face even redder as my legs automatically wrapped around his hips.

"Frankie.." He panted as I moved my mouth to his neck, nipping lightly at his skin. I smiled inwardly at the little moan he let slip between his teeth. The bell rang for the next class to start, making both of us jump and me bite a little harder on the soft ivory skin I had between my jaws.

I looked at him, my eyes wide. "Sorry." I kissed the spot, making him shiver.

"So what does this make us?" He asked hopefully. I picked up my binder slowly, looking at him as I straightened up.

"What do you mean?" I asked, holding my hand out to him. He looked at it a second before taking it, his fingers cold on my warm skin.

"Are we together now?" He asked as we walked. I smiled up at him, nodding. "Happy Valentine's day." He kissed me quickly. I kissed him back as we came to my classroom.

"Happy Valentine's day, Gee." I hugged him quickly. As he turned around, I hooked my fingers, letting them scratch over his turn on spot.

He gasped and looked back at me, his eyes huge. I grinned and opened the door, walking in.

I have my first Valentine on this stupid holiday. Finally. And it's Gerard.

That though almost brought joyful tears to my eyes. We had a study day, which left me to my thoughts.

They were all about him, of course. Not that I minded.

I wonder....if I could get that look from him again at lunch... An evil smile played on my lips, making the girl across the table from me flinch.

I still hate people. Gee isn't people, though.

Happy Valentine's day! Sorry it's early and all, but I'm gonna be busy as fuck tomorrow with bleh and it's gonna suck so I got it to ya today.

So if you guys know me on Youtube, I'll have a secret video for Valentine's day up RIGHT now,but it won't be unlocked until tomorrow morning! If you wanna see it, it's under causeican274's uploads and it will be open tomorrow morning at 8/7AM (CST)

And that's bout all I gotta tell ya. Love you guys and all my fans on here and to the lovers and the loners, have a great Valentine's day.

And no underage drinking! I will find you. And have a unicorn horn fuck you in your ear holes!

R+R (If you even kept reading past the unicorn part Xp) and rock out with your cocks out. For ladies, strap-ons work as well.

Hugs and Velcro,
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