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My Thoughts on several music artists in this world.

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What I think on several music artists in this world,if I have a song I like and my fave line from it and if it has a ship,what my fave one is.

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So,there's a lot of music artists nowadays,and I listen / listened to them.Here's what I think of them.
PS:If I have offended your fanbase,just get out okay? I do whatever the fuck I like (within reason).

So,let's start.Going Alphabetically.

All Time Low.

I like them,they're cool.And friendly.I saw a video on Youtube of Alex Gaskarth telling off a fan when he hit a girl,and when a security guard threw around a crowd surfer.
My Fave song by them is Weightless and my fave line in that song is "Maybe it's not my weekend but this could be my year."
I sorta ship Jalex.

Blood On The Dancefloor.

I don't like them,I hate them.
Weren't they mean't to be metal or something?
They sure don't sound it.
I watched the music video for,I think it was called Death To Your Heart or something along those lines.
I didn't get it.
What the actual fuck was with the video? They killed everyone,like WTF?

Nothing for C.Sorry.

Nothing for D or E.Sorry.

Fall Out Boy.



Green Day.

They are cool,I guess.My fave songs are either American Idiot,Basket Case,Holiday or Boulevard Of Broken Dreams.Or Stray heart.
I don't have a fave line for each of those songs cuz they are all epic.

Nothing For H.Nothing For I.

Justin Bieber.

Hate his fucking guts.He causes self harm by smoking pot.
Plus,he ruined the word Swag by saying it.Now I hear it everywhere.
I wanna die because of him,but I'm not gonna because he ain't worth it.
I ship Jeath.Justin and Death.

Nothing For K.

Linkin Park.

Cool I guess.
I like their songs Numb and Crawling.

My Chem.

Just epic.
My fave song is...ALL OF THEM.
my fave lines are "I am not afraid to keep on living" from FLW,"Oh how wrong we were to think that immortality mean't never dying" from OLOS,"Do or die,you'll never make me because the world will never take my heart" from WTTBP and "This time,we'll show them.We'll show them all how much we mean / Know how much I want to show them you the only one" from Demolition Lovers.Those are my TOP 3.
I ship Frerard.Ship it BITCHEZZ.

Nicki Minaj.

Her butt is a planet and her voice is annoying.
'Nuff Said.

Nothing For O.


Like them.
My fave song is Misery Business and Now.
Is there any ships in Paramore? I don't know..

Nothing For Q.
Or R.

Sleeping With Sirens.

They're good.
Only heard one song,but I like it.

Tonight Alive.

They're good too.I like their song Listening.

Nothing for U or V

We The Kings.

Like them.My fave song is Check Yes Juliet.Fave line is "Run Baby run,don't ever look back they'll tear us apart if you give them the chance".Mia wrote my oneshot based off it and it is fucking awesome too many feels.

Nothing For Y or Z.

There are other bands,but I just wanted that specific band.

Again.Sorry if I offended your little fanbase or whatever.But,you really should have seen it coming,you know me..

Wanna review any music artists of you own or ask me to review them?

I will.Unless I never heard of them,which could be likely.

xx Cupcake :)
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