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Me just looking out for Frankie while Mia is in the hospital.

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So,I'm looking out for Frankie for Mia.As I'd do with all your other ships whilst you're in hospital / ill.Just niceness.

Frankie:Sadie,when will Mia be home?


Frankie:Yay! Thanks for looking out for me!

You're welcome,Frank.Just don't wake me up again.

Frankie:Sorry,but you look thirsty.I just wanted to get you a drink.

S'okay Frankie.

Frankie settles off to a little sleep.

There,Mia.Your little update on how your boyfriend is doing.
He's happy you'll be home soon,just like all of us here.

Right guys?!


So,get plenty of rest,and don't you worry your pretty little head about Frankie.Me and the rest of us'll watch him for you.
We'll see ya soon,Kittay!

xo Cupcake
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