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Reasons Why I'm A Weird Kid

by MCR-99 5 reviews

Phil gave me this idea.. yeah-huh. Thank you Phil!

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So,I was watching a Phil video the other day called 'Reasons why I was a wierd kid'.
It got me thinking that I'm a pretty weird kid too,so I'll share with all of you the reasons for why I'm a weird kid.

Everytime I lean on a poster,I say sorry to it and move out of the way.

I dunno why.
Posters are like my babies though,I'd be killin' 'em.

I play with my peas..

So,whenever I have peas with my dinner,I make up a game.I split them up and I narrate a little story.
It goes like this.

One day,there was a country of peas.
(insert number here) went off to fight in the Army.(insert number here) went off to fight in the Navy,while the rest stayed back in Peatopia.
After a few months,only (insert number here) returned from the Army and Navy.
Then there were two massive tornadoes that wiped out the whole of Peatopia.
The end.

Yep,pretty weird.

I have way too many dirty thoughts during the Dan and Phil show (which is on tonight btw woo-hoo!)

That's it for now.
Mia,I wrote the next oneshot you wanted.
I probably made you projectile vomit..
I'm sorry but,you wanted it and I never break a promise to my friends.

Have a good day okayy guysss!!

xo Cupcake.
(Cupcake is my nickname btw,you can either call me that or Sadie i don't care.)
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