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Got another story idea.

by DarknessBliss 7 Reviews

Yet another story idea. Please help this clueless writer.

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  • Got another story idea.

    (#) Squidgy 2013-02-26 05:30:57 AM

    NAME: Bree Arielle Lawson
    AGE: 17
    HAIR STYLE: Goes down to her waist. Barrel curls, usually worn in a ponytail.
    HAIR COLOR: Chocolate brown.
    EYE COLOR: Golden brown, doe-like.
    LIPS (Thin, Plump, etc.): Plump lips, with a Marilyn Monroe-esque birthmark.
    LIP COLOR (Lipstick or Natural): Usually, she wears a dark red lipstick.
    CLOTHING STYLE: Preppy, and sophisticated.
    PERSONALITY IN GENERAL: Shy, quiet. She doesn't like being put in the spotlight.
    OTHER: Nope.

    This is for the role of the younger sister. :)

  • Got another story idea.

    (#) Squidgy 2013-02-26 05:31:42 AM

    Woah, I just auditioned the same character for two of your stories. Um.

    Author's response

    That's fine. I decided to use your character in my vamp story.
  • Got another story idea.

    (#) PartyPoisen 2013-02-26 05:37:09 AM

    Name: Bryn Ella Tate
    Age: 18
    Hair style: long mid back. Thick fringe.
    Hair color: dark brown. Blue fringe.
    Eye color: blue gray
    Lips: plumb. Naturally rose red.
    Clothing: usually skinny jeans and a plain tank tops with a thin black jacket on that she chews on when nervous.
    Personality: a thinker. Playfully and usually really happy.
  • Got another story idea.

    (#) PartyPoisen 2013-02-26 05:40:27 AM

    Auditioning for younger sister.
    Hair style: usually in a pony tail. It is wavy.
    The boyfriend should be Gerard.
    The sister comes home and has her boyfriend. Younger ssiter should be home early from school/work. Boom they meet.
  • Got another story idea.

    (#) HatedEyes 2013-02-26 06:05:21 AM

    Older Sister.

    NAME: Alex Danielle (whatever last name you want)
    AGE: 24
    HAIR STYLE: Cut short and choppy, to her chin.
    HAIR COLOR: Dyed white blonde, with blue bangs.
    EYE COLOR: Piercing blue.
    LIPS (Thin, Plump, etc.): Thin, with a small metal hoop through the right side. So, she has her lip pierced.
    LIP COLOR (Lipstick or Natural): Naturally a light pink, but she wears almost-purple lipstick.
    CLOTHING STYLE: Punky. She tends to wear ripped skinnies of all colors, with a black v-neck or boob tube, with a waistcoat of the same color as her jeans.
    OTHER: Has "these scars won't tear us apart" tattooed on her wrist.

    Tre as the hipster friend.
  • Got another story idea.

    (#) missfunghoul57 2013-02-26 09:38:01 PM

    Younger Sister (Our protangist)

    NAME: Eva Cassidy West

    AGE: 17-18

    HAIR STYLE: Wavy, falls to the center of her chest, usually wears it up in a pony tail or bun when she doesn't have time to make it look presentable

    HAIR COLOR: Dark brown, with some lighter hilights

    EYE COLOR: deep brown as well

    LIPS (Thin, Plump, etc.):...not too thin, not too plump, but shaped almost like those of a baby doll, very natural and curvy?

    LIP COLOR (Lipstick or Natural): Usually wears green apple chapstick, but isn't afraid of a little color every once in a while

    CLOTHING STYLE: although she loves her jeans, and shorts, she can also be found in skirts and dresses. A "leather and lace" or "classy-edgy" look to her. Ripped jeans and old converse, lace mini-skirt with high leather boots. Nothing too flashy tho...

    PERSONALITY IN GENERAL: Can come across as shy at first, but her wit, humor, and free spirit is evident after she opens up. Unlike her sister, she is creative, and beyond artistic, surrounding herself with french literature, classic rock records, Beethoven, oil paints, and a worn out guitar. Even though she is EXTREMELY independent, she is loyal to her friends, and puts everyone before herself, including her sometimes bitchy sister. Rather intelligent, but not too nerdy ;) Stands up for her friends and beliefs, and only lets her guard down to those who have earned her trust.

    OTHER: I think I covered everything! Sorry if this is too long! Let me know if you need anything else!

    TIMELINE: I'm not crazy good at creating timelines, but if you like any of my ideas, feel free to use them. Older sister and boyfriend start dating; Eva constantly listens to her sister go on and on about this boy; Eva and her family have never met him & really have no clue who he is; one night, Eva being the music freak she is, goes to an open mic night to play some of her music, and unknowingly meets sisters boyfriend; Eva starts to think this mystery guy might be into her, a little on and off flirting; ONE WEEK LATER; Eva and family @ town's carnival or something; formally introduced to boyfriend by older sister; Eva is stunned, can't believe he didn't tell her he was dating her sister, confused, upset; Boyfriend finds her, the two have a little moment.....

    Something like that? I'm sorry if it totally sucks. I warned you I'm not very good at this stuff.

    WHERE THEY MEET: bookstore, concert, carnival, school function, family dinner?

    Thanks for reading this mini book I just wrote! Happy Writing!
  • Got another story idea.

    (#) LaurentheHuman 2013-02-26 11:43:16 PM

    Older Sister;

    NAME: Summer Tonderly (or whatever you want the last name to be.)
    AGE: 17
    HAIR STYLE: Waist length, straight. Small side fringe.
    HAIR COLOR: A natural light blonde.
    EYE COLOR: Dark green.
    LIPS (Thin, Plump, etc.): Plump.
    LIP COLOR (Lipstick or Natural): She wears a light pink lipstick.
    CLOTHING STYLE: Pink is her colour. Skirts are her favourite. She also loves shirts with beading on them. She loves heels, but can't walk in them to save her life, so she wears ballet flats constantly.
    PERSONALITY IN GENERAL: Outgoing and social. Loves talking to everyone. Can be a total bitch if pissed off, but she's usually an incredibly sweet girl.
    OTHER: c:


    Hipster Friend
    Tre. :D

    WHERE AND WHEN SHOULD THEY MEET/ TIMELINE: I had this long thing typed out, but I actually kinda like hers. ^^^

    Okay, bye.

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