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Chapter Four:Knowing.

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"I know what you are."

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Chapter Four:Knowing.

The hospital monitor made the most annoying sound ever.I groggily opened my eyes,to see I was in a grey hospital room.I looked at my wrist,which had a drip on it.What was going on?And,how did Gerard save me,he was across the yard when the collision happened? And,how did he push away that truck?

"You're awake."His smooth voice said from the chair.I turned to see Gerard,sat across the room.He got up and sat on the edge of the bed within one second.No,a milisecond.

"How do you do that,how do you move so fast? And,weren't your eyes red before;they're hazel now."I note,looking at his pale white skin,taking in all the features.

"I'm a fast mover."He mumbled,looking at his shoes.

"Why am I in here?"I ask.

"You blacked out,remember?"

"No.I don't."I say,and his eyes met mine.

"You hit your head quite hard.Nearly developing a brain tumour.And I was standing right by you when the truck swerved around.I could easily push it,I am strong."He answered all the questions I was about to ask him.

"How did you --?"

"I get it alot,so I have all the answers."He answered yet another question that was in my mind.

Wait.This isn't right.He has pale skin,his eye colour changes every day.He is really fast and strong and knows all the answers to the questions I'm about to ask.

He's a Vampire.I just know it.

"Now you know."He muttered,looking down at his shoes again."Now you know why I'm not like anybody else.And neither are you."

"What?"I ask,a little confused.What did he mean by that?

"I've been waiting for the 200 years of my life to find that one girl who isn't like the others.Who isn't a slut,or isn't fake.She is who she really is,and is happy that way.That,"He smiled,taking my hand and encasing it in his ice-like hand."Is you."

"So,what does that mean?"I ask,and he presses his lips to my with a passion.I let out a little moan as his tongue entered my mouth,and I felt the smile on his lips.

"Now,do you get the message?"He smiled,teeth gleaming.I nodded with a tiny giggle,before he kissed me again,towering over me.

2 things I was absolutely positive.
First,Gerard was a vampire.
Second,I was unconditionaly and irrevocaly in love with him.

Gerard was a Vampire.He was my Vampire.

I know this is quite short,I know that.But I made it descriptive.I think.
And,I added the summary of the whole fic at the end too,but changed it.
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