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Go On and Fend for Yourself

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My bloody Valentine, do you love me so?

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I see your in the hospital again, sprawled next to the hospital bed
Surrounding by flickering white lights and dull white walls
You'd never thought that I'd fall
Out of all the possibilities do you think that it'd really be me?
Lying under the thin white sheets and with the IV stuck in my wrist
It was always you, the center of attention
But know I guess it's me, but once my attempt has blown over, you can have the spotlight back

But did you ever really care?
Or were those lies that spilled from your mouth?
The water boiled over, the burner was up to high
So maybe if I scream it to the world that I love you, it'll give me some hope
My bloody Valentine, do you love me so?
You already have a Valentine, but I'm your forgotten one, could you just love me for one more night?
Just one more night, love me and leave her

Love me more than ever, be my forever
But if you fallout, I won't fallout with you
I'll just call Cupid up again, he'll bring his bow and arrow
Shot you with the arrow of love, shot you with your own gun
Kill yourself to get away, I loved you and you left me

Please don't leave on these terms, love is in the air and I tried not to breathe
Leaving comes so easy to you don't they see?

Get up from the chair, leave me be
I'm not the one you want, go back to her, but then come back to be once she leaves
I've always know I was your back up plan when she's not around
Don't say your sorry if you don't mean it, you've been the only thinking keeping me alive tonight

I could pull this IV out and let the line go flat
But I couldn't do that to you, seeing as I'm your back up plan
Eat you lies and swallow you guilt, they obviously make you fat

Go make peace, have a feast, love her up and let me to watch
I'll never be everlasting, I'll be gone soon
Here's too my creativity of suicide, the pain that I cause to all of you
And here's to the scar I have to hide
It's all your fault, you caused this mess
I just hope when I'm dead your left in distress
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