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I'm new ^^

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  • Hi!

    (#) xXchickenwithatacoXx 2013-02-24 08:26:33 PM

    Hi Barry I'm Kitty! :3 I must leave for now but I'll tell you more about me later. c:

    Author's response

    Hi Kitty!
  • Hi!

    (#) BipolarUnicorn 2013-02-24 08:32:51 PM

    Hai thur. My name is Abbie :3 I'm the local awkward (bipoar) bisexual poetry writer. I love MCR, but sadly don't write Fanfiction. (POETRY FTW. And I suck at writing Fanfiction. Like really bad.)
    I hope you enjoy your stay on Fuckwad c:

    Author's response

    Hi Abbie! ^^
  • Hi!

    (#) killjoy_blackrose 2013-02-24 08:43:07 PM

    hi there! katie's the name and i turn 17 next month. right now this makes me feel old, dammit xD
    anyway, welcome to fuckwad, i hope you enjoy your stay.
    my mail is on my profile, feel free to write me anytime :)

    xo k

    Author's response

    Hi Katie!
  • Hi!

    (#) ColorfulShadow 2013-02-24 08:44:44 PM

    Hi there Barry! I'm Jasmine but you can either call me Jazzy or Vulpix. Whatever you prefer.

    If you want to read something I just posted a story called Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back.

    Nice to internet meet you!

    Author's response

    Hi Jazzy!

    I'll read it :)
  • Hi!

    (#) ColorfulShadow 2013-02-24 08:46:21 PM

    Also your username made me giggle :3

    Hope we can be interweb buddies!

    Author's response

  • Hi!

    (#) xxMikeyxx 2013-02-24 08:54:19 PM

    Hiya Barry, I'm Amy

    It's nice to meet you =)

    Author's response

    Hi Amy!
  • Hi!

    (#) Poppana 2013-02-24 08:59:19 PM

    Oh my GOSH I LOVE SNAILS. Last summer, right, I was walking home from work, and I saw this snail on the road, and it was just slowly slugging away from this other snail's DEAD CORPSE! I mean that was a really sad sight. I like to think that they were like little tiny snail lovers but then the other one died tragically and I just happened to stumble upon the most horrific scene where he abandoned his lover so that he wouldn't die, too. I took a photo of him but it's too sad.

    By the way, hello. I won't tell you my name, not that it matters, you couldn't pronounce it anyway. Okay fine, I'll give you a hint! It starts with an S. I'm almost 20, which makes me cry, and I live in Finland and I have a dog, too. She's one fat puppy.
    Welcome to Ficwad. I hope you enjoy your stay, and you can find the complimentary chocolates on your pillow.

    Author's response

    My friends keep calling me a snail because I'm kinda slow xD

    If it makes you feel better, nobody can pronounce my last make.

    My friends keep calling me a snail because I'm kinda slow xD

    If it makes you feel better, nobody can pronounce my last name.
  • Hi!

    (#) MCR-99 2013-02-24 09:19:12 PM

    Hi Barry,my name is Sadie.I'm 13 too,and love My Chemical Romance.I live in England.My hero is Gerard Way,my fave album is all of them,but I love Three Cheers and Black Parade the most.All of my fics are either related to My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy.Read them if you want.I have another account called ChildOfTheNight where I am currently writing an NC-17 Gerard/OC fic called They'll Tear Us Apart If You Give Them The Chance.I'm rambling.I'll stop.

    xo Sadie

    lurks into the mist like a Vampire

    Author's response

    Hi Sadie!
  • Hi!

    (#) nerds_assemble 2013-02-24 09:41:26 PM

    Hey, dude!

    My name's Rah Rah. What kind of dog do you have? I've got six Australian Shepherds. Dogs are just boss.

    I play a telecaster (poorly). But, an awesome song to play when you're just starting out is Mayonnaise by the Smashing Pumpkins and surprisingly Headfirst for Halos is pretty easy to play.

    Nice to meet you! I hope you can stand the amount of auditions posted in this section. XD

    Author's response

    Hi Rah Rah! My dog is a Daschund.

    I'm taking lessons right now, I haven't actually started learning any songs.
  • Hi!

    (#) Sam41 2013-02-24 09:55:08 PM

    Yeah my family got a new kitten, she's a pain in the ass shithead named Bubbles
    I'm Sam
    and there's a user HatedEyes otherwise known as Ash, she's my girlfriend
    So yeah, don't hit on her (although I doubt you would)
    -insert weird thinking face-
    So read what you will, and note of advice for future purposes, try to keep out of the drama that seems to always insue on this site; you're better off

    Author's response

    Hi Sam!

    My parental don't let me date.

    I like yours too!

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