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Well, Hello There...

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...I think I hear the open road calling our names...

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... Say, isn't that a song?

I have just qouted Wizardry 8. For no reason. Because I'm badass.
I'm not really too sure what to talk about.
I currently miss my "Ducky": Okay, not literally "my" Ducky, but still.

I'm pretty bored because Ducky isn't online. And I don't want to start rambling.

I really have no idea what to say, or anything, so if you guys want me to talk about anything in particular, then just say.

If you haven't figured, I like old video games. Especially the Might and Magic series. I also like Wizardry and games like Wizards and Warriors, Dark Stone, Demon Stone, Dungeon Siege (three of which are shortened to DS... dammit, game creators are creative, no? I should totally call a game "Dick Search" or something... Wait, no. That sounds like a name for a bad porno...)

Oh look, I can't even write this without making it sexual. I'm not perverted at all. Whatever gave you that impression?!

Tomorrow, I won't be online much, which makes me sad. I have to go to a wedding. I'm not actually looking forward to it, because I literally won't know anyone, I hate crowds and I'm socially awkward. I can't even send emails without being awkward.

I guess I'll stop being odd now and disappear.

By the way, can I have some ideas for some poems? I need inspiration, guys. And maybe some ideas for that MCR fic I'm writing. The one I forgot the name of that has questions in it.

Anyways, bye for now.

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