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Boredom makes you do the stupidest things

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Mikey is bored and decides to do something insane. Annoy his brother. Just a random thing I came up with while trying this with my own band-who were close to murdering me.

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Mikey’s point of view.

“Guys!” I whined, my voice breaking as I hung upside down from the sofa; Frank and Ray groaned in annoyance, “Guys am fucking bored!”
“So you keep saying ya dork.” Ray muttered, not even bothering to look up from his guitar, “Go do something then.”
“I would if I could find something to do, puff ball.” I shot back, flipping him off only to fall off the sofa, “Ah fuck!”
“Idiot.” Frank muttered though he grinned.
“Oh that’s real nice!” I yelled annoyed, getting back up, “I fall off the sofa and none of you guys even batted an eye lid! I could’ve broken my neck! But nooooo you guys decide to just ignore me!”
“Tad bit over dramatic.” Ray muttered rolling his eyes before playing what sounded like the start of Sing.
I huffed annoyed, actually stamping my foot and pouting, arms across my chest as Frank giggled uncontrollably as he took off his headphones.
“Anyway like I said am bored shitless!” I cried out dramatically, throwing my arms up.
Frank just burst out laughing as Ray sighed in exasperation, “Thirty two years old, yet still can’t find ways of amusing himself? Seriously?” he muttered sounding rather amused as he glanced at me, grinning.
“Stop dissing me puff ball and help me find something to do will ya!” I whined, actually running my hands through my hair in frustration.
“Wow, alright, alright, don’t get your hair in a mess blondie.” Frankie teased me, grinning.
“It’s blonde highlights not full blonde, blonde. highlights” I growled in annoyance.
“Keep telling yourself that, you’re only convincing me you’re in denial.” Frankie shrugged, grinning.
I frowned, grabbed a cushion from the sofa-and threw at him, hitting him squarely in the face.
“That amuse you?” Ray asked laughing as Frank glared at me, rubbing his nose and readjusting his headphones.
“Yeah…for like two point five seconds.” I stated flatly.
“God you are unbelievable.” Ray exclaimed in exasperation.
I stuck my tongue out at him, “Nice, real mature.” Ray muttered sarcastically.
“Hey! I’m totally mature thank you very much.” I said tartly before sticking my tongue out.
“Proving my point of saying that sentence sarcastically.” Ray muttered.
“Whatever puff ball.” I said rolling my eyes, “Just gonna help me!”
“Fine.” Ray sighed.
It was quiet, “Have you played your bass?” Frankie suggested.
“Done it.”
“Did it.”
“Listen to music?”
“Uh huh.”
“Watched videos on you tube?”
“Been there done that.”
Randomly decide to flick through fan fiction?”
“Got mentally scarred by waycest fics and don’t plan on going back.”
“Annoyed Gerard?”
I paused, thinking, “No I haven’t.” I said brightly clicking my fingers.
“Go do that then.”
“Yeah I will” I said brightly, “Thanks midget.”
Frankie yelled though I was already bolting to the small room where the bunk beds were situated and where Gerard was sitting on the bottom bunk drawing, music playing openly from his I-phone.
“Gerard.” I said.
No answer.
Maybe he heard Frank saying I was to annoy him and thought ignoring me would stop me from doing so. If that’s the case, he’s screwed.
“Gee, can you hear me Gee? Huh, can you hear me?” I repeated, over and over for two minutes before smirking evilly, “GERARD!” I yelled as loud as I could.
“WHAT!” he yelped , looking up sharply from his drawing to glare at me.
“Nothing.” I grinned innocently-only to earn a pencil to be thrown at me, “Ow.” I winced, rubbing my nose.
“Piss off blondie.”
“I ain’t fucking blonde! It’s blonde highlights! Get it! High. Lights!” I yelled back annoyed, pointing at my hair.
“Whatever.” Gerard rolled his eyes, grabbing another pencil and began sketching again, “What cha want?”
“I’m bored.” I stated flatly.
“So?” Gerard stopped sketching to momentarily look at me with his eyebrows raised, “Why you telling me for?” he asked going back to his sketch.
“I can’t think of anything to do!” I whined.
“Find something to do then.”
“Help me find something!”
“What am I? You’re personal activity planner?” Gerard asked looking slightly annoyed that I kept bugging him.
“I need something to do!” I whined, flopping down on to my bottom bunk, glaring at the bunk above me.
“Go do something constructive then!” Gerard said sounding exasperated now, glaring at me.
Last time you told me to do something ‘constructive’.” I said air quoting the word as I rolled my eyes, “The toaster blew up remember?”
“Vividly.” he muttered,. Closing his eyes, as if hoping the memory would erase, “I said constructive not destructive.” he said suddenly, looking at me with one eye open.
“What’s the difference?” I asked raising my eyebrows to look at him, “As it is me we’re talking about here.”
“Good point.” Gerard replied after a few seconds, “There is no difference between them when it comes to you , just like when trying to find the difference between Frank’s maturity and a child’s one.”
“Kids are more mature.” I muttered, “Hell he’s probably just as mature as Bandit is.”
“Hey, don’t insult my kid.” Gerard said pointing at me with his pencil, though he was grinning.
It was quiet then….
“Mikey.” Gerard said suddenly, in forced patience.
“Yeah?” I asked brightly.
“Will you quit staring at me, it’s actually freaking me out.” he said frowning.
“I’m not staring at you.” I said, staring at him.
“You so are. I can fucking feel you staring for crying out loud. Give it a rest!” Gerard whined.
“How can you feel someone stare at you?” I asked in disbelief, blinking in bewilderment, “It’s not like my eyeballs are popping out and touching your shoulders Then you can say you can feel me staring! Part from that it doesn’t make any sense!”
“Stop taking the piss Mikey.” Gerard said in forced calm, “I know you are! Can practically hear you smirking!”
“How can you hear someone smirk?!”
“It’s a figure of speech!” Gerard yelped, now sounding pretty much annoyed as he whipped round to glare at me.
“Literally or figuratively, It still doesn’t make fucking sense.” I said pouting, sitting up and crossing my arms and legs, “Wither you’re too smart or are actually a vampire and hundreds of years old and learned that ages ago, knowing full well I’m not able to understand.”
“Okay, one am not a fucking vampire, how many times have I gotta say that? And two, yeah am smart, smarter then you obviously as you can’t make fucking sense of a simple figure of speech.” Gerard said, gritting his teeth and tapping his pencil on his pad continuously, “It’s so fucking simple! Am basically saying its so fucking obvious what your doing!”
“You finished?” I asked raising an eyebrow.
Gerard just rolled his eyes, “Go find something entertaining.”
“Already have dude, by the looks of things, am annoying you and it’s pretty fucking funny.” I grinned.
“Good to know.” Gee muttered sarcastically.
“Hey Gee.” I said.
“What!” Gerard said exasperated, looking at me in disbelief.
“Can you do something for me?”
“If it means making an ass of myself cause Frank has got that fucking camera again you can both get it shoved it right up your fucking-”
“Oh-kay no need to get graphically violent.” I said hastily; Gerard flipped me off, “But seriously can you do something for me?” I asked again taking my cell out and conspicuously turning my video camera on.
“What?” Gerard sighed.
“Can you rant about nothing?” I asked.
Gerard looked at me as if I lost it, “Rant about nothing?” he asked, looking at me with raised eyebrows.
“Yeah.” I said pretending to txt as I held the cell up to get him on screen.
“Mikey I swear to God if this is some sort of trick to fucking amuse yourself like you and Frank did last time I swear to God am gonna fucking murder-”
“Just be glad I ain’t got a camera.” I shrugged trying hard not to smirk.
Gerard flipped me off again, “Why are you wanting me to rant about nothing?” he exclaimed.
“Just do it.” I persisted grinning.
“You asked the others to?”
“I wanted to ask you first.”
“Thanks I feel so special.” he said rolling his eyes again, speaking in fluent sarcasm.
“You should.” I said simply, “So please?” I asked.
“But how the fuck can you rant about noting? ?I? mean there’s nothing to fucking rant about! How can you rant about nothing? That’s so fucking stupid. I mean if you like, like gave me a subject to rant about right? Like last time when you took the shirt I was gonna wear for the concert that night, right? Then yeah I can rant, but rant about nothing/ That doesn’t make any sense! So stupid! I mean ther’s nothing to fucking rant about. All you’ll do is make a complete ass of yourself trying to rant about nothing when you can’t rant about nothing, you’ve got to rant about something. Either you’re taking something to think I can rant about nothing or you’re just plain fucking crazy. So fucking stupid, I mean it’s impossible! Like trying to slam a revolving door! Which you’ve tried to do by the way. But God! Where the fuck did you come up with that? How can you rant about nothing without making a complete ass-” Gerard cut off in realization as I began to giggle like crazy, making my cell phone shake.
“Mikey.” Gerard said slowly.
“Yes?” I asked innocently.
“You just made me make an ass of myself didn’t you?” he asked in forced calm.
“Uh did I?” I hiccupped.
“Uh huh.” Gerard clicked his tongue, “And um why do you have your cell phone?”
“Uh…texting?” I suggested still trying to hold back my laughter.
“Bullshit, you just filmed me didn’t you?”
“You better fucking delete that right now”
“I would but um it’s already uploaded” II said meekly.
“It was quiet and I heard Frank and Ray laughing as Gerard clicked his tongue again, “Mikey.”
“Yeah?” I hiccupped.
“You better fucking run.” he said in a rather dangerous low voice.
“Okay you know what? I think I found something to do! And that’s running to save my life!” I said rapidly, shoving my phone back into my pocket and bolted out the room.
“GET BACK HERE YOU LANKY MOTHERFUCKER!” Gerard yelled, running after me.
“Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit!” I said feverishly jumping over the sofa and grabbing Frankie, “Frank! Protect me! Your on tour fuck buddy is trying to kill me!”
Frank spluttered through his laughter, as Ray burst out into a fresh fit of laughter, “MICHAEL FUCKING JAMES FUCKING WAY YOU ARE SO FUCKING DEAD!” Gerard yelled reaching over Frank to try to strangle me.
I all but bolted as fast as I could go-which is pretty hard when you’re on a small bus..which is moving.
Yeah am so dead.

The next day…

“So Mikey the fans were in a frenzy last night after that video you posted up.” the interviewer grinned at me as I looked up; Gerard growled something under his breath as Frank and Ray laughed.
“What? Oh yeah.” I laughed slightly, rubbing the back of my neck and wincing as grinning agitated my severely bruised mouth.
“So what’s this whole thing, about ranting about nothing? How can you rant about nothing?” the interviewer asked grinning as he looked between us all; Gerard with his legs crossed, arms folded , occasionally flicking his hair as he muttered under his breath as Ray laughed and Frank patted Gerard comfortingly on the shoulder though he was giggling.
“Um…Am sure Gerard can explain it am sure.” I smirked, making the others laugh, “Right Gee?”
I asked innocently.
“Yeah sure, I can fucking explain it, you fucking annoying.” Gerard muttered under his breath, “You’ve got a fucking death wish.”
“Hey Gee.” Frankie grinned.
“Try ranting about nothing.”
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