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Chapter Nine:Saviour

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"Gerard,it's really me.Really me."

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Chapter Nine:Saviour.

After a 9 hour flight,we arrived in the country of Italy.Me and Mikey hurried out of the airport,into a nearby car,and sped off.

"This isn't our car,Mikey.."I say,confused.

"I had to take it,I didn't think you'd be apposed to grand theft auto."


Mikey then got a vision,and his face turned grave.

"They denied him.He's going to make them kill him."

"Huh? How?"I woke up a little more then.

"He's going to expose himself to the humans,at noon.That is when the sun is at it's highest."Mikey shouted,before lower his voice.

"Mikey,stop the car!"I order,and the car skids to a stop,when Italian guards stopped us.I quickly got out the car.

"Where do I go?!"

"Italiana's town square.That's where it'll happen."Mikey tells me,and I take off running.


The streets were crowded and the sun was beating down as I ran into the city of Italiana.It was too claustrophobic for me,but I had a mission.I had to show him,I had to show Gerard I was alive.My converse beat down on the stone path as I arrived in the middle of town.I stared up at the tower and saw it had just gone noon.The wooden door across the long courtyard opened and Gerard stepped out in a robe,made of red silk.His eyes had bags around them,he hasn't been sleeping well.As he stepped out into the festival held in the square,he undid his robe and took it off.He had nothing but a pair of jeans on.His skin began to glow,and I ran again.My shoes got sodden in the water as I jumped onto Gerard.

"Gerard,baby.It's me,it's Sadie."I say,hurriedly.He smiled gracefully,and opened his eyes to see me standing there.

"Sadie!"He gasped,and we ran inside the building.

My heart pounded as I kissed him,letting him know I was really there.His cold skin iced mine as we moved in closer during the kiss.We then stopped,as we heard someone clear their throat.We turned to see a small girl,who looked about 16 years old,with large red eyes.

"We shall see you now,Gerard."She said,with a powerful voice.Gerard slipped his hand in mine and we walked with the escort to a grand hall.The girl returned to her seat,next to two males,both with the same colour eyes.They sat proudly in large seats,thrones even.

"Ah! You've found this,human of your's!"The man in the middle,a tall man with nearly no hair.The hair he did have was dyed black,and was shaped into a mohican,gasped in astonishment.

"So,you do not wish to die,after all?"The man next to him,a middle sized male with short,spiky black hair,added.

"No,Shadow and Vengance.I do not need your services after all."Gerard said quietly,before taking my hand and leaving the room.

"Stop! Let us get to know this,human,you have here."Shadow rose from his seat,taking a few steps forward.Gerard carefully ushered me behind him,and took a step forward in protection.

"Don't touch her!"He demanded.

"I'm just going to see how she has lived.We do share the same world after all,the same air."Shadow smiled,and Gerard stepped aside.He carefully watched as Shadow cupped my hand in both of his and shut his eyes.He was reading me,it was one of his powers.

Shadow re-opened his eyes,and gasped in amazement.

"You've had a nice life,dear human.You'd make a good Vampire,is that what you want to be?"Shadow asked,in a crisp Italian accent.I moved my hand away,and gulped.

"Y-Yes."I stutter,and Gerard came back to his original place beside me.Shadow flitted back to his seat,and sat down.

"Why do you deny her this oppitunity,Gerard?"Shadow asked.

"I don't want to hurt her."He said,quietly.

"But,she has potential."Shadow said.The girl stood up.

"I hear someone coming!"She gasped.

"Relax,Cassern."Vengance hushed her."It's just Micheal."

Mikey then walked into the room,lead by two other guards.One was a woman,and another male.

"This,Sadie."Shadow adressed the other people in the room."Is Raven and Myrinn."The other vampires bowed their heads as they took their place either side of The Italias.

"Mikey,what are you doing here?"Gerard hissed in question when Mikey stood by him.

"This is a trap."He hissed back,and Raven's head snapped up."They plan on hurting you,to kill you."

Raven smiled evily.

"Pain."She whispered,staring at Gerard as he gasped in pain.He let go of my hand as he staggered forward,collapsing at his knees in front of Shadow.Shadow rose from his seat,and placed his hands on either side of Gerard's jaw,ready to pull off his head.I couldn't bear it.

"Stop,please just stop!"I wince,and everyone froze in place.The pain in Gerard stopped,and he looked up at the great leader.He laughed for a second,before flipping him over and pinning him down.The security alarm then rang,and Gerard panicked.In an instant,he lifted me into his arms and we all left the room,going back to the car.

I was placed in the car,and Gerard sat next to me.Mikey sat in the front and we drove off.My heart was pounding in my chest and my breathing quickened.Gerard tightened his grip around me.

"It's okay,Sadie.We'll all go home,where it's safe.I'll never leave."He whispered,before slipping a diamond ring on my finger.I gazed down at it,then looked back at Gerard's smiling face.

"Will you marry me?"

I nodded,happy tears streaming down my cheeks.Gerard then kissed me lustfully,before I slept peacefully under his gaze.

Now,we lead onto the Breaking Dawn part one beginning.Aww...I'm getting married.And,Mia! You got a part! Same with you,Raven!

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