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Deep Sleep

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Cronus seems to have taken a bit of a break from attacking the Titans, and sending his monsters after them, but they all know that he hasn't given up. Suddenly, both Archie and Atlanta have fallen ...

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A/N: This is my first attempt at a Class of the Titans story, so be kind, but tell me how to improve it if you have any ideas. By, "be kind," I only mean don't review saying it's the worst thing ever, and that's it. Help me out if you have any advice! Thanks. Sorry for so many note type things at the start, it won't be like this every chapter, just this one. Then the rest will have just an authors note and disclaimer. R&R! Oh and if you want to skip past these notes, just scroll to where the title is.

Story Notice: I know only a small handful amount about Hypnos, the God of Sleep, basically that he's the son of night, brother of death, and the father of dreams. And a bit more, so I'm pulling at straws here with the dream world and I realize its probably not accurate to the legend about Hypnos, but it's a story, and I apologize if it bothers you that it isn't the same as any legend about Hypnos, but if it does, don't read it.

Disclaimer: I don't own Class of the Titans. Too bad...

Class of the Titans: Land of Dreams

Chapter One: Deep Sleep

Archie sighed as he left the janitor's closet to go outside. It seemed as if Cronus had given up attacking them for good, but Archie knew better. Between common sense and Theresa's vision of a "danger that has yet to come," it was hard to relax, knowing that Cronus was still out there, planning his next move.

"Hey, Archie!" a voice called from behind him. Archie smiled, recognizing Atlanta's voice. He stopped and turned around so that he was facing her. She had her board on the ground, waiting to take off, and Archie's board under one arm. She passed it to him.

"Want to go boarding?" she asked him. He grinned as he placed his own board on the ground and started going.

"Of course!" he replied, speeding past her.

"Hey! Wait up, Archie!" she called to him as she took off. He was already a fair distance ahead, but with her being the fastest out of the two, she caught up to him in no time.

"Finally caught up? Took you long enough," Archie replied.

"Hey, I thought if I allowed you to stay ahead of me, you might feel better about yourself," she told him. Speeding up, she passed him easily. "But now you're going down!" she called back. She was now far enough ahead that Archie had to shout so that she would hear him.

"Hey, I thought we were just boarding for fun, not racing!" he shouted.

"We are just boarding. You just can't keep up!" Archie grinned, but he didn't speed up anymore than he already had. There was no one he would ever want to spend time with more than Atlanta. He was sure some of the others had noticed, but as long as Atlanta didn't, Archie didn't care. It wasn't that he didn't want Atlanta to know how he felt about her, it was more that he was terrified it would ruin their friendship, and ultimately ruin the Titans.


Jay shook his head as Neil fell, sprawled out on the ground. He had been watching as Hercules gave Neil some tips for fighting, but it seemed to be a lost cause. The most damage Neil did to anyone was when he did it by accident. Sometimes, it worked out for the better, but either way Neil was no fighter. Jay turned and was just about to leave the room when Odie called him.

"Jay! Where are you going?" Odie asked him.

"To find Theresa." Jay replied. He saw the amused expression on Odie's face and sighed. "What?" he asked finally. Odie just grinned.

"Nothing, Jay." Odie replied. He lost the amused expression, but Jay had a feeling it would return after he left. What was that all about? He thought to himself as he walked through the halls. So what if I'm looking for Theresa, she's part of the team just like everyone else here. Stopping, he saw that she was sitting by herself reading, and he walked over to her. She heard footsteps and looked up at him, suddenly smiling.

"Hey Jay. What's up?" she asked him, closing her book. Jay shrugged.

"Nothing really. That's the problem," he added more softly. Theresa looked at him, confused.

"What's wrong?" she asked him. She had a feeling it had something to do with Cronus, and her feeling was right.

"Cronus. Why hasn't he done anything? It's been three weeks since he last attacked... and he's not the type to just give up." Jay added, sighing. Theresa frowned slightly, but hid it quickly. Jay was a lot like her father sometimes, but at least he realized that he was a bit of a "workaholic" type and tried to make up for it. Her father usually didn't. She still remembered how angry he had been that she had just up and left over Spring Break- after all, she was there to visit him and then she left. Well it's not my fault he was so busy. Theresa thought to herself. He'll just have to deal with it.

"I don't know why he hasn't done anything Jay, but... I feel as if something's going to happen, soon. As if he wanted to get us relaxed, and catch us off guard with something huge. I just wish I could find out what it was. I mean, all of us have been relaxing the past three weeks, living our lives the way we would if Cronus didn't exist... and if we aren't prepared for what he might do..." Theresa trailed off. She didn't need to say it. They'd be in big trouble.

"We're dead." Jay finished for her.


Archie jumped over the stairs on his board and stopped at the bottom of them. Atlanta, who was just recently so far in the lead, had stopped moving entirely and was staring at something. Archie grabbed his board and walked over to her. He stood there a few moments, but when she said nothing, he decided to.

"Atlanta? What's wrong?" he asked her. Atlanta shook her head as if she had been seeing things, and she turned to him.

"I thought I saw... never mind. It was probably just my imagination," she added. She didn't look convinced, and Archie wasn't either. He looked around for something that would have caught Atlanta's attention, but saw nothing. Frowning, her looked back at her.

"What did you see?" he asked her.

"Well... I thought I saw Cronus' portal. You know, the one he uses to escape every time we have him cornered." Atlanta added.

"Well maybe you did. We better tell the others to be on guard. Theresa's been saying something dangerous was going to happen soon, so it's likely you weren't imagining things. Race you back!" Archie added. He was already off by the time Atlanta realized what he had said, and she tossed the board on the ground and sped off.


Atlanta crossed her arms as Archie gloated when they entered the house. She put her board down out of the way and then walked into the living room, expecting to see the other Titans there- but instead, there was no one. Frowning, she turned to Archie, nearly walking into him.

"I don't think they're here," she told him finally. Archie sat down on the couch, and turned on the TV.

"So call them on the communicator," Archie told her. Atlanta pulled out her communicator.

"Oh, right," she replied. "Theresa? Herry? Jay? Anyone?" she replied into the communicator. After a few moments of static, Theresa's voice came on the other end.

"Atlanta, is something wrong? Is it Cronus?" Theresa asked. Atlanta sat down next to Archie on the couch.

"No, well... maybe. I don't know," Atlanta replied impatiently. "I think I saw Cronus' portal when Archie and I were boarding, so I thought we should tell you guys to be on guard- he'll probably be attacking soon. Well, within the next few days at least. Where are you guys anyway?" Atlanta asked.

"Oh, well Odie and Neil were still in the gym talking with Ares, and Jay and I decided we'd go to the library," Theresa replied. Atlanta tried not to laugh when Archie started making faces of what was, she assumed, supposed to be Theresa and Jay talking alone together.

"O-oh, okay t-t-then," she replied, trying not to laugh. "Well, j-just so you know. B-bye," Atlanta replied. Once the connection was lost, she burst out laughing and Archie grinned.

"Next time," she told him, "save that for when we're talking to them face to face. What exactly were you doing anyways?" she asked him, once she had caught her breath.

"Imitating Jay serenading Theresa," Archie replied. Atlanta stared at him before laughing.

"What would make you think of that?" she asked him.

"This dream Jay had the other night... I overheard him talking in his sleep when I was going out for a late-night jog, so I forced him to tell me. Pretty weird, actually." Archie added. Suddenly, Atlanta felt a strange sensation coming over her, but she shrugged it off. That's strange, she thought. I feel almost... tired. She turned to Archie and saw that he was resting his eyes, and suddenly she noticed a shadow moving away from the doorway.

"Archie!" Atlanta replied, shaking him. He opened his eyes and looked at her tiredly.

"What?" he asked her, yawning. She grabbed his arm and dragged him to the doorway. Looking into the hallway, she saw that there was nothing there, but for some reason she felt as if they were being watched.

"I thought I saw something," she told him. "And... I feel..." she yawned, walking back over to the couch and sitting down. "Tired." Archie sat next to her and stretched.

"Me," he yawned, "too." His eyelids drooped, and finally, all he saw was complete darkness. Yawning one last time, Atlanta closed her eyes and leaned her head against Archie's shoulder, already fast asleep.


When the rest of the team arrived back at their home, they thought it was strange that all the lights were still off. They could hear the TV still on, but no voices.

"Atlanta was here when she called me," Theresa replied, confused. Stepping into the living room, she saw both Archie and Atlanta fast asleep on the couch. Archie was leaning against the arm of the couch, an arm draped around Atlanta who was lying against him. Theresa smirked as the rest of them entered the room. "Guess they were tired," she replied. Herry grinned.

"So that's why the lights were off... never would've guessed Archie had the guts to do that," he added. Jay turned to him, a brief smiling appearing for a moment before it disappeared.

"I think they just fell asleep watching TV, Herry." he added. He glanced at both of them, and suddenly had a bad feeling. "Maybe we should all go to bed, it's pretty late. We'll talk to them in the morning." Turning off the TV, Jay walked up the stairs and reluctantly the rest of the Titans followed. Theresa looked one last time at Atlanta and Archie, before walking to the stairs. Just as she touched the railing, a vision came to her. She saw Archie and Atlanta in danger, but she couldn't tell where they were, or what it was that was after them.

"Oh no..." she whispered. She looked at them again, but they both appeared to be perfectly safe. I'll talk to them about it in the morning. Archie might not like it, but... he can't deny that these visions have been pretty accurate in the past.

A/N: Well a bit shorter for a chapter than I normally like to have and too many notes at the start but that's just a first chapter thing. Anyways, I'm not sure what they call the little radio they contact each other on, I'm assuming communicator and I think I've seen it in other COTT stories, but I could be wrong. Next chapter will be longer, but its past midnight and my moms making me go to bed and I figured it was as good a spot as any to end this chapter. Let me know what you think.

Note: Also, after I did this story on (same penname) I was informed it had a similar idea, at least in the Dream World sense, of Nuuoa Eclaire--- things are cleared up with her and I'm aware of that, but our stories ARE different, they just happen to both involve a world of dreams. Thanks, thought I'd mention that before getting this chapter up. And if you haven't checked out that story by her, you should... it's called "Awake In A Dream," and it's really I good, I read it after finding out they both shared a dream world, so I could make sure that I didn't have too much of a similar idea (which I didn't, thank goodness) --- and I enjoyed it, so check it out!!!
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