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I See How It Is...

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I'll explain.

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I looked at my newest oneshot I wrote for Fallen Angels.
Before I got there though.

I saw my first oneshot,had been rated OOC.

Oh,I see how it is.

Why the fuck would you do that though?!

I actually worked hard on that,to be fucking honest.

I like it,I want others to like it too.

And,Someone rated it OOC.



sobs a little bc no one likes my hard work

In other sad news..



Wh-Wh-Who'll fangirl over Dan and Phil with me NOW!

'Scuse me while I play My Immortal and sob.

Have a nice night.

Oh! Yeah,with the Mia Suprise thing.

I ain't got much.
I need stuff please or it'll just be me,and AJ and Amy.
I want a lot of stuff.

"Sadie just check your E-mail.There'll be stuff there."

Okay Gerard.

So,word of warning.

Don't rate anything that I think is good and I know I put a lot of work into down,because I will find out and go all shitstorm on everyone's ass,and I really don't wanna do that.

xo Sadie
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