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Caught up in yourself

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"Oh no! Frankie’s mad! Boo Hoo! Oh grow up! The only reason you can’t make friends is because you’re so weird."

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A/N: we is back? i missed writing so did Ivan, she wrote this lovely chapter hope ya'll enjoy

Lunch was in 30 minutes and that’s when I realized I didn't have a locker to put my stuff in, Brandon was still talking to me, I gave up trying to listen and just nodded a few times here and there to keep the impression that I was actually listening. Ivan knew I wasn't listening I could tell by the disapproving look he kept giving me. Honestly I don’t care if he thinks I’m rude, he can think anything and I just wouldn't care anymore. I would ask either one of them to let me put my stuff in their locker but I don’t want to talk to them more than necessary. I’ll just ask the teacher if I can go to the office in a few minutes.

See problem resolved.

If you weren't such a dick to everyone then maybe they would go with you.

I don’t need anyone. I’m fine by myself. I’m perfectly capable of just going on my own, I mean it’s not like I’m some five year old.

Sure you’re not.

Fuck you. I really am not in the mood for this.

Oh no! Frankie’s mad! Boo Hoo! Oh grow up! The only reason you can’t make friends is because you’re so weird. If you would try to get along with people then maybe you would have friends. I mean these guys like the same music as you but do you care? No you don’t! You never give anyone a chance to talk to you! You just shut them out as soon as you meet them! And then you go and complain about how no one likes you! Whose fault might that be?

I raised my hand immediately, probably surprising Brandon while he continued to talk.

“Yes Mr. Iero?” the teacher asked.

“Can I go to the office, I just remembered some things that I need since today’s my first day.”

The teacher sighed “Fine, go, but don’t take too long.”

“Okay thank you ma’am.”

I stood up and walked to the office.

The hall was quiet, really quiet compared to the class, the only sounds were some muffled laughter from classrooms and the occasional squeak of my shoes.

I saw the sing that said “Main Office” in big shiny letters like it was a happy place or something. Some woman was sitting in the front with a tight bun, black loose button up shirt and red lipstick on.

“Hello there!” She smiled.

“Uh yeah hey, I didn’t get my locker number and combination so I was wondering if you could give it to me?”

“Sure sweetie, what’s your name?”

“Frank Iero.” I answered.

“Okay let’s see, well sorry but it seems you don’t get one.”

"What the hell do you mean I don't get a locker?" I yelled at her.

She gasped" young man watch your language!"

I rolled my eyes, "I'm sorry but what is this about me not getting a locker, where the he- where am I supposed to put my books and shit?"

"Well if you had come when you are supposed to, in the beginning of the year, you would have one."

"I'm sorry I can't please everyone, bitch." I sighed and walked out of the office.

I dragged my feet down the hall. Walking very slowly, I mean I was excused so I can take as long as I want.

"Hey there!" Someone said.

I turned around and saw the familiar face of the guy I ran into. “Oh hey there! Um..."

"Gerard." He stated with a nod of his head.

"Oh um okay hey there Gerard."

"Mind if I walk with you?" He asked.

"Why?" I stopped walking.

“You seem lonely.” He answered

“Not lonely. Just annoyed.”


“I don’t get a locker ‘cause I came in late during the school year.”

“Well I could let you borrow mine? I don’t use it very much and it seems you need it more than I do.”

“Oh my hero.” I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

“Hey I’m just offering, don’t want it, then don’t take it.” He smirked.

“Okay well thanks but no thanks, I’m fine.” I sighed and picked up my pace, I really don’t want to talk to this kid right now.

“Well okay then, s-“

“Why are you talking to me again? I mean last time I checked we weren’t best friends, we weren’t anything, so why are you speaking to me? All I want to do is just walk, alone, in peace, with no one, and especially not some weird stalker who keeps finding me and trying to talk to me.” I stopped walking and looked at him.

“Jesus someone has a temper, fine, I won’t talk to you, happy?” he turned around and walked away still facing me.

“Who the hell do you think you are? I don’t fucking know you, I’m not just going to start fucking talking to you, you’re a fucking stranger.” I whispered to myself as I continued to walk down the hall.

I was nearing the class when the bell rang signaling it was lunch.

I turned around and quickly walked towards the restroom where I could hide, at least for the time being.

How lovely Frank, you’re hiding in a fucking restroom.

Hey it beats the alternative of actually talking to people.

You've hit rock bottom seriously, has your antisocialness really driven you to this?

… You make it seem like I have an option.

You do, you could go out there and spend time with people.

I began laughing because seriously what the hell is my other self thinking?

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