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Too late.

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I did it.
I scarred myself.

With the sharpest thing I found in my room.My phone charger.

The depression was too much.

I'm going to delete the I'm Sorry note and Mia's oneshots.

Too many haunting memorys.

I didn't do this because of Mia,or any of you.

I did it,because I'm sick of being who I am.
I'm sick of school,and how I go through the same exact routine.

I hate how my creativity is shrinking,I hate how I am never going to ever be like any of you,smart,with real life friends and real goals.You guys have a proper social life.

I go through school every week,drawing as my music enters my system and I produce a drawing that looks nothing like the ones that Gerard did.
I don't talk to anybody at school,I sit alone on the lunch table.
Then,I come home and write.
I tell stories that,mostly,get rated down.

That's how I do it,every fucking day of this life.

So,I had a reason.

I'm not dead,but I am inside.


I'm going to start a new ficwad account tomorrow.
I'm moving my best written stories there,and my incomplete ones,and deleting the rest.

I'll be refered to,as of in a couple of minutes,as 'ChildOfTheNight.'

I got inspired by that by the song by The Blackout called Children Of The Night.

Starting anew.

Also,shall be starting a new blog on there too.

So,you have until tomorrow morning,my time,to say your goodbyes to this Sadie.
And say hello to a new one.

xx Cupcake
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