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Scamander's Revenge

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Atlanta explores the cave a little more and finds a strange woman--- deciding that they should leave right away, Atlanta wakes Archie, but what happens when they meet Scamander, the River God that ...

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A/N: Thanks to those who reviewed thus far and here is the next chapter. Hopefully you will find it longer, and more descriptive, then last time. And if not, let me know. Anyways I'm going to stop talking and work on this chapter. Let's see how it works out... lol.

Note: Also, I know now that their "communicator" is known as their PMR, but I was wondering, what's the room that they enter when they step out of the portal? Any specific name? I'm not entirely sure. If you could let me know (that is, if you know yourself, or even if it was said or not) I'd really appreciate it. Sorry for the tad interruption! Also I now know (from reading up on it) that Atlanta's new weapon that replaced her Bola's is a wrist cross-bow (it was in the Cronus' Flying Circus draft-script, you can get the link for it on wikipedia)

Disclaimer: I don't own CotT.

Class of the Titans: Land of Dreams

Chapter Three: Scamander's Revenge

Atlanta sighed, listening to the rain still falling outside. It's been raining for hours! She thought. She was tired, bored, and stuck inside a tiny cave that was inhabited by who knows what, and worse than any of that, Archie was fast asleep, and snoring loudly. If we're in a dream, Atlanta thought, then why is it I can't make him- STOP - snoring? Maybe we aren't in a dream... sighing, she stood up and decided she'd walk further into the cave to see what might be there. Maybe there was even another way out, or- although Atlanta highly doubted this- a portal that would take them back home. With that thought in her mind, Atlanta walked through the low water that had flooded into the cave from the rain. Water dripped from the cave walls, coming in from one place or another, and Atlanta hurried along. The water felt cold on her legs, now that the bottoms of her pants were completely soaked, and the less time she spent wading through water, the better. Turning a corner, she gasped. In front of her, she saw a woman sleeping- but this was no ordinary woman. Who it was, Atlanta had no way of knowing, but this woman was wearing clothes that were now covered in blood and torn in several places. Atlanta's stomach felt sick as she saw a dead corpse next to the woman. We have to get out of here, fast. Atlanta quietly backed away and walked back to where Archie was still currently sleeping. Atlanta quickly went over to him and started shaking him until he woke up.

"Sorry about that, I guess I was still tired," Archie yawned, sitting up. Instead of responding, Atlanta grabbed his hand and pulled him up to his feet. He stared back at her, confused. "Atlanta..." he started. Once he saw that she intended to drag him outside of the cave, he jerked his hand back. Atlanta turned to him, frustrated.

"Archie, come on!" Atlanta tried to grab his hand again, but he quickly crossed his arms so that she didn't have access to them.

"Have you looked outside recently?" Archie asked her. Atlanta had, but she turned to face the cave entrance anyway. The rain was coming down so hard that it was flooding outside, and the wind had picked up since they had been in the cave and the trees were swaying from side to side, looking as if one more gust of wind would uproot them entirely from the ground.

"Yeah, I have," Atlanta lowered her voice, "but while you were snoring away on the ground there, I went further into the cave. There's some strange woman there, and she's covered in blood, her clothes are torn, and there's some dead guy on the ground next to her," Atlanta added.

"How do you know he's dead? He could just be... sleeping." Archie told her.

"Maybe because the guy had no skin left on him!" Atlanta exclaimed. At that, Archie quickly ran out of the cave.

"Come on!" he shouted. It was hard to hear him over the wind and rain, and the second Atlanta stepped out she was completely soaked.

"Great..." she muttered to herself. "No need to shower now." she added sarcastically. She ran as fast as she could, catching up to Archie in mere seconds.

"Have you tried the PMR again yet?" Archie asked her. They both stopped running, now that they were far away from the cave, and walked normally.

"No. I don't think it'll work, though, Archie." Atlanta told him. Archie pulled out his own PMR from his pocket and tried contacting Jay. "Jay?" Archie spoke into the PMR. Again, all there was on the other end was static. Sighing, Archie pocketed the PMR. He was about to continue walking when Atlanta put her arm in front of him, stopping him.

"What?" Archie asked her, confused. He saw where she was looking, and noticed the bridge, a hundred feet above a raging river. Gulping, Archie backed up. "L-l-ladies first," he told her, stepping away from the bridge. It didn't appear to be very sturdy- a simple rope bridge, and with the wind blowing as fiercely as it was, the bridge was swaying from side to side. Atlanta rolled her eyes and began to slowly cross the bridge.

"Thanks, Arch." she called back. "Really, now you decide to act like a gentleman." she muttered. Don't look down... she told herself. You're perfectly safe as long as you don't look down... Atlanta gulped, right in the middle of the bridge, and looked down.

"Don't look down!" Archie shouted to her, but his words were too late. Atlanta started to get dizzy, watching the water slapping against sharp rocks at the bottom. Archie, noticing how Atlanta was suddenly no longer making her way across the bridge, started to go to her as quickly as he could without falling. Once he reached her, he saw she was staring at the ground. "Atlanta," Archie put a hand on her shoulder. "You have to keep moving. I'm right behind you," Archie added, hoping it would be of some comfort. Atlanta nodded and started walking again. She felt a little stupid for getting scared like that- and she also knew Archie was there to help her get across if she needed it. He was afraid of water, and just because she panicked he was already there by her side.

They had almost made it to the other end of the bridge, when suddenly a strong gust of wind came, blowing it sideways. Atlanta fell through one of the boards on the bridge, and was holding on.

"Atlanta!" Archie cried out. He grabbed her hand and tried to pull her up, but the side of the bridge that they were on broke up. Holding on to the bridge, Archie looked down and saw Atlanta still holding on. The bridge, once it had fallen, wasn't too much further from the ground- it was built to cross a huge gap, so it had to be long. But staring at the water raging below him, Archie didn't exactly want to let go of the bridge.

"Archie, we can't just hang here all day!" Atlanta shouted up to him. I know that... Archie thought, but I can't let go either. "ARCHIE!" Atlanta called. Archie looked down and saw that Atlanta was now hanging from the bridge, holding on with only one arm. He took a deep breath and looked around. There was no way they could climb up the bridge, because it was too far to go and it was more likely they'd fall. We have to jump. Archie realized.

"Atlanta! We have to jump!" he shouted.

"Are you crazy?" she exclaimed. "We'll kill ourselves!" Archie grabbed on to a small tree that had grown out of the dirt wall and held on to it, letting go of the bridge. This better work... Archie thought. Closing his eyes for a moment, Archie let go of the branch. "Archie!" Atlanta screamed. Archie landed on the ground hard, but it wasn't as far of a fall as he had expected. Luckily enough, he had landed on soft ground, and was still far enough from the water that he didn't seem to be in any real danger. And I thought Neil was the lucky one, Archie thought, smirking. He looked up and saw that Atlanta still hadn't let go of the bridge.

"Atlanta! You have to let go!" Archie called up. Atlanta let go of the bridge and fell to the ground. Archie rushed over to her. "Are... you okay?" he asked her, concerned. Standing up and wiping the dirt off of her pants, Atlanta nodded.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I can't believe you let go," she added. "I know how terrified of the water you can be, but... still, you did it. And you even practically ran across the bridge when I stopped moving. I... thanks, Archie." Atlanta replied finally. Archie stood there awkwardly.

"Uh... you're... welcome. Come on, let's go." he added. They walked along the bit of shoreline that was available when suddenly, the sky cleared up instantly. The sun was shining, and the grass was just barely glistening with fresh fallen rain. Archie stopped in his tracks and took a moment to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery. When he started to walk again, he tripped over a rock and fell into the river. Luckily for him, the river wasn't flowing as strongly as before and he could get out without any problems. Atlanta started laughing at him, but when Archie didn't bother getting up, she stopped.

"Oh come on, Archie," she replied finally. "Let's go," Archie didn't move, so Atlanta outstretched her arm and offered him it, but he stayed where he was, staring straight ahead. Atlanta followed his gaze and gasped. The river that Archie had fallen in led straight to a waterfall, meaning they'd have to cross the river and climb up the wall on the other side. Great... Atlanta thought. Just great.

"This is going to be awhile," Archie realized. Atlanta sighed and started walking closer to the waterfall.

"Yeah. The best spot for us to climb is over there, at least we'd have something to hold onto," Atlanta pointed out. The place she wanted to get to was near the waterfall- and it wasn't much better, but there was the odd crooked tree sticking out, along with tree roots, and at least if they fell, they'd fall into the water. Archie won't like that, Atlanta realized. But I won't mention that part to him. She thought smirking.

"Okay, but the river better not be deeper there- maybe we should just cross here," Archie added. He waited for a response, standing up, and he looked around. "Atlanta?" he called. He saw she was already up near the waterfall, reaching her hands under the waterfall and wetting the back of her neck. He looked up at the sun, and then shook his head. It was getting hot out. He jogged over to where Atlanta was standing and sat down.

"We could... probably rest here. I mean, it's so peaceful," Atlanta motioned around her. They were surrounded by wildlife- a forest just on the side of the waterfall they had come with, where birds were chirping and mysterious creatures were hunting- something Atlanta felt like doing. The waterfall of course sounded peaceful, and for a moment, Atlanta forgot all about the fact that they had no idea where they were and that they still had to watch out for Lamia as well as whoever that girl inside of the cave had been.

While Atlanta was relaxing for the first time since they had woke up in this strange place, Archie couldn't help but turn his gaze to her. She was sitting next to him, holding her knees close to her and staring out across the river at- absolutely nothing. Sighing, Archie turned away from her and saw something bubbling in the water. What the...? Suddenly, a male figure emerged from the water, narrowing his eyes.

"Archie..." Atlanta stood up and started backing away from the figure. "What IS that?" she asked, pulling out her wrist cross-bow and prepared to shoot at it, but Archie stopped her.

"It's not hurting us," he told her. Atlanta lowered her arm.

"Fine." she replied. Suddenly she heard something muttering, and looked at Archie. "Was that... you?" she asked him. Archie shook his head and stepped towards the figure, his whip ready.

"Achilles..." Huh? I'm not Achilles! I'm just his descendant! Archie thought.

"No, Archie..." Archie told it. The figure moved towards him and grabbed him, pulling him away from where he was standing and holding him up so that he was just above the deep part of the river.

"Let him go!" Atlanta aimed her wrist cross-bow at the figure. "He's not Achilles!"

"I'm... his... descendant!" Archie gasped.

"Achilles escaped me once, but not again... no one makes a fool of Scamander!" Scamander shouted. Whose Scamander?

"What do you mean, he escaped you once?" Atlanta asked. She lowered her wrist cross-bow slightly, her curiosity getting the better of her.

"I was asked by the wife of Hector, to drown Achilles... she never told me he couldn't be drowned!" Scamander added angrily. "But if this is only his descendant... then he can die in Achilles place!" Scamander shouted. He started to lower Archie into the water, but Atlanta shot at him with her wrist cross-bow.

"I don't think so!" she shouted. Distracting Scamander for a mere second was all the time Archie needed. He broke free of Scamanders grip and ran over by Atlanta. He pulled out his whip, and attempted to wrap it around Scamander, but Scamander caught it with his hand, and pulled, pulling Archie towards him with it.

"No!" Atlanta shouted. She shot at Scamander again, but it didn't even seem to distract him, let alone wound him. Archie... Scamander turned towards Atlanta, and smiled. What's he doing? Atlanta thought, confused. "Please... don't hurt him!" she begged. She had no idea why she was begging him- fighting was more fun- but for some reason, she had a feeling it would work. Archie struggled in Scamander's grip, trying to break free.

"Why not?" Scamander asked her. Atlanta was taken aback.

"Because he's my friend! Because he didn't do anything to you! There's too many reasons," Atlanta cried out. "Please," she added softly. Scamander threw Archie at the other side of the river and approached Atlanta.

"This time, I will let you both go... but be warned, despite your beauty, Atalanta, I will never forgive Achilles for making a fool of me, and if I must get to him through his descendant, I will." Scamander sank back into the water, and disappeared. Where, Atlanta had no idea- the water was fairly deep, but not THAT deep.

"Why did he let us go?" Archie asked her, after Atlanta had crossed the river.

"I guess because... he thought I was beautiful. Talk about shallow," Atlanta added. Archie frowned and crossed his arms.

"What do you mean, he thought you were beautiful? What makes you think that?" he asked. Atlanta raised her eyebrow at this.

"Does it matter? Thanks to me, we're safe- for now. And he said "despite your beauty." Didn't you hear him?" she asked. Atlanta reached up and grabbed a tree root that was sticking out of the dirt wall, pulling herself up.

"No, I couldn't hear anything," Archie told her, following her up the wall.

"Scamander... I've never even heard of him. Jay's the one who reads up on all these God's, not me," Atlanta's foot slipped from the root it had been on, and hit Archie in the head.

"Ow!" he exclaimed.

"Oh, sorry Archie!" Atlanta apologized. They went up the wall a little higher in silence before Archie finally spoke.

"Scamander always had a soft spot for beautiful women... I don't know much about it, just that Hector's wife Andromanche was bathing in the river and Scamander appeared. She begged him to kill Achilles because he was going to kill Hector. But because Achille's mother was a sea-goddess, he didn't die when Scamander drowned him." Atlanta reached the top first and pulled herself up to the ground, breathing heavy.

"/Finally/!" she breathed. Archie came up soon after and they both sat up there, taking a moment to relax before they had to continue on their way. "So I guess you should be thanking me right now," Atlanta replied finally. Archie looked at her blankly.

"Uh, for what?" he asked her. Atlanta stood up, smiling.

"For being so beautiful!"

A/N: Well there's the latest chapter, hopefully its decent. Anyway, a few matters I want to address. Firstly, it will probably be a bit more descriptive over time, depending on what's going on and such. Next, I tried looking it up but I couldn't find anything that said what Scamander looked like, so I just didn't describe that. And the woman in the cave will play a part a bit later on... anyways, this chapter was a fair bit longer and more descriptive, so now I just have to wait and see what else I can improve on (and no matter what, there's always something, because nobody's perfect... so expect many things to be improved in the future. I might even redo this story after its been completed for awhile, and make it a bit better... if I feel up to it, lol). R&R, let me know what you thought of this chapter.
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